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In this post I'll simply just reply with each class and all the dragons I have a lot in it. If you ever have trouble seeing their pictures, I apologize.


I want to ask nicely for no one to directly reply to my replies to this post so I'll be able to edit whenever in case I ever see a spelling error, end up getting another dragon in that class, or titan one of them. If you ever want to say something just click on the "post reply" button at the top and bottom of the post.



Feel free to just track and leave replies of your opinions on my dragons if you want, I won't bite c:

Each dragon will have the following:


Name: (might also include refrence or meaning)

Adopted Date: -/-/-  Gender: Male/Female



Hope you all enjoy them once you see them c;



"Legend says that when the ground quakes, or lava spews from the earth, it's the Dragons letting us know they're still here. Waiting for us to figure out how to get along."

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Yay! Tracking!


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum, Deathgripper


Somehow interested in my opinion on dragons? I (re)made a Dragon Review Here: My Dragon Review 2.0

Information about my dragons can all be found here: My Grand Dragon Family

Information about my HTTYD OCs and their dragons can all be found here: My OCs and Their Dragons


Requests From Others!

"*Banshee screech* You look so cute!" - Comet Burst

-Insert Wise dying on the inside here-


Drawn by the terrific TosiLohi!



Sometimes Papa's ego becomes as big as Jupiter. . .screenshot edited by Zeezur!



Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



The main character for my story made into a beautiful Snowy Griffin. Made by LissaFish!

A cute Papa headshot made by HoneyCloudy!


As much as I love the big guy, it's fun to occasionally spite him. ewe Made/edited by SilverNight!




Drago once said the strength of will over others is true strength. . .and Hiccup says friendship is true strength. . .but they're both wrong. Cuteness is the one and only true strength! These faces will be the death of evil, I'm telling you. Made all by Zitka!



Hobbleslicer, the male Tingecutter made my AndreaEaston!


A truly fuzzy Moon made/edited by HoneyCloudy!

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Name: Stardust

Adopted Date: 3/24/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Stardust was my one of my two starter dragon. At first we didn't think much of eachother once we saw eachother while he was in the cage. However, once I broke him out and bonded with him, I felt the connection and immediately went flying around with him. Never would I have thought I would love a Rumblehorn as much because I didn't think much of it once I first saw Skullcrusher, but Stardust was just such a loyal dragon from the beginning, I can never find myself not ever loving him. Personality wise, I will admit, he's a pretty chill guy. He doesn't mind staying in his stables all day with his stablemate Bubba. Doesn't have any problems with any dragons, baby or titan. I always visit him there whenever I need to hatch a new egg or refresh a stable quest. I always love bringing out for some relaxing flights now and again. 


Name: Bubba (named after a horse I used to ride)

Adopted Date: 6/11/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Bubba was simply found as an egg after defeating an evading ship. I was excited to hatch him so Stardust wouldn't be the only Rumblehorn anymore. The two are stalled together and get along very well. Bubba is basically a horse more than dragon it feels like. Always eating and resting, chilling out, but he always has his hyper moments. Just a very sweet Rumble that is great around people of all ages. He loves seeing any new dragon I end up hatching as well.


Name: Adisa (means: One who is clear. Taken from a name list)

Adopted Date: 9/8/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: (little note, ingame her name is set as xAdisax because the game wouldn't allow just Adisa c':) Ever since she was a baby she always seemed to be wise and smarter than any other babies I've raised. She tends to like being in her stables a lot more than going out. She's still fairly young.


Deadly Nadders

Name: Altea (after a planet in the show Voltron Legendary Defender)

Adopted Date: 3/24/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: This girl here was my second starter dragon, the one I first raised. She likes to attract attention with her beautiful colors, but always knows her limits. We don't spend as much time together as before, but luckily she doesn't mind. She is always willing to play or help with anything I ever need, and does a great job looking after all the other dragons in the stables. She is very much like a childish mother. Also, fun fact: I teared up when titaning her and call her my Spiky Queen.


Name: Aeroga (a wind spell in the Kingdom Hearts series)

Adopted Date: 4/21/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Aeroga was found injured as an adult Nadder and was difficult to get close to. He stayed at the edge while we tried to treat his wounds. He never really let us get close and tried escaping several times. We were actually lucky when we ended up being attacked and he got to see how much we were different from the hunters and grew to honor us from our fight. Once we managed to treat him, he had gotten very rusty at flying, but with the right help, he managed to fly right again and he loves doing it all the time, flying in the blue sky he has the colors of.



