The Mysterious Frozen Fire - Chapter 6: The Blizzard of Olaf Returns

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I am sorry I have not been getting my chapters posted on Wednesday for the past three weeks.  I have been getting busier, which has kept me from getting chapters done.

However, lately the past two days I have been in a writing mood and have written this chapter plus half of chapter 7.  So as a way to make up for the past three weeks of posting after I said I would each Wednesday, there will be two chapters posted.  This one and Chapter 7 in the next two days.

(This may not bother you that I post late, but it does with me.  If I say I will post a chapter each week on Wednesday, I want to post it each week on Wednesday, not delaying 'till the next day.)


I hope you enjoy this chapter.  I will mention the "different" mysteries will be surfacing in this chapter, and the next that will draw the characters close to the main mystery of:

The Mysterious Frozen Fire


Chapter 6


The Blizzard of Olaf Returns


          By pushing our dragons to the max speed, Cazi and I flew back to Berk in record time from Gronckle Island.  When we landed back near The Great Hall, we could see that there were hardly any dragons left in the “parking lot” next to the Hall.  They all were out and about, by the looks of it, preparing for the storm that was approaching.  Cazi’s mother, Catrine Olson, called Cazi to come home.  I waved goodbye to Cazi, but I had the feeling we were going to be seeing each other sooner than tonight for the Snoggletog Celebration.


          I walked over to Hiccup’s house and saw Hiccup coming out the door with Toothless behind him.  There was an urgent stir among the village people as they were briskly walking from place to place throughout Berk.  I greeted Hiccup and asked if he had a few minutes; he said he did.


          “How did you know that a storm was coming?” I asked, which I then relayed briefly what I had happened after we were separated while rescuing Kark.


          Hiccup was very interested to know more about the Whispering Death rider, but there were more important things to discuss.


          Hiccup started, “We had been keeping this a secret among myself, my father, Gobber, Bucket, Mulch, and Gothi.”


          “What?” I inquired.


          “Well, that we fear that this blizzard that is coming will be as bad if not worse than ‘The Blizzard of Olaf’.  Before that blizzard hit, Bucket had predicted the weather leading up to the blizzard that it was going to be very bad,” continued Hiccup.  “About a week ago did Bucket start to feel his bucket on his head tighten nearly the same way it did back before ‘The Blizzard of Olaf’.  However, this time seemed different in the slightest of ways.  My father consulted Gothi on the matter and she said that if Bucket’s bucket continued to feel the same way as it did before for a week, that indeed ‘The Blizzard of Olaf’ will return.”


          I then said, “So are you saying that the last seven days leading up today, Bucket’s bucket had tightened on his head the same way as before ‘The Blizzard of Olaf’?”


          “Yes, I’m afraid so,” Hiccup digressed.


          Stoick had then called his son over to help with putting up all the village’s farm animals.  I then ran back to my house to find that it had already been prepared for the storm.  Windows were boarded up, doors were reinforced after being bolted; and other precautions had been made to make sure after the storm had moved through, we would still have a house to come back to.


          I looked in our stables to find that none of my family’s dragons were there.  I looked in our stables for our farm animals to find they were not there either.  I figured mother had rounded up all the farm animals and put them in the village’s farm house to make sure they were safe.  But what I could not figure out: Is where the other dragons were?  I mean I know Spiker, Meatballs, and Fintan were probably with their riders; however, where were they going to take shelter from the storm?  Now most of all Berk’s villager’s has a dragon of their own, they all cannot stay in The Great Hall with us.  There would not be hardly any room left for us vikings to stay in there.  I deducted that this is what my family, among others, were trying to figure out.


          I thought about that problem for a moment; then I came to a conclusion:  “If the dragons needed to have shelter when a storm or other danger came Berk’s way, they would need to have a building or arena or area of some sort that was as large as The Great Hall.  The only place I knew where an area that large was underneath The Great Hall: The Whispering Death tunnels.


          As I mounted Fredrick to fly to the tunnels, a gust of cold wind came blowing through nearly knocking myself of my dragon.  Looking up at the sky I could see what looked to me like the storm’s front moving in.


          “We don’t have much time before the storm gets here,” I spoke under my breath to myself.  “The storm must have somehow picked up speed or grew in size to get here so quick; faster than I would have hoped.  Cazi and I have only been home for about ten or fifteen minutes.


