The Mysterious Frozen Fire - Chapter 7: A Mysterious New Development

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Here is the bonus chapter for this week.  Enjoy!


The Mysterious Frozen Fire


Chapter 7


A Mysterious New Development


          Once the account of Cazi’s and Annabeth’s day had gone, it was brought up by Elsa, “Why don’t we play a game?”


          Explod answered, “I think that would be a great idea.  Our parents are still in the meeting, we don’t have anything better to do, and we can’t go outside because the blizzard will very soon hit.”


          Hattori then asked, “What game do you think we should play?”


          Explod answered again, “I know the perfect game.”


          “What?  Game?” said Tuffnut.  “I love games.  Does it involve me hitting people in some way?”


          “Ah… no,” said Explod.  “Not if we can help it.”


          “Aww,” sighed Ruffnut.  “Then this game must be lame.”


          “Let’s play it anyhow,” Tuff said as he saw his sister not liking the game.


          Explod explained the game as follows: Since most every one of the adults were in the meeting, we could have plenty of room to do what we wanted.  One person would be designated as “it” and would have to wait until every else was hidden.  Once a minute had gone by the person who was it would go searching for the others.  Once someone finds that person, they would have to help the person who was it find the other hiders.  The last person that is left hidden is now “it” to go find the next hiders in the next game.


          Explod started it off and said for all of us to pick a number between one and twenty-five.  We all picked and Asvord was the only one that picked the correct number: fifteen.  I had picked fourteen


          Asvord stayed near the front of the Hall for the minute that was agreed upon.  I banged my feet loudly and slowly quieted them down to make it sound as if I was running away.  I instead quietly walked over to the large kitchen area room and hid in one of the food closets.  No one was in the kitchen area, so I knew I would not be spotted.  The lightning inside the closet was not good, so I figured this would be even better because my friends would not likely look in a dark, small closet.


          I had been waiting for about five minutes in the dark closet, few had gone in the kitchen room area but none had thought to look in the closet.  To make time pass by, I started looking through the closet.  I noticed something on a higher shelf that seemed out of place.  I took a step stool and climbed up to check it out.  There was a box of carrots that was on the wrong shelf.  The vegetables, according to the rest of the food closet layout, were supposed to go on the second shelf from the floor.  Not the second one from the top.  I moved the box to the right and gasped in amazement.


          A beautiful gold necklace was lying there where the box was.


          A few weeks ago, a woman had notified Stoick about a gold necklace being missing.  She said it wouldn’t really matter, only if the locket on the necklace was not so important.  Inside the locket was a key.  I could not stay and listen to the rest of the conversation, so I did not know what to the key was for.  My mother had to go somewhere that needed my help right away in that moment.


          I looked in the locket, the key was gone.


          Just then someone had entered the kitchen.  By the sound of the feet hitting the hardwood floor, this was not one of my friends but someone else.


          Fearing that whomever placed this locket here had come back to the closet to check on it, I jumped up and grabbed hold of a cross supporting beam that was directly over head.  I pulled myself up just in time and crouched on the beam to see a woman walk into the closet and close the door behind her.


          The woman came over to the spot below where I found the locket.  Because she closed the door, I could not get a good look at her to recognize her again.  Thinking she might climb up to the spot of the locket, I frog-walked back across the beam to the back corner of the closet.  After I had gotten there, did the woman indeed climbed up and examined the spot where the gold locket was.  The woman took the locket and put it in a pocket inside her coat she had on.


          Just then there were sounds of footprints entering the kitchen.  By the sound of them hitting the floor it was either a young person or a person shorter in stature.  I figured the person in the kitchen area was going to come over to the closet eventually and the woman limbed all the way to the top shelf and sat on it, I needed to keep my presence unknown to the woman.  I thought of a way I could do that.


