Nadder spikes and yaknog boosts, how to use them?

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I have a bunch of these but I don't know what are they good for.

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(one year ago /year 2024/ and after a failed time-machine experiment to travel to the future, we me and friends were teleported in different time lapses,it started by teleporting us a couple of decades back in time and then scattered us apart into different times and places,in my case I was kicked 11 centuries back into the past and found myself in scandinavia still stuck the way I was after the first random teleportation, so the 9-year-old me landed there, and after a year of being called crazy (a child in shock of tragically losing his family somewhere) for telling my crazy time machine story to midieval viking people, I gave up and decided to move on and accept my new life as the young servant for an aristocratic viking family known as the Hoffersons in a norse village called Berk)
hello all ,been too lazy to edit my signature..I'm Lee (the extra ee s are due to username rejection grrrr)..I'm not exactly a fan of dragons but I soon became a fan of the HTTYD show which it's also new to me, this was my first introduction post on SoD forum:
my favorite parts of HTTYD: The First Movie and The Riders of berk Series (lol aside from the prettier Astrid ,I didnt like Race To The edge as much as these) 
I'm Mainly a Deadly Nadder Rider..I really admire this dragon especially for SoD ,if we can get stormfly that exists in the flight club with the 8 speed, I wouldnt want another dragon..
to me:
HTTYD star of the show : Toothless
HTTYD Role Model: (Hiccup+Snotlout)/2
HTTYD best person: Astrid (also she's my SoD role-play Nadder Trainer as a young student of hers)
HTTYD Funniest person :ALL OF THEM
HTTYD Secondary impressive dragons :The Skrill, ,Scauldron, The Flightmare, Razor Whip and Death Song (you dont want these dragons on SoD if you havent seen the show) 
HTTYD Crush :Heather
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Nadder Spikes take out a row

Nadder Spikes take out a row of tiles in Alchemy Adventure, and Yaknog can be used in Thunder Run to temporarily blind the racers behind you. 


I go by RC or Roam in game.

My Fanfiction:

The School of Dragons -

My character:

The Roaming Chicken

Nicknames: RC, Roam.

Gender: Male (main character)

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 112 pounds

Height: 5 ft. 11 inches.

Age: 15

From: The Ring Isles (Southwest of Berk by many miles)

Clan: Turgor Tribe, Kulman Clan.

Favorite Food: Apple Pie

Least Favorite Food: Sardines

Favorite Dragon: Moldruffle

Least Favorite Dragon: Whispering Death

Clothing: He usually wears plain wool vests, dirty brown pants, and brown leather boots. He owns two ceremonial fur bracelets. He also wears a patch of Kulman Clan crest on his belt.

Dragons: Hailstorm (Female Gronkle) Growlhunter (Male Moldruffle) Wavespeed (Sliquifier)

Property: Winslow Farm (near the lookout) Kulman's Mountain (on the Ring Isles) Stables under the school.

Favorite Island: Dragon's Edge Island

Animals: seven brown chickens, two white sheep and a black one (Herbert the Indestructable) one friendly albatross who comes by from time to time, one yak.

Occupation: Farmer and Trader (He grows specialized crops like dragon nip and beans and then sells them at the school)

Worst fear: That he would fail to finish school and help his family.

Backstory: Born Fred Kulson Junior to the Turgor Tribe, his clan was the Kulsons, nicknamed "chickens" by the other clans. (Decades ago the clans of the Turgor tribe were divided by arguments over leadership. The Kulsons refused to fight, earning the disdain of the other clans because of their so called cowardice. When the tribes split, the Kulsons were forced to live in the mountains of their island, with no access to the sea. They became farmers. Without ships, they stayed on their island living peacefully, trading with the other clans, who treated them lower. )

His parents were Fred Kulson, a farmer, and Freji Kulson. He has a younger brother named Gunner and a younger sister named Ralfa. He has a uncle and aunt named Shad and Malahara. He has a cousin named Bow (Bower) who is younger than him.

The Roaming Chicken's parents desired their firstborn to have a better life than their basic farming job. On a visit to the sea village, news was brought by Trader Johan that Hiccup, Chief of Berk and master of dragons, had created a school of dragons and was inviting people all over to join. The family decided to pay for a wealthy warrior who was sailing to Berk with some elders to establish peaceful relations with Hiccup to bring RC. No one thought the warrior would accept the offer, but then Fred Kulson produced a silver-bladed dagger that had been a treasured possession of the Kulsons for years. The warrior accepted and the Roaming Chicken departed on his boat. The whole town was amazed that a "chicken" could be headed to a powerful village on a ship with a mighty warrior. This is how he earned the name,"Roaming Chicken".

When they arrived, RC began looking for a trade he might be interested in learning. He was fascinated by the dragons and watched the Berk Academy train. He realized that if he could get into the school of dragons and take his dragon home he would be able to help his people.

To find out the school fee he asked the representative for the school, Fishlegs, and found out he had not enough tradable items his family gave him to get in. Since three other boys from the Turgor tribe were enrolling in the school, he asked the warrior to lend him some tradables so he could get in. When the warrior refused, RC was down hearted until a Berkian man named Mr. Ack decided to loan him. He sent a message back to his family.

When the next spring rolled around (he stayed at the Ack's with other similar boys doing work for them.) he was ferried to the island and began his schooling. To pay off his debt to Mr. Ack, he began farming and selling the produce to the students. His goal was to finish his schooling and return to his family. He felt very pressured and wanted to make his family proud. His family told him that they were glad and surprised that he was able to start school. He sent them letters when the boats departed for his island.

He was good friends with Bower and missed him and parents and siblings a lot, and is sometimes sad that they are not there.

He struggles with feeling like he has worth when he first joined the school because of the prejudice against his clan. Later he gets over it because he is treated well by the Berkians.

Throughout the story he struggles with proving himself and making his family proud. He feels like he is failing sometimes. He has malice toward the oppressors. 

He is generally open and friendly to most people, reserved with other clans from the Turgor tribe, and sensitive to his clanmates.

Although he wants to see his family again, he is ok taking his time in schooling and enjoying the indiscrimination at the school.

He can think up stories or bluff really well if he is in a tight spot.

He is really good at remembering past things that helped him.

He is strong from farming, and although he has never had a weapon save a small knife he wears in his boot, he can use a stick to pummel his opponents pretty well.

Negatives: He can't control his anger against oppressive people, which causes him to act rashly.

He trusts enemies to keep their word.

He doesn't do battle strategy too well.

He can't read the nordic language (none of the Kulmans were ever taught how)

Quirks: He is squeamish about hunting and skinning animals.

He is okay with his farm being disorganized and messy, but he keeps his house clean.

He actually likes people to call him by his nickname, the Roaming Chicken.

He has a fabric of the Kulson Crest sown into his wool jacket.

He never had any money, only tradable goods like wool and wheat.

His family expects him to marry into the Kulson clan.