          I then guided Fredrick to one of the entrances to the Whispering Death tunnels.  When both of us entered, sure enough we could see that the dragons were in the center area.  There were also several campfires going, so the dragons would not get cold.


          Knowing that the storm is so close, I looked for my family’s dragons.  When I found them, I dismounted Fredrick and told him to stay with them.  My dragon tried to come with me, but I told him he must stay here to be safe.


          “I’m only going to be right above you in The Great Hall, Fredrick,” I told my dragon, giving him a hug as well.  “Once the storm has gone through, I will come get you.”


          As I was leaving I saw that Toothless was down here as well.  I thought, “They must have had to pry Hiccup away from his dragon so Toothless could stay here with the others.  Because there is just not enough room to keep all the dragons and vikings under the same roof.”


          Once I ran towards one of the main entrances of the Whispering Death tunnels on the south side of the island, I saw ominous clouds approaching.  The clouds had a heavy white haze color to them.  Of my study of clouds, these were definitely snow clouds.  One more thing, the white color to them was very bright, for a cloud that is; the brighter the color, the heavier the snowfall.


          I felt like I had been one step behind everybody when I came back to Berk as my family had beaten me to help prepare our house for the storm.  Then Hiccup and Stoick had beaten me to suggest the Whispering Death tunnels as a way to shelter the dragons.  That must have been what Stoick had called Hiccup over when I spoke to him earlier.  When I had run up the pathway to the edge of the village, I now feel even more behind as all the vikings of Berk are nowhere to be found.


          “They must all be in The Great Hall by now,” I said running up the pathway to the Great Hall.


          I then ran up the stairs, taking two at a time.  When I got to the top, I reached out for the door.  Before I grabbed for the handle, the door instead came swinging back at me, hitting me in the face.


          “Ow!” I exclaimed as I could not catch myself as I turned and fell back down a few steps.


          “Oh I am so sorry,” said a girl’s voice.


          “Well you better be,” I said picking and dusting myself off at the same time.  “If you weren’t a girl I’d punch you.”


          But when I turned around I saw the girl who swung the door in my face was my sister, Asvord.


          “Oh so it was you,” I replied pointing at my sister.


          She helped knock the rest of the snow of my back.  “Mother was getting worried about where you had gone, and wanted to go look for you.  I stopped her, saying that I would go.”


          “Okay,” I spoke.  “Well now I know that it wasn’t a girl, but my sister I can now punch you,” I teased.


          She instead motioned to punch me.  I lifted my arms up in defense, “I was only kidding.”


          She lowered her fist and we then both entered The Great Hall.  Just then did it start to snow and the wind to start picking up speed.


          My mother had been close by the door as she saw us enter and rushed over.  She grabbed me and hugged me, “I was getting so worried about you.  I didn’t know where you went after Hiccup and returned and told me you had gone after the kidnapper of Kark Asmolfr.  Then later when myself and your two sister were coming up to The Great Hall, Hiccup said that you had come back but still were gone after your short talk as he had to go help his father round up all the dragons and put them in the Whispering Death tunnels for shelter.”


          After mother had finally let go, the rest of my friends had come over along with my other sister, and also a few other vikings including Stoick and Gobber, I retold what had transpired after I was separated from Hiccup to chase down the kidnapper.  Mother and a few other women had gasped a couple of times when I had gotten to the parts of when I the kidnapper and I first had the fight, when I jumped off the cliff and nearly fell off my dragon in the process, and retelling the part about the collapsing plateau.  Asvord then informed everyone that the blizzard had just hit as it is starting to snow out side.


          After finishing I then said to Cazi, “I didn’t know if you had told anybody about that part when we met each other on that plateau, so I went ahead and relayed what happened anyway.”


          Cazi then replied, “That is alright.  I hadn’t had much time to do anything but help my family prepare for the blizzard that was coming, after my mother had called me when we first had gotten back.


          My mother spoke, “I am just glad you are alright.  Now I would like to say that you should not do such things as chasing kidnappers alone, jumping of cliffs, nearly falling of dragons, and tangling with a WD rider, but I know that would just be the mother side of me saying that.”


          I looked at the floor as I knew she did not like me to take chances like that.


          “However,” mother added.  “the viking side of me say that would you did must have been awesome to do,” she finished smiling at me.


