The Mysterious Frozen Fire - Chapter 21: Island Bound

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The Mysterious Frozen Fire


Chapter 21


Island Bound


          The next morning I woke up and saw that my sisters were not in their beds.  I got out of bed and walked down stairs.


          “I wonder if Dagmar is up yet?” I said as I walked over to mother’s room.


          Dagmar was not in the room!


          I turned around and nearly ran into Dagmar.


          “Oh there you are,” I stated.  “I thought you had skipped out on us.”


          Dagmar said nothing.


          I questioned, “Is everything alright?”


          “No,” she said, with a very strange tone.  “For your family it might be the last.”  She started after me with a knife.


          “What?!” I replied.  “Dagmar, no!  I trusted you!  NO!”


          I then felt I was being shaken.


          “Jarl, wake up.  Jarl wake up!” said a voice.


          “What, what?” I said as I was actually now waking up.


          “Jarl you were having a bad dream,” replied the voice who once I opened my eyes I recognized to be that of Asvord’s.  “It is alright, brother.  It was just a dream.”


          “Oh,” I answered.  Once she had said that, I got my bearings.  I was actually lying on the floor.  “I must have fallen out of my bed.”


          “Yes you did,” replied Asvord.  “Elsa and I had and awakened not too long ago, and were getting ready to go down stairs.”


          Elsa added as she came over and helped me up as well as Asvord, “Then you screamed out, and fell out of the bed,” said Elsa.


          “I am surprised I didn’t wake up on contact with the floor,” I chuckled.


          My sisters laughed as we went downstairs.  I was just curious to see if Dagmar was still in mother’s room.  So I called out, “Dagmar?”


          A couple of seconds later, “Yes?” she said as she exited the kitchen.


          “Just wanted to see if you were still here,” I said.  “I thought you may have wanted to skip out on us.”


          “I did think of that,” Dagmar replied.  “But I didn’t because I knew you’d probably think that and I wanted to show you that I do want to help and that you can trust me.”


          I stated, “Well you have it for starters now.”


          Dagmar smiled.


          Asvord then said as we all re-entered the kitchen, “I like your hair like that better.”


          “Why thank you,” Dagmar replied.  She had her hair down.  “Once I sleep in it, I wake up and it is naturally frizzy and curly.”


          We sat down to a light, but hardy breakfast: Scrambled eggs, with hog bacon, and yak milk.


          “I knew you three would not be very hungry as you three had just got up, so I made a light breakfast,” Dagmar concluded.


          I replied, “And you would be correct.”


          Not much else was said during the morning meal.  After we had finished, we all cleaned up the kitchen table and then gathered our gear and headed out the door.  We had packed our gear and set it near the front door last night.


          Once we walked outside, we saw there was not a cloud in the sky, no wind, and the sun was just starting to peak over the horizon; beautiful sunrise.  I did take note that it is going to be colder today than it was yesterday.  Why?  Because there are no clouds to hold in the heat; hot air likes to rise, where cold likes to sink to the bottom.  With no wind and no sound, except the sound of our feet crunching the snow on our way to the stable, it was kind of spooky.  Everyone else besides that of who were going on our journey would still be asleep at this time.


          We saddled our dragons and packed our gear behind where we would sit.  Fintan was huddled in a corner.  I walked over to him.


          I spoke to him softly and simply said, “I will bring her back safe and sound.”


          Fintan was still half asleep, so that is why he was not moving much.  He merely snorted at me, looked at me, and then fell back asleep.


          Fredrick, Spiker, Meatballs, and Snowball must have known we were going on the journey as they were all wide awake.  Once out of the stable, I latched and barred the door behind us.  We all then mounted our dragons and flew towards the Academy.  It did not take much time at all to get there.


          We entered and saw that nearly everyone was there.  I say nearly because we were the only ones that were not there.  All my friends and the Academy riders were there; even Stoick and Gobber were there.


          “What took you guys so long?” asked Cazi as we arrived at the Academy.


          I answered, “Because we eat slow?”