          I then grabbed hold of the beam I was then crouching on and bear hugged it.  I moved my position to wear I was now bear hugging the beam from the underside.  So as to make my presence known to the girl and to the person coming in as if I had been in the corner the whole time, keep hold of the beam with my arms I let go of the beam with my legs.  I looked down below me before I got myself in my new position and saw there was a large pile of sacks under me on the floor.  If I could time my leap to the floor on the sacks with the same moment the person coming through the door, I could probably get away with making the woman think I was in the corner the whole time and did not see her with the gold locket.  As soon as the door to the closet room was opened I dropped down to the floor on the sacks.


          “Ha I hear you back there,” came a voice whose name was my sister’s, Asvord’s.


          I quickly sat down as if I were there the whole time.


          “Ah you found me,” I acted innocently to sell me being there to the woman.


          I wanted so bad to look up to the woman, but if I did I was afraid she would think I knew she was there.  So I did not and walked out with my Asvord to go find the others.


          When I exited the kitchen area to the main hall, Asvord went one way but I went another and got behind a supporting beam for the roof.  I wanted to catch and see if the woman viking would come out.


          At the very point when I saw the kitchen door being opened from the inside, did someone call my name out.


          “Jarl come here quick!” came a voice whom I recognized to be Hattori’s.  “I’m over here to the left.”


          I started running to my left, but Hatt said, “Your other left.”  So I stopped and started running back towards my other left, my right.


          I saw Hatt standing in the door way of another room.  When I entered the room with Hatt, I observed the room to be the same room where Annett, Vemund’s and Adam Thorvald’s sister, stayed when I first met her back a few months ago.  There was a man on the floor, looked to be rather young man.


          “Is he alright?” I asked quickly, kneeling down beside the man who I recognized to be Adam Thorvald.


          Hatt responded, “Yes he is, he was just knocked unconscious.  I’ve already called someone come over to help.  I’ve also tried to revive him, but every effort that I could think of has been exhausted and does not work.”


          I replied, “Not everything.”  Sitting down on the floor, I took my right boot off and held my foot over Adam’s face.  Within seconds did Adam come to.  I looked up at Hatt.


          “I didn’t say anything,” said Hatt.  “I didn’t know I had to stoop to those measures to revive him.”


          I smirked at Hatt; he just smiled.  I did too after that.


          While Adam was still coming around, a viking opened the door to this room from the main hall.  It was Adam’s sister, Annett.


          “Oh Adam what happened to you?” she asked rushing to her brother’s side.


          Adam was still groggy.  “Hmm?  What?  Ooo, my head,” Adam replied grabbing the back of his head.


          Annett stated, “I think you were bumped on the head.”


          “It feels like it was a lot more than just a ‘bump’,” grimaced Adam while he sat up.


          Hatt then said, “After being found by Ashley in the game we were playing, I started to go help look for the others that hid.  I came in here and found you Adam.  Directly after that I sent word over to the meeting to get your sister.  And after that I called Jarl over to come see, because I knew Jarl would want to know what happened.”


          “That I definitely do,” I stated.  “Do you remember anything, Adam, before you got knocked on the head?”


          Adam thought for a moment and relayed that he was just sitting at the table in front of him when he felt the blow to the head.


          “You must have then fallen back and hit your head again when you hit the floor,” I suggested.


          I started to investigate the surrounding areas of the room.  Everything seemed to be their right places; though something did not feel right.


          “What’s that smell?” Adam asked as he stood up.


          “That’s what’s wrong, I knew there something awry,” I spoke.  I sniffed the air.  The scent had a sweet, honey type smell.  “I’ve smelled this before...,”


          I then ran out of the room and back to the kitchen closet that the woman was in.  I sniffed the air there in the closet.  My hunch was correct.  I did not smell the honey scent until the mysterious woman entered the closet.  I ran back to join Adam, Annett, and Hatt.


          “Where’d you go?” asked Hatt.


          I told them where I went and what happened in the closet when I was finding a place to hide for the game.


          Annett questioned, “Do you think this mysterious woman is still in the Hall?”


          I replied, “I don’t know.  Let’s go find out.  Are you all right to move, Adam?”


          “Yeah.  I’m fine now,” he spoke.


          All four of us quickly walked over to the entrance of the Great Hall.  When we came out of the room, it looked as if the meeting had concluded and all of the participants had dispersed and now made the Great Hall a very busy place.


