The Mysterious Frozen Fire - Chapter 3: A Strange Coincidence?

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I couldn't get much work done on this chapter from being busy the last few days; the reason this being posted late Wednesday Night/Early Thursday Morning for some of you.  But here you go.



The Mysterious Frozen Fire


Chapter 3


A Strange Coincidence?


          As the Annabeth had regained her composer, she recounted what had happened to her, her island, and her family.  My sisters and I did not say much because we did not know what to say to a person that has lost everything.  Though, however, I started wondering, “Is there someone new in charge of Dagur’s Armada?  Because since what had transpired on Berk and Outcast Island, while my friends and I were gone from Berk to solve my first mystery, Dagur seemed to have fallen off the map.”


          “Thank you for finding and helping me,” Annabeth said.  “I don’t want to sadden you with my troubles; this time is suppose to be a time of happiness, joy, and good times with the Snoggletog season.”


          I gave Asvord a look to change the subject, “I love your dragon,” stated Asvord.  “What type is it?


          “He is a Stormcutter named Star Scream,” Annabeth replied.


          “I’ve never seen any dragon with two sets of wings before,” I marveled at her dragon.


          “Stormcutters are not normally seen out in and about in the open; I was able to get an egg and hatch it when I was one,” Annabeth added.


          “One what?” I said, trying to lighten the mood.


          Annabeth chuckled, “One year old.”


          Elsa then suggested our new friend and dragon should join us for the morning meal.  Annabeth agreed.


          When we arrived back at Berk and then the house, my mother had just gotten back from her deliveries a little bit before we did.  Mother had already but Fintan in his room in the stable.  My sisters and I led our dragons to their rooms and fed them.  I invited Star Scream to join Fredrick for the meal.  Star Scream was a little hesitant at first; Annabeth assured him it was alright.  Her dragon then walked in and made himself at home with my thunderdrum.  Fredrick looked like he enjoyed the Stormcutter’s company very much.


          My sisters, Annabeth, and I entered the house from the back door into the kitchen.  The first thing I did after walking in was introduce Annabeth to my mother.


          Mother was happy to meet her; though when mother heard what happened

to Annabeth’s family and island mother replied, “Oh you poor thing,” she declared as she hugged Annabeth.  “What an ordeal to be put through.  If there is ever anything me and my family could do for you, please let us help in anyway.”


          Annabeth thanked us and added, “My father always said that he raised me to be a strong, intelligent, brave viking girl and I was capable of taking care of myself; however, he said friends can always help you out.  He said just the day before the attack,” I saw a tear come to her eye.  “that if anything happened to him, my mother, or the family to fly to the Isle of Berk and find our good friends, the Olsons.”


          “Olsons,” I said, recognizing the name.  “Do you know a Cazi Olson?”


          “Why yes I do,” she responded.  “We are very good friends.  We were able to see a lot of each other when our parents would get together.  Our parents grew up together too.”


          “We’ll have to go visit Cazi and her family after the meal,” I suggested.


          Mother had been prepping the table in the kitchen for the meal while we were talking.  Mother had baked some bread and had a small cooked chicken for us to eat.  The vegetable was corn with a large side bowl of apples.


          Not much was said during the meal, but the usual teases Asvord and I usually give to one another.  Annabeth did though want to know more about us.  We told them about our mystery we solved a few months ago.


          After we finished, my mother wanted to join us while we visited the Olsons.  We all went to the stables, saddled our dragons, and flew off with mother at point.  It did not take long to get to the Olsons’ house.  We landed near their house, dismounted, and walked over to the door.  Before we could knock on the door, I saw that Cazi had just walked around the corner of their house and saw us.


          “Annabeth?” asked Cazi.


          “Cazi!” Annabeth replied and ran to hug her.


          “I haven’t seen you in such a long time, not since my family had moved to the other island because of my father’s work,” Cazi remarked.


          “I know,” Annabeth said.


          Cazi continued, “But now my father said we could move back to Berk; and we have just about a week ago.  Come in and say, ‘Hi,’ to my family.”


          We all entered the Olsons’s house and sat down in their living room.  We talked for a couple of minutes exchanging greetings.  Then when Catrine, Cazi’s mother, asked about Annabeth’s family Annabeth then retold what had happened.  They were all shocked and consoled Annabeth about her family.  Annabeth said again that she did not want to sadden them because of this being Snoggletog.


          To change the subject again, I interjected, “Why don’t we go to the Great Hall and see how the early festivities are going?”


          Everyone agreed.  Cazi, along with her two sisters Hannah and Annette, myself, my two sisters, and Annabeth decided to go on ahead.  The adults had something they wanted to talk about.


          We all then got on our dragons and headed to The Great Hall.  When we arrived I saw that Snotlout and the Twins were motioning us to fly over next to the Hall and land.


          “What’s with this?” I asked Snotlout after landing and dismounting.


          “Hiccup told me I was in charge of crowd control,” Snotlout said boastfully.


          I raised my eyebrows in disbelief.