Name: Pidge (Green Lion Deadly Nadder from my VLD Pack)

Adopted Date: 4/28/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: She was found in the forest resting in a pile of vines. She broke out once we game across it. She has a inquisitive type of nature. She often stays with her pack or in the forest. 



Name: Velvet

Adopted Date: 7/12/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Finding her egg was almost a mystery, finding it out in a chest one day. Once she hatched she was very sweet and well liked sweets, especially types like cakes. She's definitely a beautiful and hyper nadder for sure. I'm glad to have found her.


Name: Sol

Adopted Date: 8/30/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: We found him later on and him and Aeroga were very close, they ended up basically being brothers with their own little rivarly time to time. He can be a pretty hot headed nadder and loves fire a lot more than the sky as Aeroga does. He seems to have higher senses though than other dragons and is able to tell when something bad is coming.


Name: Traeh (After an OC/Heart backwards as her name)

Adopted Date: 9/15/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: For being a nadder, she's not as hyper active as any others and much rather stay inside and is more silent. She is a strange one for sure, but is still very sweet and always helping any other dragons around in the stables. She is a great caretaker type of gal.


Name: Stormfly

Adopted Date: 11/6/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: We know who she is ;)



Name: Balmera (A living planet in VLD)

Adopted Date: 7/26/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Balmera was rescued from Hunters while back and I ended up taking her until she healed up. She came very close to death, but she managed to pull through luckily. She's very sweet and has a calm type of nature. She also loves to track down crystals and collect them.


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Woolly Howls

Name: Moondust

Adopted Date: 4/2/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Moondust while not being a starter has grown to be the closest dragon to me. He's the first dragon I ever bought in the store, bought him after getting the 1 month membership. Ever since I hatched him there was no tearing us apart. Just like Hiccup and Toothless, Moondust feels like a reflection of me as Toothless felt as a reflection to Hiccup. We stuck to eachother through all adventures. From Defending Dragon's Edge, discovering Dragon island and the Green Death, helping Lumie, fighting Stormheart. So much. He's the one that helped me learn how to fly better and become more confident in it, first dragon I ever raced on, just so much. As said efore, he's a lot like me, but still smarter than me. We grew with eachother to where we are now.


Name: Trico (from The Last Guardian)

Adopted Date: 9/1/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Found this magnicent woolly crashed with broken wings and two spears. After slowly approaching, first getting the spears out and feeding him then he managed to trust me. It took time to grow our bond completely, but it became strong and he manage to heal to fly again. He is a very caring and protective type, and is always willing to get dirty if he must.


Name: Kage (after a kyuubi OC)

Adopted Date: 9/1/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Kage's story is a strange one. More like a legend. It was told he used to be the purest white of woollies, but one day he unfortunately met the fate of death. However, a sage found his body and ended up using it as a vessel for a powerful shadow from another beast. This ended up reviving Kage, but he was no longer the pure one as he was anymore. He had gone dark, and hateful. His hate grew so much he used to attack villages, killing many and destroying everything in his wake. It was until another woolly came down from the light of the moon and fought with him. The battle was long and powerful, but in the end, Kage was pinned down and the other used a strange power to cure his mind blinded with darkness and rage. Since then the moon woolly has disappeared and Kage had decided to go to hiding. He was captured later on and used forcefully against the innocent by a dark group and powerful man. He luckily managed to escape one day from an attack. I found him in a cave, and at first he was hostile and he was the dragon that took me the longest to ever gain trust with. But once we did, it was amazing, and it feels like there's no stopping us when we're together. Although preferably he likes to sleep a lot more in his caves then anything else. He is still very stubborn, I will admit, but is still good at listening and caring. He can be protective when he wants to be.


Name: Toffy (named after childhood stuffed animal)

Adopted Date: 9/2/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Toffy was found at Auction Island, people trying to sell him off. Luckily, I managed to buy him before he went to anyone terrible. Despite whatever might have happened while he was caged, he is very kind and caring. He likes to sleep a lot, and is a great dragon around children especially.


Name: Asriel (Undertale)

Adopted Date: 9/3/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: I found Asriel near death underground in a bed of flowers. After so, he was very much like a child, a caring, kind child, but a child. He loves to play, even though he might get carried away sometimes. He's still a great woolly with great power. He also likes flowers, especially golden ones.


