Need explanation of how profanity filter works

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So I started playing a few days ago now and something I still can't understand is how the profanity filter detects disallowed words; the other day I got flagged for using an astrisk just now I got locked out of chat for nothing I literally said 'it wants me to find Mildew but I already did' 


While I 100% understand why a profanity filter is needed, I really don't understand how the detection is working...

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The chat filter is absolutely...




50% of the time you get a warning for saying an innocent word. But I guess you got chat banned for saying ''Mildew'' since many names of people are blocked in-game in exception of the main characters'...

You can't say ''dog'' or even ''hope''! The chat filter is so much... horrible that you have to write with Qs in front of your words... you cannot type the following things...


- + = _ ) ( * & % $ # @ à è ç ^ é, etc...

Dog, Hope, and many other innocent words...


The chat system really needs to be worked on, but getting a better chat will sure take a veeeeeeery long time ;v;




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Disallowed words: Almost everything. The chat filters are child protection gone haywire, mostly. It makes normal communication rather impossible for pretty much everyone who tries to use it :c It's not worth the time to learn which words are allowed or not. Like someone else said, it's best to just bypass the filter using other characters in front of words.


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lol okay will do, thanks for

lol okay will do, thanks for the info, also glad it's not just me