          Stoick stepped forward and addressed the group, “Hiccup has informed me that you all know about the food shortage.  As important as it is to get the food back, rescuing Jarl’s mother is the highest priority.  Thank you Dagmar for leading these young vikings.  Hiccup has informed me that your deeds were because you were trying to do what was necessary to get the mystery solved.  But now you have the help of several bright viking boys and girls to back you up.  I wish you all gods speed.  May you have the wind at your backs.”


          Hiccup was about ready to say something to his father, but Stoick continued, “Don’t worry about Berk and another possible attack.  We’ve defended Berk without dragons for years.  A few days would not hurt us.  In fact, I’ve been waiting for something to do around here, besides chiefing.”


          Right before we headed out, I asked Gobber to look in on Fintan when he could.


          “I’ll be sure to do that laddie,” Gobber shouted up to me as I had nudged Fredrick to start flying.


          Dagmar took the lead with everyone following behind.  We made a similar formation that we see birds do with they fly in a group; so we made an opened arrow shape.  Doing this would help us all out while our dragons were flying because the smaller dragons in the back would not have to work as hard as the dragons in the front that would have more energy.


          The only thing that could be heard during the trip was the wings of our dragons hitting the air as the flapped them back and forth to fly.  Hardly was a word spoken the entire journey.  We were just focused on getting to this new island as quickly as we could.


          Dagmar was correct.  The further north we got, the colder it would get.  I mean I know that would make sense, but I did not think it would get so cold, so fast.  Since it was so cold, we thought it would be best to fly as close as we could to the ocean because if we got any higher, the temperatures would definitely drop.  But because of the ocean spray from the waves, we gave enough of a buffer so that our dragons would not get wet.


          We had been traveling for several hours by now, so Dagmar asked once we started flying over a few islands if we need to stop and eat.  Everyone pretty much said the same thing: “We’ll keep going until our dragons need to rest.”


          Everyone felt that as long as our dragons could, we should keep going.  It was not until a couple of hours after midday that we stopped to take a rest.  The Gronckles were especially beginning to tire as well as some of the others, so we saw a big enough island up ahead to stop and rest.  We only stopped for an hour and ate a little “pick-me-up” snack.  Then we mounted our dragons again and got back to it.


          The last leg of the trip did not seem as long as we had made better time the Dagmar had thought.  Only three hours from our rest stop did Dagmar point out the island ahead as the island she was talking about before.  This island was huge and nearly everything was covered in snow.


          “So this is where your home base is huh?” stated Cazi as she got off her dragon Electic and walked over to Sparklebolt.  “Not every cozy if you ask me.”


          Dagmar replied, “True, but it usually keeps out unwanted guests.”


          Cazi continued, “What I don’t get is if they are ‘unwanted’, then why are they called ‘guests’?”


          “Very funny,” I said.  “So where do we start looking for my mother?” I asked Dagmar.


          “That I don’t know,” she said.  “But we can start looking for why your father is in trouble.”


          Again I just rolled my eyes; although, my gut feeling was telling me I should believe her.


          “Follow me,” Dagmar said.


          On foot, we all followed Dagmar from the beach, if you want to call it that, into a cave.


          I spoke to some of my friends before entering the cave all the way, “Some of you stay out here.  Scout out the island and see if there is anything unusual.  If there is investigate and report back.”


          The ones that stayed nodded, mounted their dragons, and flew off.


          While we were walking through the cave, Annabeth questioned, “So what do you call this island, Dagmar?”


          “Icestorm Island,” she simply stated.


          I nodded my head, “Nice name for an island.”


          We had walked nearly a hundred yards into the cave.  The cave bent to the left and back to the right a little.  Once we came to another opening where we could look back on where we came, Dagmar suddenly stopped.


          “What’s wrong?” asked Meen.


          “Something, I just don’t know what at the moment,” said Dagmar.


          I replied, “Looks alright to me.  Just looks like a cave with a  large cavern of geothermal springs and waterfalls.  Nothing seems out of place.”


          “That’s just it,” Dagmar said as she stepped out from the side of the cave wall.  “It is too ‘alright’.  I know when the last time I had left, this whole pathway had footprints several crates and supplies lined against the walls.  Now, nothing; even the foot prints are gone.”


          I bent down to look at the ground.  I took my glove off my right hand and ran my hand across the snow.  There were grooves of some kind in the snow.  On closer inspection, I found that there was also some kind of brush marks next to the grooves.  I stood up and faced Dagmar who was leaning up against the Cave wall, looking down as if she was thinking of something.


