The Mysterious Frozen Fire - Chapter 12: Battle Tested

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I hope you enjoy this action packed chapter.  There will more after this chapter too.


The Mysterious Frozen Fire



Chapter 13


Battle Tested


          I quickly turned Fredrick around and pointed him towards The Great Hall.  It took me less than two minutes to get there my group that had stayed behind had just arrived there as well.  We all landed in front of The Great hall for protection.  Not more than a half minute later did Hiccup and Toothless arrive.


          Hiccup fervently but calmly spoke, “I heard Fredrick’s shot blasts, and I knew you would not give away your guy’s position, unless you had a good reason to.  Then I saw the first wave of arrows.  My father then signaled Gobber to dispatch some men to intercept the other landing parties, while he engaged Savage.  When he had returned to the front     lines of our ship, my father told me to tell this group to fend off the counter attack.  You guys would be on your own because if he sent any riders as reinforcements, they might get caught in the cross fire.  Plus he would need every dragon he could get to engage Savage.  I was able to slip back to inform you, unnoticed.”


          Cazi interjected when Hiccup was done, “Time’s a wastin’.  Let’s go!”


          Hiccup said so long and flew back to the front lines with his father and the others.  I hurriedly devised a plan, “They have strength in numbers, so let’s divide their forces into parts.  Hatt, Explod, and Ash, you take the right flank; our left.  Caz and Anna you take the center.  Garth and I’ll take the other flank.  We’ll all start off together, and then brake off when we see the enemy line.  From here, split their forces into thirds and drive the lot of ‘em back to their ships in retreat.  Speed will also be key.  The more disorganizing they get the better.”


          “Sounds like a plan,” replied Ashley as she got comfortable in her saddle.


          Cazi added, “It’s time to bring the thunder, lighting, fire, and water to this party!”


          We all took off together.  We flew over the Hall and above the forest in a loose formation.  This way we would be able to brake off on my signal.  Another wave of arrows was fired, but they were shot way over our heads.  This gave me an idea.  I also saw the Berserkers head into a short clearing the tree line brake right before Berk.  It would be important to keep them in the break.  I briefly relayed it to everyone else.


          “These archers and soldiers’ll be equipped for longer range.  Also keep them in the clearing until they start retreating.  Use this to your advantage,” I shouted over the rushing wind from flying.


          Not more than a half second later did we see the front lines of the enemy; although it looked more like on single front line, stretched across, with a second line of the long range archers behind them.


          “Now!” I signaled my friends.


          The moment after I signaled, Cazi with both Electic and Sparklebolt fired at the same time.  The ground troops were startled and surprised by this “shocking” development; both figuratively and literally.  This slowed their forward momentum.


          We broke off into our teams.  All along the way to the end of Garth’s and I’s flank we had our dragons fire.  Even though the air was warmer, it was still below freezing.  Garth’s Tide Glider’s liquid blasts mixing with the cold air and the colder snow brought forth the enemy flank to a slippery halt. Once the soldiers started to slip, I had Fredrick shoot short, fast blasts to totally knock the Berserkers off their feet, completely disorienting them.


          About a minute later, Garth and I had cleared the edge of the enemy flank.  Garth called out, “You go back through and make sure the division is made and take out the archers along the way.”


          I nodded my head then skillfully made Fredrick start to fly into a loop; but at our top peak nudged my dragon to roll right, and nose dive slightly to maintain our speed.  Because of our beginning loop was rather large, when we nose dived we may have even picked up some speed.  Fredrick is very good at keeping any speed he might pick up on top of his normal “flying level” top speed.


          I again had Fredrick do short, fast blasts; but this time had him hold on a little longer to each shot so he would have a couple of more seconds to catch a breath.


          Another minute later and I saw Cazi and Annabeth had already started the divide and the archers’ retreat.  Fredrick then groaned and pointed his head downward.  This brought to my attention to a small band of foot soldiers regrouping and trying to press on.


          I made Fredrick gain some altitude.  My dragon must have figured my next move I wanted him to do as he leaned back into a reverse nose dive.  I felt the force and quickness of his move as I felt shoved down into my saddle for the two seconds it took Fredrick to dive back.  I did not have to give him a command to pull up as he did so right on time.  Not only that, but he also fired a small accurate shot at the regrouped soldiers.


          After this I flew back, to back up Garth.  Garth nearly had this flank retreating; they just needed a little push.  However, Fredrick gave them more of a “shoving” start.  So much so that the foot soldiers that were left rolled and tumbled in the snow and actually got a head start on top of the archers.


          Fredrick and I then quickly flew back all the way to Hatt’s, Ash’s, and Explod’s side, I found that they actually got their side retreating earlier and quicker too than then other two sections.  Expold then did his signature move with Hazor and Sparko.  This made the Berserkers retreat even faster.


          I flew back the way I came and signaled Annabeth to come over. When she came within earshot I told her loudly to be heard over the yells from down below, “Tell Cazi, you two basically ‘herd’ the soldiers back to the north-northwest.  I just saw their ships when I flew up over the tree line just now.”


          Annabeth nodded but then yelled, “Look out!”


          I turned around to look behind me and a medium sized boulder was heading straight at me.  Before I could maneuver my dragon away, for even Fredrick did not see it coming as his back was turned, Annabeth in a split second had Star Scream push Fredrick out of the way and catch the boulder.  But when her Stormcutter caught the boulder, the jolt was so violent that Annabeth was knocked off her dragon and fell to the ground below.  It was only about a twenty foot drop into snow, but still.


          I flew down and hopped off my dragon and ran over to her, “Are you alright Annabeth?”


          “Yeah I think so,” she said standing up.  She tired putting weight on her left leg, but it gave way and she slumped down to the ground again.  “Wait, I think I injured my left leg.  I can’t put much weight on it.  But once I get back on Star scream, I’ll be good enough to finish the fight.”


          “Okay,” I replied and helped her back up on her dragon.  She grimaced a couple of times adjusting her leg on her saddle.  “Go tell Cazi what I told you and I’ll take care of the catapult that threw that boulder.”


          I then retraced the trajectory of the boulder and found the catapult.  I maneuvered Fredrick into position for a shot, except this time I lightly tapped Fredrick’s one broken spike.  Fredrick let out a sonic boom that completely leveled the catapult destroying it.  I looked back to my left and saw that Annabeth had taken care of another catapult as it was toppled over and on fire.


          I returned and told Garth what we were doing.  Using our same technique as we did before, we kept the Berserkers in retreat mode.  The only change we made was pushing the right end over and back towards the direction of their boats more than the others.  This way the whole company got the idea.


          A few minutes later Hatt’s, Ash’s, and Explod’s flank had already gotten back to their sown ships and prepared the full retreat, Hatt, Ash, and Explod flew over and helped our sides more quicker get back to their ships.


          By the time all the Berserkers had gotten back tot their ships, the whole skirmish lasted ten or so minutes.


          Cazi and Annabeth, for good measure, followed the ships for a few minutes to make sure they would not try to regroup and return.  Garth, Hattori, Ashley, Explod, and I sat on our dragons perching on a nearby on a stone ledge high above the beach below where the enemy and landed.  Our two friends had returned.  We all then flew back to the front shores of Berk to check the progress of the main battle.  Flying around the western side of Berk, we all saw of in the distance to our right two landing boats sailing off.  Those must have been the landing parties that were coming from the sides.  Two minutes later we found that the battle here was wrapping up as well.


          Savage and half of his half of Dagur’s whole Armada is in full retreat.


          We circled back and met back up with Hiccup, who was down by the docks.  When Hiccup saw us, he said, “I am glad you guys were able to handle the attack from behind Berk, without any back up.  We had all we could handle on our side.”


          Hiccup recounted what transpired between the main forces on both sides.  He said after the first wave of long ranged arrows were fired Savage ordered his forces to attack.  Hiccup said he told us what happened right after that when he back tracked and met us in front of The Great hall.  When Hiccup had returned to the front lines and flew around one of the rock pillars he and Toothless nearly got trapped by a flying net.  If it was not for a night fury’s quick reflexes, he would have been caught.


          “Stoick and Gobber had started concentrating their catapults fire to take out Savage’s net launchers.  Once a few of the launchers had been taken care of myself and the Academy riders flew into take the other catapults out; along with some of their ships.  Meen, Sapphire, Jack, and a few others gave us some cover fire, distracting the Berserkers while the Academy riders swooped in and took out the rest of them,” Hiccup continued.  “Once we did that, the other net launchers directed their attention towards us. We took evasive action, this allowed Thoreus, Faith, Tory, Repteil, and the rest to move in and take out the remaining net launchers.”


          Astrid walked over with Stormfly and finished the story, “After nearly all of Savage’s catapults were destroyed along with several of his ships, he tried one last surge and got close enough to our ships to board and engage Stoick, Gobber, and Spitelout among others.  Savage just didn’t have enough strength in numbers to turn the tide of the battle back in his favor.  The close engagements of the soldiers lasted only a few minutes.  With both our warriors fighting from our ships in front and the dragon riders coming up from behind, Savage then called for a full retreat.”


          The rest of my friends had returned and my group recounted our encounters.  Hattori, Ashley, and Explod relayed their part first.  We heard that all three of them kept making passes over the top of the soldiers one right after the other.  Ashley had Megan spread a wall of Nadder spike along the impeading the Berserkers forward progress.


          After that Shadow Strike and Hattori used the move they learned from when Astrid had Hookfang for a day.  When Shadow Strike stopped on a dime and clapped his wings, a massive snow cloud was formed.


          Then the Explodantor came in for the final blow with his signature, “Hazor, Sparko, EXPLODE!!  Explod did this in front of the soldiers near the Nadder spike line.  The explosion sent the Berserkers into a discombobulated frenzy back to their ships.


          Cazi and Annabeth then told us their adventure in making their flank retreat.  Annabeth and Electic started things off by dividing their line into three parts.  Cazi and Sparklebolt then took out all the archers with several static blasts.  Annabeth came back around and cut off the front line soldiers by making a fire brake by melting the snow in front of them with Star Scream’s fire shots.  Cazi, after knocking over all the archers, came back to the front.


          “But to have my next shot have more of an effect,” Cazi stated.  “I made Sparklebolt fly straight up.  I signaled my Skrill to stop flying and let gravity bring us back down.    At our peak, I made Sparklebolt do a half twist while our upward momentum stopped to make us in our dive back down up right.  I had whistled for Electic to follow Sparklebolt and my lead.  When we both dove down, I yelled for both my dragons to, ‘Fire!’.    Both shots hit in front of the foot soldiers in the snow.  Because I had my Skrills at a higher rate of speed, the velocity of my Skrills electric blasts created a shockwave in the snow.  This explosion of air knocked the soldiers back into the archers, who were more than fifteen feet behind them.”


          Annabeth finished with, “Even cooler though, Cazi did a spectacular move in mid-air.   The speed at which they were going proved so great to pull up from that Sparklebolt was about ready to hit the ground.  In the split second before it happened, Cazi got up off her saddle, ran across Sparklebolt’s back, and jumped off her dragon.  She ‘flew’ through the air for a couple of seconds before grabbing a hold of the neck of Electic.”


          Cazi and Annabeth both said they did not have much trouble from then on.  Cazi added a minute or two she pull that stunt did she see me make my loop shot on Fredrick.


          “I thought your move was pretty good,” Cazi kidded.


          I chuckled then thanked her for her approval.  I suggested, “Maybe we should one day have a contest for the best, ‘In-flight Battle Shot’.”  I then continued with telling what Garth and I did to repel our side.


          After I finished Garth added, “Once you went back to make sure the enemy lines were divided, I had Riptide fire a few acid shots at the base of a nearby tree.  The shots corroded enough of the wood that the tree started to fall under its own weight.  I made sure to have Riptide fire her shots in the way that made the large tree to fall down in the small clearing.  The tree itself made a snow-screen of its own when it came in contact with the ground.  After that, Jarl had come back to help force the rest of the troops into retreat.”


          Stoick and Gobber were nearby and had finished talking with Spitelout and a few other elders and leaders of the village.  Gobber spoke patting Garth and Cazi on the back, “I couldn't help but over hear but it sounds like you kids had your fair share of battle today, ey?  What with all those stupid Berserkers attack-gin and what not, wouldn't you think lads they'd know by now that Berk has dragons to help protect and defend?


          “You’d think,” Stoick said resting his right hand on his son’s shoulder.  “You and your friends did a fine job in defending Berk.  You kids don’t have many experiences with battle to know when, how, and where to handle yourselves in an effective manner.  Great job in stepping up and contributing to this win against the Berserkers, maybe this would make them think twice about attacking Berk again.”


          All of us kids said, “You are welcome,” in one shape or another.  Stoick then told his son that he would meet him back at the house in an hour or so once he had checked on the whole village from the battle and Last night’s blizzard. Gobber went with Stoick, but not before patting Hiccup on the back and rubbing Hiccup’s head as he left.


          Annabeth was still on her dragon while those of whom were talking.  When Stoick and Gobber had, left I went over and helped her off her dragon.


          “What happened to you?” asked Cazi, as well as a few others.


          “I injured my left leg,” Annabeth then told everyone what had happened.


          Astrid then questioned, “I hope it isn’t anything serious.  Do you need any more help back to your house?”


          “No, I don’t think so.  Cazi can help me back to the house,” replied Annabeth.


          We all then parted ways  Most of my friends went back to their respective houses where their families had kept shelter, if they were not already down by the docks as all the fathers were and a few of the mothers because their children were already on dragons.


          I hopped back on Fredrick to fly back to The Great hall to return to my own family.


          On the way my thoughts raced back to my father and the possibility of him still might being alive.  One other thought crossed my mind, “Is it too coincidental, that Savage shows up the very morning, the very day after the night the red-haired woman had shown herself and maybe even intentionally get caught to make her presence known?  Was this woman scouting ahead for Savage for good spots to attack Berk from?  Even if she was or was not helping Savage, I think she definitely has a different agenda then she let on to have. But what could it be?"


          Now after the battle, I could calm down and think about the mystery at hand.  Thoughts and connections kept flooding my mind after all the intensity of battle.


          “Something is telling me, “The Intensity level is just beginning.”


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