Need help recovering my whole account basically.

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My account is old. Like five years old and I logged back in to revisit some old memories but everything is gone.

My character is gone- so all my dragons, clothes, farm equipment, fishing equipment etc.

When I log in it just prompts me to make a new character. But the accounts original character name is taken. So she's in there somewhere :P
I pmd Brynjolf but it's been like five days and no reply. Is there someone else I should contact? Or have I lost my account forever?


I had alot on this account. Alot of time and alot of money. Would love to be able to keep it.

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The admins hardly seem to

The admins hardly seem to check their messages anymore, so your best bet is emailing support about it and hoping something can be done


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when you created your account, did you activate it??



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That would mean they would of lost the account a month after creating it. If it's five years old, and I'm assuming by the amount they had, it was definitely activated. 


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If you did activate it, then I dont know. I just recommend sending another email to the admins, and waiting. 

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:( Your Subject has ran into a problem and needs to restart.

Sometimes there's a bug within loggin that doesn't recognize your Vikings, so it assumes you're a new player. When it happens, just close the game and re-log. It should be fine, as long as you didn't try to create that new Viking. I haven't tried it myself when I got this bug, but I have heard rumors of it erasing ppl's data.


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There is that bug, in fact that really might be the problem

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Definitely talk to Support,

Definitely talk to Support, they can help with account problems, old and new. See this page for a Support email contact address, .


Be sure to tell them about the new account you made, especially. if you used the same email address for the new account that you used with your original game account.


It is my understanding that both the SOD Game and the SOD Forum use the same player UserID Name/email address for both accounts, but that they require different passwords for these two accounts. Give them all the info you have for both your Game and Forum accounts.


Hopefully, they can clear up the issues with your original account and get you back to the game; however, it may take some time, so don't give up. They are good; they helped me in 2018 with a similar problem. Good Luck!