          “Get down!” Cazi said abruptly.


          Cazi yanked me down to the ground while an arrow zipped past us and lodged into the wall.  The arrow lodged into the wall right by Dagmar’s head.  Then suddenly a wave of arrows followed.  Meen grabbed her pans from behind her back and deflected several arrows from hitting her and those who had gone to her side of the cave wall.  Me, Asvord, Cazi, and Elsa were on the other side; while everyone else was on the opposite side.


          “They knew we were coming,” Dagmar exclaimed.


          I replied as I quickly picked myself back up, “I think that goes without saying.”


          Annabeth pointed out as we looked back around to where the arrow came from, “They have blocked off our path back the way we came!”


          Just then several more arrows came flying towards us.  Our dragons and all of us took cover behind edges of the opening to the cavern.


          “We’ve gotta move!” I stated.  “Is there another way out?”


          Dagmar replied, “Why not fly over and use our dragons to fight?”


          Cazi said, “Our dragons might be caught in the cross fire before we could even get in range.”


          I peek around the side of the opening.  It looked like ever large party of foot vikings and bow and arrow vikings.  The ones with the arrows were giving cover fire to the rest of the group while they ran down the cave, shouting the all the way.


          “Dagmar!” I exclaimed.  “Is there another way out?!  They are going to be here any second!”


          “I think there is,” she replied.  “We’ll have to take that chance.”


          Thankfully there was a short lull in the arrows, so we made a break to follow Dagmar down the path; but it dead ended.


          Cazi said worriedly, “I thought you said there was a path this way?”


          “I did,” Dagmar said as she touched the wall in a couple random places.


          But they were not random as we just felt a rush of wind.


          “Go, go, go!” I exclaimed as I saw the group of vikings round the corner. The opening was barely large enough to fit my dragon, let alone the Snoggletog Wraith.


          Cazi, Annabeth, Meen, Ashley, Asvord, Elsa, Thoreous, then Dagmar and I entered the secret passageway.  Dagmar closed the door behind us just in time as the vikings that were chasing us could be heard running into the door.


          “Come on,” said Cazi.  “Let’s put some distance between us and them.”


          “I can’t see a thing,” stated Thoreous.  “Metorblast, Fire.”


          Meteorblast opened his mouth and lit some fire in his mouth.  Star Scream, Spiker, Snowball, and the rest of the fire breathing dragons followed suit.  We all saw there was no room for us to fly our dragons out of here, for there were huge stalagmites and stalactites all over the place.  Not to mention the cave itself was not very tall, only about ten yard high and fifteen yards wide.


           So we started running.  Since our dragons supplied the fire, we had to watch out for the stalagmites and stalactites.  We had to duck and jump over them quickly while we ran, or we would have been knocked out for sure.


          I started getting worried as the walls and ceiling of the cave were starting to close in.


          Cazi recognized what I saw, “The cave is getting smaller.”


          “That isn’t good,” said Dagmar.


          Thoreous asked, “I thought you said you used this island as your base of operations?  Shouldn’t you know this place inside and out?”


          “Yes,” she replied.  “But I didn’t spend all that much time here.  Jarl’s father would be the one that would know if it was a good idea coming in here.”


          It got so small in the cave that we had to go single file.  While I was running, I heard Fredrick behind me moan.  I turned to see that he could not fit through.  The stalagmites and stalactites were in the way.  So was Snowball.  But even though there was large upper shaft right above us, where the smaller cave stopped, they could not get through.


          I reluctantly shouted, “How great!  Now we are…!”


          “Trapped?” came a voice from above.


          We all stopped in our tracks and looked up.  We saw something start to move.  It was a Changewing!


          The rider dismounted his dragon and walked around to the front.  It was the man who kidnapped Kark and the man Hattori, Ashley, and I saw several months ago!


          The man said, “Consider yourselves, definitely trapped!”


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S I come inside from working outside and I see this new chapter, this is the second ro last chapter, and Cazi still hasnt done direct combat.



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Subject do I need why Hmm? Above them can be a Jedi Master No?

