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Hi all, 

I have a question regarding my signature. I've tried and tried but I can't get images on there without them dissapearing or being massive. I'd really like to add some screenshots and fan art but I just can't figure this out. I'm on mac if that helps. 



Welcome to my Signature

I'm new to the forums so I'm sorry if I do something wrong  


About My Viking 

Name: Jefef (Jhefef in game) 

Age: 16 

Personality: Caring, Energetic, Bold 

Main dragon: Dart, Night Light 

XP Level: 50

Trainer Points: 150,000 (2 gold stars) 

Trophies: 960 

Clan: Isle of Gazoo


About Me 


Interests: Soccer, HTTYD (obviously), Cars, Mountain Biking 

Favourite HTTYD Character: Ruffnut 

Favourite Dragons: Night Lights and Razorwhips  

Favourite Classes: Strike and Sharp 

Favourite Movie: HTTYD 2 

Favourite Things in SOD: Flying around, Battle events, Racing, Quests, Meeting new people 


My Dragons 

Dart: Night Light (Adult) 

Ruffrunner: Night Light (Adult) 

Pouncer: Night Light (Adult) 

Toothless: Night Fury (Adult) 

Shimmerwing: Light Fury (Adult) 

Karfilljorg: Death Song (Adult)

Buddy: Shockjaw (Adult, My first dragon) 

Barch: Hideous Zippleback (Adult, My second dragon) 

Brach: Hideous Zippleback (Teen) 

Arties: Eruptadon (Teen) 

Stormshear: Razorwhip (Titan) 

Shadowclaw: Changewing (Adult) 

Rocky: Gronckle (Adult) 

Bouldersmash: Whispering Death (Adult) 

Jibber: Hobblegrunt (Adult) 

Iceshard: Wooly Howl (Titan) 

Firewing: Singetail (Adult) 

Axefang: Armourwing (Adult)  

Lavaclaw: Eruptadon (Adult) 

Poisonwing: Flame Whipper (Adult) 

Detective: Triple Stryke (Adult) 

Tempest: Timberjack (Titan) 

Nightmare: Monstrous Nightmare (Teen) 

Spinetail: Deadly Nadder (Teen) 

Sharpstone: Elder Sentinel (Adult) 

Lightningtooth: Skrill (Titan) 

Rainslicer: Stormcutter (Baby) 

Poison: Slitherwing (Titan)  

Prickles: Prickleboggle (Baby) 

Speedster: Devilish Dervish (Baby)




A Collection Of Images and Fan Art




My favourite dragon, Dart. By the amazing WoollyHowlEra  


Dragon Pixel Art. By the awesome Chameishida 



If anyone has any problems with their artwork being here please DM me on the SOD forum and I can take it down





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Co się dzieje

Basically, use a photo hosting site like Google Photos or Imgur 

Save and download your photos 

Drop your files into said site 

When they download onto the site you picked, right click and press open image in new tab

In the search bar, there should be the image address, copy paste that

Open forums and press the picture icon, copy paste the image address

(Note: if it says the image can't be uploaded due to the image format, try uploading the image onto another site to make it a different format, repeat steps above if you need to do so)

Resize to how you want, save, and it should show up. 


Same goes for gifs but use a gif hosting site. 


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"Don't let the fear of falling prevent you from flying."

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First Viking Start Date: 3~31~17

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Outdoor Season PRs (2018-2021)

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Thanks so much!

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If the images are too massive, it means the originals are too huge to begin with! You would have to use a tool to resize them to something appropriate. Don't ever use the one in the forum's post editor though! That one scales an image, but does not resize it.


The max display width of a normal forum post is 650px.


The easiest way to upload an image is using an image hoster, which you already know how to, and copying the direct url after uploading the image. If the website does not offer the code, right click the image and click 'copy image URL'. A valid URL tends to be a direct path to an image, ending with its extension. Non-valid URLs will cause blank or broken embeds.


ETA: If your images seem to small, that's because in most cases, taller images automatically get scaled to a 400px height on this forum. Don't ask me why.


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