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Now,I'm not normally this irked and agitated when I'm reporting a bug,but this particular onr has snapped a nerve in me.


There's ONE Thunder Run bug that I'm pretty sure many of us have experienced. What is it? The Viking names. Yes,our lovely,lovely Viking names that distinguish ourselves from one another. 


Every 2-3 races or so,at least one Viking's name will FILL UP THE WHOLE SCREEN and BLOCK OUR FLIGHT VISION,beginning from when the opponent is neck-and-neck,and only disappears if they're behind or adequately ahead of us (the latter being something we wouldn't want to see). It's really,really,annoying (irritating,if you want it more negatively). Just 10 minutes ago,a particular race has that glitch,which caused me to crash into the cliffs. Now my dragon's sulking at me.


It's been about a week or two since bug came about,and I sincerely hope you can get to fixing this asap,even though it's a minor bug.


Again,I'm sorry for sounding very worked up and agitated. And for a lack of a screenshot.


*turns around to walk off,trips over Southstorm's tail* Ugh....

"Thank you for summing that up ."
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yep, but not for the entire race

I experienced the same bug in some races, but it will disappear once the race started.

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Yea, Its annoying

I experienced this bug too, what I do his turn off the name of vikings (you got the options in the settings)


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Yep. That'll work :)

Yep. That'll work :)

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That's realy usefull

That's realy usefull actually, I tried it out, and it helped a ton.


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Its buggin me

Ya, its buggin me, a lot. But I havnt seen it for a while, Good. ^^










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