my top ten mlp fan song

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any bronies and pegasisters out there?

theses are my top ten  mlp fan songs

beware im not a fan of dubstep so the discord remix will not be makeing it

also some of the songs might have badness in them that i did not catch so watch at your own risk





this song is upbeat with sad undertones and is just plain catchey its well worded like casting a spell



9.lyra's song

a more comedy based saon its a catchey song that will leave you sining it for houers


8.the moon rises (ellie's cover)

while ponyphonic was goood he did not suit luna and did not play the part like ellie


7.mother changeling

the villan that deserved a song the most never got one well now she has one


6.dont mine at night pony parody

anyone who gets my name will know im a minecraft fan and this is my opinion so sorry if you dont agree with my list

there are hundreds of writers so i cant watch them all and reamember them


5.octavia's overture

this song is on here for my own sedamental reasons

octavia remionds me of my dad in the fact that he was a bit old fashioned and likes to play a instrumant that not many liked to litsen to and i inly ever have seen cry once and thats it


4.starswirl's frankenstien

this haunting waltz is a wonderful work of art that thorises discords origin


3.lets go and meet the bronys

they got jon de lancey (i know its misspelled) to sing this how ol jan did this i will never know

plus the documentry was very good


2.starlight waltz

some of the best songs dont need words to be beautyful

this song is like one of the mute people in the movies that turn out to be the one of the best charaters in the entire movie


1.a lullaby for princess

i never thought a fandom could make this its a perfect clestia voice and its a beautyfull song that had been parodyd by luna and as a duet between the two its a show of worksmenship by our (sometimes hated) fandom that shows that we aare creative sould and it is a work of art and deserves a award for what it has shown i wish that hasbro would make this song cannon!


dont agree with my list?

did i miss one that you think should be on the list?

im sorry if i missed one there are a lot of writers and a lot more songs so i cant know or reamember ALL of them



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(Listens to the first song)

What?!     >=S     'Scratches Head.' Why am I listening to this.






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first stage of bronyisiam

first stage of bronyisiam watching the videos

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pinkies brew just got kicked

pinkies brew just got kicked off

there is a new number three

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Me! Me!

Pegasister here! XD

Lullaby for a princess is my favourite song too !!! XD

There is also two more fan song, "Children of the Night" and "I am Octavia" These are the best! XD





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children of the night is not

children of the night is not a mlp fan songit was used for the animation but it would have made the list if it was

and octavias overture would have two if there wasnt this other


and i like a lullaby for princes but my favrote is starlightwaltz but alfp was so well made



im glad im not the only one on here