Believe me it will come.  This was only the build up to it, which I had to set the stage.  I'll be pretty inactive for the next several days.  That is why you were not sent a pm about it.  However, I am going to try and get the last chapter posted by tomorrow, or pretty close after midnight tomorrow, so it might be tuesday, but only by a few hours.

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Interesting, let's see where

Interesting, let's see where this leads


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Good job with the chapter. Glad to see my pans coming in useful haha. Cant wait for the next chapter! 


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Very intense. Very cool. Icestorm Island was a nice touch.




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My name is Elsa Jade (otherwise known as SefarWarrior). The Adventures of Elsa Jade tells the stories of how I became a dragon tamer and met these dragons...

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The first dragon I tamed was a female Chilling Horror...

 (all 3 pics by goldenfury360 (aka Hyrith))


She chose me as her rider, and that's when I became a dragon trainer.


This is Fáfnir (adopted from nevealpar). He is young, energetic, and loves playing with furry animals. He has poison in his teeth and can shape shift into any horse. I met him on a secret island I discovered, and we became friends for life... after I almost died...

(above drawing by DuskDaybreak)


Meet Enigma and his little sister Stellar! Enigma is a highly intelligent dragon who loves music and solving riddles. Although he isn't normally very social, he loves Stellar and would do anything to protect her. Stellar is a feisty, lovable dragon who enjoys showing off her glowing spikes, drawing pictures, and dressing up (her tail isn't actually injured; the prosthetic is her Toothless costume) :)

                          Stellar by Autumn5467                                                      Enigma     by Reiraku

Fire and Ice as a Frost Fury, by StellaMontague

Ingo, my Paranoid Sandskitter from NightmareRebuff

Peacock, my Windsong from goldenfury360 (aka Hyrith)


Luminara, adopted from no6nialovec12345

The next addition to my dragon friends was Faramir. I was helping Stellar practice her night flying, when we were attacked by a wild Boneknapper and had to crash land in the forest. Stellar was uninjured, but we could hear the dragon looking for us. We knew it would find us soon unless we found a place to hide. That was when Stellar seemed to sense something else in the forest. She gave a low purring growl - a plea for help, I thought - and gradually, through the dark mist of the forest, I saw another Night Fury approaching. He was dark green, and the dark green mist he created around himself was perfect camouflage. He led us to his secret lair, a forest cave hidden behind a waterfall, where we stayed hidden until it was safe. He and Stellar became such good friends that when it was time to leave, Stellar refused to go unless her new friend came with us. He and I were both happy to agree, and the three of us flew back home. I named him Faramir because of his hidden cave (which is now our secret hideout), and also because he was so brave and selfless.

 by SoulStereo

Faramir & Stellar by DuskDaybreak


This is Nod, the Woodland Sprite I adopted from DuskDaybreak. He lives in Faramir's forest cave, where he can stay close to his natural habitat while I train him. He is lively, imaginative, and has a great sense of humor. Although he sometimes tends to be a little sarcastic, he usually is trying to be funny rather than insulting. He's very independent and loves exploring the forest. His reckless antics are a constant source of worry for the less impulsive Faramir.


 (free lineart base found here, the rest is by me)


 by me

(made by me with the Night Fury Maker)

Paradox, adopted from mesaprncss

RNF(RoboticNightFury), adopted from Kowwa                         by OwlyDragons


(made by me with the Night Fury Maker)

Toothless: left blinkie by DuskDaybreak, right blinkie by NightmareRebuff :)

Sefarva blinkie by DuskDaybreak

Sefarva by Chocolate24

This awesome picture (above) is by httyyd!

I'm not a psycopath; I'm a high-functioning sociopath.

With your number.  ;)

- Sherlock Holmes

(I found this pic of Mara Jade online, and added Dreamworks images of the dragons.)


I am a



"To defeat the darkness out there, you must defeat the darkness inside yourself."

- Coriakin, Voyage of the Dawn Treader


This is because I have a Whispering Death named Thrawn. Because, let's be honest, if Thrawn were a dragon he'd probably be a Whispering Death. The dragon is a Dreamworks image; the pic of Thrawn is from the cover art of Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn.


Note: All glitter text is by puppyllover. Unless otherwise stated, all photomanipulations by me.

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