need help on farming and earning gold

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I finished all my quest; and I don't know any other way right now to earn gold and Im running quite low?


I dont' think i can keep fishing all the time and trading it in since that seems to take long. I


I never see anything on the job board behind ruff and tuff? its just a blank wall? is there something wrong with my server?


Ive been reading up on forums on how people have been farming and earning gold from that, but i don't quite understand it? I tried planing some sunflowers and cropping those and I don't earn anything from it? I'm confused??


may someone please explain it to me. :(



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Okay, here goes...

Okay, I'll try to explain the farming thing, but I'm no expert!

In your farm, you'll see trader Johannan (no idea how to spell that) with an exclamation point over his head. If you click on him, you'll see various "jobs" where you can trade produce for gold. (For example, you'll see something like 10 dragon nip for 90 gold.)

Hope this helps!



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