          “Did Hiccup ‘really’ put you in charge?” asked Hannah doubtfully.


          Just then the twins came over and spoke, “Not really.  Hiccup just said to go outside and greet people coming in.”


          “Ah ha,” replied Asvord.  “So how much are you charging?”


          Snotlout started, “Two chickens and- wait how did you know that?  Did Ruff or Tuff tell you that?”


          “No,” my sister replied.


          “They wouldn’t have to tell Asvord because you did something like this the last time we had a water shortage with the Whispering Death tunnels several months ago,” stated Annette.


          Snotlout just ignored her remark.  I then questioned, “So how’s business?”


          “Not bad,” he replied.  “As you can see,” while pointing to a large crowd of dragons next to the Great Hall.  “I am doing very well; although there is one small problem.”


          “What?” asked Elsa.


          “People are not paying what Snotlout wants them to pay,” piped in the twins.  “They just ignore him because of the fact that Annette pointed out.”


          “Well I think we’ll do the same,” responded Cazi as she and her sister started on to the steps.


          “Better look next time,” I said patting Snotlout on the shoulder and walking behind the Olson sisters.


          When we entered the Great Hall we saw that it was decked out in Snoggletog cheer.  Fellow vikings were wearing some of their Snoggletog clothes, bracers, boots, among other things.  There was a pretty good sized crowd for this early in the celebration.  The big celebration will happen later tonight.  While continuing on in the Hall some decorations were still being put up, we saw Hiccup and the rest of the Academy riders were in the back of the Hall.


          Hiccup saw us coming up so he stopped what he was doing with his notebook and came over to greet us.


          “Hey guys.  Nice of you to drop in early,” Hiccup said.   “And who is this?”


          Cazi the introduced her long time friend Annabeth; everyone then exchanged greetings.


          “Very nice to meet all of you,” Annabeth replied.


          When the topic of her family came up Annabeth shortly stated what had happened; but quickly said that she was okay now that she was among friends.  Hiccup and the rest gave Annabeth their condolences.  She thanked them for that; then added that she did not want to sadden the mood, but help to liven it.  So all the girls, including Astrid, started to help with the decorations by deciding what would go where and why.


          “Hey Hiccup,” I started.  “Do you have some time?”


          “Sure, what’s up?” he said.


          “You can stay too Fishlegs,” I declared as I could tell that he was about ready to say goodbye.  “I could use your help too.”


          Fishlegs then perked up a little.  Since the Missing Socks Mystery was solved and what he had to deal with during that time, Fishlegs has noticeably been kind of in the dumps.  There had not been much action in Berk since then.


          I then recounted what had transpired come about this morning.  Hiccup and Fishlegs both asked if I was fine, I said yes.  They also asked if they could see the site of both the campfire and where I first encountered the unknown thing I had chased.


          “That was exactly what I was going to ask,” I said.


          All three of us walked toward the front of the Hall.  I was going to say, “See you later,” to my sisters, but it looked like they were having too much fun with the decorations.


          “I see what Snotlout has done with what I said about, ‘greeting’ folks when they come to the Great Hall,” Hiccup said when we were outside going to get our dragons.


          When we walked by Snotlout, he and the twins acted as if they were not doing anything wrong.  We just kept on to our dragons.


          “Where’s Toothless and Meatlug?” I inquired.


          “There down nearby Gobber’s shop,” Fishlegs responed.


          I told them to hop on Fredrick with me and we would take them to their dragons.  I noticed Hiccup taking a long glance at Star Scream.  I know he wanted to know who that dragon belonged to.  He asked who the new dragon belonged to and I replied it was Annabeth’s.  Hiccup looked very interested in Star Scream.


          Not literally, but I dropped off Hiccup and Fishlegs so they could mount their dragons.  I then led them to the site where I first contacted the unknown perpetrator.  Or rather I should when it first contacted me.


          Not more than a minute after arriving at the house, did a woman come running up the pathway.


          “Help, help!  Someone please help!” the woman exclaimed.  Fredrick,

Toothless, and Meatlug were still in the process of landing as the woman stopped and saw us.  When Hiccup, Fishlegs, and I had dismounted or dragons and promptly came up to the woman, I recognized the woman to be Nora Asmolfr.


          “What’s the matter Nora?” I asked quickly.


          “It is my husband.  He is missing,” she announced.  “Kark was in the hunting party last night that had return.  Early this morning he said he could not find his shield, so he told me he would go back to the campsite and look for it.  Kark said he would be back in time for the morning meal, but he never showed.  Kark never misses a meal.  You have to help me find him.”


          “Calm down Nora,” I spoke gently then seriously, “Don’t worry we’ll go out right now and look for him.”


          Had Kark have the exact thing happen to him as did me?


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Here is an interesting fact for my first fan-fic.

Here is an interesting fact for my first fan-fic.


I counted up all the "reads" (how many times someone clicked on my threads for my chapters) and the number of times people have read my first story's chapters is over eighteen thousand times.  That is right.  18,000+ times.  (The more exact number that has probably changed by now was 18,301.)

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