          Annett asked a man who was sitting by the door of the front entrance of the Great Hall.  The viking replied that he has been here since he came into the Hall an hour ago; and no one has attempted to exit through these doors.


          Hattori and I told Annett and Adam to stay here while we go check on something.  I did not have to tell Hatt what to do because he was thinking the same thing.  I told him to take the back one while I would take the side one.  We were going to check on the other entrances to the Great Hall that the mysterious woman could escape.


          When Hatt and I regrouped back at Adam and Annett, Hatt said there had been no one going through the back door to the Hall.  If there were, there would be evidence of snow inside the door showing someone had opened the door.  I relayed that I found the same thing at the side door.


          Adam then asked, “So what does that mean?”


          I stated, while looking back at the massive crowd in the Great Hall, “That means that the mysterious woman is still here in the hall.  Now all we have to do is to find this woman.”


          Hatt chuckled, “Easier said than done.”


          I added, “This mystery keeps adding questions faster than I can figure them out.”


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Nice chapter! I like the way you bring up the mystery (x it really takes a lot of creativity to come up with a mystery, and a solution to solve it. Great job!

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Double post. Apologies.

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That's alright.   Thank you

That's alright.


Thank you very much for the complement.  Since I like reading mystery books, and books in general, I think about those books and how they solve their mysteries; but I think of something original, like "The Mysterious Frozen Fire" or my first one, and just create a story around the mystery, while still adding a little comedy here and there to keep it fun and action to keep it exciting and mystery to keep it interesting.


Never knew I liked writing so much until I started my first fan-fic. x)

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Did somebody say books?

What are your favorite mystery books? I like reading, too, and I'm always on the lookout for good books :)




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my dragons ate my subject

Nice work! I'm really wondering about the mysterious Viking woman and the key. And the frozen fire...

BTW, when I first saw this (especially the title "The Blizzard of Olaf"), I thought it was going to be based on the movie Frozen, lol :)

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Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading.  :)


"The Blizzard of Olaf" is a reference to the Animal House episode in Riders of Berk.  Interesting fact: Jarl's one sister is Elsa.  I had her name as Elsa from my first fan-fic a little bit before I knew about Frozen.


And my favorite mystery books are The Hardy Boys.  But the older version-ed ones are so much better than the reproductions; though the reproductions are pretty good.  The original series of The Hardy Boys are the best ones of them.  The newer books that have been published in the past couple of decades, aren't that great at all.


So if you want some new books to read, the first one in The Hardy Boys books is "The Tower Treasure".


Btw, Nancy Drew is good too.  I also enjoy reading Tom Swift books.  Tom Swift is a scientist, inventor, and adventurous.

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I agree; the old Hardy Boys are much better than the new ones. Those and Nancy Drew are probably my classic favorites. I haven't read any Tom Swift, though - I'll have to look him up. An adventurous scientist & inventor sounds cool!

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Rally cool

Other stuff:

I knew you didnt know about Elsa from Frozen because i first saw chapters 1 and 2 of CotMS before Frozen even came out.

Btw, I think its Olav, not Olaf. I remember visiting Olaf on Disney Wiki and it said Olav was a popular name (and so is Sven) in the setting of the movie Frozen (Arendelle, quite possible Norway or Sweden I cant remeber which one has fjords, because Arendelle has a fjord) and Disney changed Olav to Olaf. But I did think it was Blizzard of Olaf before I thought it was Blizzard of Olav. Some viking adults talk with accents (Brookes show counted that as a fail cause the kids sound American and adults have an accent), so sometimes its hard to tell what theyre really saying. Despite knowing Olav is the acrual name, I couldnt resist naming one of Cazi's friend's Olaf.

Wow, that was the longest reply I ever had apart from chapters in my fan fic.



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I'm going to be busy this week, but chapter should be up Wed.

I thought I heard Olaf in the episode; but since there is no edit button I, I cannot change it.  So I'll just leave it Olaf.

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Here is the link to my next chapter: