My viking has a flight suit stuck on it.

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Honestly, this has been going on for a while now, and while it doesn't affect my gameplay, it's really annoying. I've tried equipping other flight suits to fix it, i've tried unequipping flight suits, but it won't fix it. The bug happened one of the times i bought a membership several months back, and since then, my main viking (Wildauroraborealus) has had the flight suit webbing stuck, and the fin. The rest of the suit isn't there, and my normal clothes still show, it's just those that are stuck.

here is a video showcasing it, and what i have tried to do to fix it:

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Link needs copied

The link to the video needs copied, i don't know how to embed a link

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Tracking. That doesn't look

Tracking. That doesn't look good, hopefully they fix it for you. I haven't personally encountered it myself.


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Keep it

I have a viking with that glitch....I honestly think it's cool to have.

If I was you I wouldn't try to remove it, that's just my opinion:)

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:( Your Subject has ran into a problem and needs to restart

I agree with HelpfulWarrior. I have that glitch on my viking with the jungle suit and I think it's very cool that I do. There's no other way I can have my flight suit equipped while having my armor displayed. If this has to be fixed though, I would suggest an option to toggle overlapping a flight suit as a feature.


In order to fix it, I would suggest the basic Clearing your Unity Cache, DMing an admin, or Contacting Customer Service.


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I had this glitch for years but recently it was fixed by one of the devs. He was fixing something else in my account and noticed the wings and fin of the flightsuit were stuck on my viking and so he fixed it while he was already in my account. If you want it fixed I suggest creating a ticket on the customer support site. You can get to the customer support site by clicking the picture of Hiccup and Toothless that says "Contact Customer Service" on the right side of the forum. Hope it gets fixed for you soon! :)


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

That's an OOOOLD old glitch. I thought it had been patched. But...maybe it just is much much rarer now. Some people use to do it on purpose to work it into their look. 

My main viking has it but while I was conflicted how I felt when it happened eventually I decided I thought it was kinda cool and I haven't made any requests to have it undone.

There was a breif period where wearing a flightsuit in racing boosted speed s.tupidly high and during that period I just stopped racing with that viking as I have others anyway but now there's really no unfair advantage to having it so my main viking can occationally be seen on the tracks once again.



Anyway uh...old glitch. And very sticky one once you have it. Most people who get it end up just having it from then on, though I have heard of some people having success in getting it removed too so can't hurt to try.



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Please send a ticket!

Hi there!


I'm sorry to hear you've been having this issue! As others have mentioned, your only option to fix it is to submit a ticket to our Customer Support portal with your username and your affected viking(s). Unfortunately there's an issue with how the game saved your viking's data to the server, so clearing the cache or uninstalling the game won't do anything to fix it.


If you put in a ticket and PM me with your ticket number, I'll pass it along to the CS team and let them know not to run you through the usual troubleshooting steps to save you that time.


Again, sorry for the trouble. Reach out to us and we'll get it sorted out for you!


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i been false banned from you’re game

Hello there, So basically i was banned from your game back in 2016 My name was Scotely and the login username of  my account "youssefayamonajanohady" i worked so hard my sod acc and i really miss playing this game could you restore my account i've been playing your game since my childhood and would really like to get back to it now! Note: I was banned when silverweed made a video how to get unbanned but i was a kid and i didn't know how.

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Hey there!

Hi there,


That was a very long time ago before I ever joined the team, so I have no idea why you were banned or what you did to get banned. I'm also not part of the ban appeal process, that's more of a Customer Service thing. I would suggest writing a ticket and politely request to have the ban reversed, if it's possible. If you broke the Terms of Service or did something really egregious then I doubt it'll be accepted, but it's worth trying.

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I'm just curious, wasn't that over the gem glitch?

In 2016 was when everybody was getting banned from the glitch.

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Hey there!

Hi again WildAurora,


I got your message, thank you! I was able to go into your account and fix it. It should be resolved now, but if not, message me again and I'll go back in and check it. Sorry again for the trouble!