          I started to chuckle and smile as I said, “Yes, it was very exciting.  Hadn’t had that much excitement since ‘Missing Socks’.”


          Mother had then hugged me one last time before going over to a group of adult vikings that had gather in the meeting area.


          “What’s going on over there?” asked Annabeth.


          Tuffnut answered her question, “There is an important meeting going on over there.”


          “Well I think she can see that, Tuff,” Hiccup said giving Tuff a “duh” look.  “There is an important meeting going on over there.”


          “That’s just what I said,” Tuff replied.


          Hiccup shook his head, “Anyway, the reason it is important, as I was about to say, is because only adults are suppose to be there.  No kids are allowed.”


          Everybody else did not think much of it except me and Hiccup, I thought that it was something of more importance; but the look Hiccup had when he looked back at the meeting, made me think it was something bigger than I thought it was.


          We walked back to where the girls were decorating before a few hours ago, and the decorations looked great.


          “One thing needs to be explained to me,” I asked after we had seen all the decorations the girls had done.  “How did you Cazi end up on Gronckle Island when you were here helping decorate?”


          “Oh yeah that is right,” Cazi replied.  “You don’t know what happened because you, Hiccup, and Fishlegs had gone out.”


          Astrid began, “It was really anything.  We ran out of red streamers, so Cazi and Annabeth went to go get some more.”


          Annabeth picked up, “We thought we would go to your house to see if your mother was there, but she was not so we had to go someplace else.”


          Cazi then came in, “Then Trader Johann had just arrived on a routine stop, but his arrival was supposed to be a couple of days from now.  The storm that was coming, he had sailed near it.  The winds were very favorable and he and his passengers were able to sail to Berk a whole faster because of the storm.”


          Annabeth continued, “Then we, Cazi and I, overheard Trader Johann talking to Stoick and Gobber about how he and his passengers spotted a Berserker ship while sailing.  Trader Johann could not tell if it was a battle ship or a fishing ship.  He told them for sure that is was not a trading ship.  Stoick had then replied, ‘I’ll get Hiccup and the Academy Riders out there right away.’.”


          Cazi then chimed in, “We both knew that Hiccup was with you and Fishlegs; so it would take Stoick a while for him to find Hiccup and also find the other Academy riders as they were all not together.”


          Annabeth then finished the story, “Cazi and I thought we’d better go out and investigate right now, so that no more time would be lost.  When we retraced the general direction that Trader Johann’s sailed into Berk, we found within fifteen minutes of fast paced flying that Berserker ship.  Cazi recognized it to just be a fishing ship, although we flew over to make sure.  They were very suspicious as they hardly had any fishing tools and were not in fishing waters for that matter.  We then kept asking why they were starting to sail so close to Berk.  When one of them said they didn’t know they were that close, Cazi and I both knew that something was wrong.  Another Berserker must have gotten scared as he forced their hand.  A quick battle ensued in the air and on the deck of the ship.  Me and Cazi made quick work of their weapons leaving them defenseless and ordering them to go back to Berserker waters; for if they stayed they would be trespassing on Berk territory.”


          Cazi then added, “We both thought that the fishing ship was acting as a scout to see our defenses on Berk, once they got close enough.”


          “Just wondering, but what did the boat look like?” I asked.


          “Why it was just like any of the other Berserker ships,” Cazi stated.


          “No, what I mean is did it have anything different about the inside of the ship?” I rephrased my question.


          The two of them thought for a minute, and then Annabeth spoke, “I did find something unusual.  There whole attire was a little bit off.”


          “In what way?” asked Ashley.


          “Their dress was of Berserkers, but their helmets were pointed,” Annabeth stated.


          “Pointed?” I said.  “The only vikings that I know of that have pointed helmet were those of the crew of Gudrod Radormerson.”


          Asvord then suggested, “Could they be trying to figure out what happened to him, after we dealt with GR after we stopped GR from getting the treasure of Aqua Blue, the Titan Grapple Grounder?”


          Hiccup then stated, “Or could they be after Aqua Blue himself?  For a dragon of that power could be of use if it were trained.”


          I thought to myself, “After seeing in-person what Aqua Blue could do, this Titan Grapple Grounder could cause a great deal of destruction to vikings and dragons alike, if he were trained by the wrong people.  However, I was think the latter as they were trying to find out what happened to their leader.  But one thing’s for certain, me and my friends are definitely getting involved in a mystery.”


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