Name: Spacedust

Adopted Date: 9/3/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Spacedust was found by Moondust after a little midnight flight he went on his own. Since he hatched, Moondust basically took him under his wing. Spacedust surely looks a lot up to Moondust, they're pratically siblings. Spacedust loves flying around high in the sky, mostly at night when all the stars are out. They always fasicinated him and I always find him staring up at them when he can.


Triple Strykes

Name: Doku (Poison in Japanese)

Adopted Date: 4/7/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Doku and his sister were given to me as eggs by their mother. Doku has the more silent type of nature, and mostly prefers to just be around either me, his twin sister, or Lumie, considering how he met lumie when he was younger and they liked to play with eachother. Otherwise all that, he is very introverted.


Name: Veneno (Poison in Spanish)

Adopted Date: 4/8/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Doku's twin sister, is basically the opposite of him and is much more hyperactive and friendly between the two. She loves being around her brother the most though of course and gets very excited whenever I take her out for flights.



Name: Kirin (Mythical Beast)

Adopted Date: 4/19/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: For a skrill, Kirin is the calmest I've ever met. That is until you make him mad. It is a rare case, but when it happens, he immediately brings about a storm and strong lightning, just as if he was the Mythical Beast himself. Otherwise, he has found himself basically as the leader of the skrills I have. He is a very faithful Skrill, one that I trust a lot.


Name: Skrillex

Adopted Date: 4/21/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: When I hatched him, his name was given to me by a friend of mine. He's more isolated of my skrills, and prefers alone time the most, unless if it's with any of the others. 


Name: Darkus (Bakugan Attribute)

Adopted Date: 7/12/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Despite his scary looks, and dark attitude at times, he can be very sweet if he likes you enough, which is hard to get. I found his egg in a hunter ship which led to his trust with me coming from raising him and the battles we have done together.


Name: Kosmo (Wolf from VLD)

Adopted Date: 8/22/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Kosmo crashed down one night in the wilderness, very young. He was going to be attacked by other wild dragons, seeing him as a quick easy meal. I decided to step in however and fend them off before flying off with Kosmo. Since then I raised them and with that, grew a strong bond with him. Kosmo is very loyal, but also kinda strange and seems to teleport sometimes, but can't be 100% sure. 


Name: Xiro (Taken from Name List. Means Nothing)

Adopted Date: 9/2/2018  Gender: ???

Personality/Story: Xiro is just... strange. Their egg suddenly appeared in my stable one day. As I raised them, they kept changing their colors around until stopping at titan mode. It's strange how Xiro never seemed to have a gender, so I just settle with they/them pronouns.


Snow Wraiths

Name: Hyoga (Glacier)

Adopted Date: 7/2/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Found in Glacier Island, he was more friendly than the rest of the Snow Wraiths found their as I regularly go there sometimes to fly with Moondust. Hyoga loved our visits and one day, he just wanted to come with. So I ended up doing so. While we don't ride with eachother that much, he much prefers watching and being with all the other dragons. 


Night Fury

Name: Toothless

Adopted Date: 9/23/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: I think we all know him well enough there is no need for me to explain him. I will just say, I am incredibly grateful to be a rider of him.

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Name: Hisame (Means Icestorm)

Adopted Date: 3/31/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: The Groncicle we found in Johan's boat as a baby that led us all the way into icestorm. Hisame can be pretty hyper but also enjoys his time nesting in his stable, setting ice around. 


Name: Atefeh (Means Kind-hearted)

Adopted Date: 9/8/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Found in a hunter's ship, and hatched shortly after. From the start he was a classic Kindhearted Groncicle.


Whispering Deaths

Name: Vaal Hazak (named by brother after a creature in Monster Hunter)

Adopted Date: 4/3/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: One of the few dragons I have a hard time with sometimes is definitely this guy. While we have fought battles togehter plenty before and flew a lot together, he is still a vicious big guy that tends to rather fight things than anything.


Name: Anti

Adopted Date: 7/10/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Anti is quite easier to take care of than Vaal, hinting at his name being Anti. He's one of the kinder type of Whispering Deaths, but has a terrible biting habit. He often takes it out on a bucket hanging in front of his stall.


Name: Discord (based from the creatures in Adventure Time Finale)

Adopted Date: 9/9/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Surprisingly the smaller one is the most difficult. He's hard to read and tends to lash out at things. He especially hates music. Definitely not great friends with one of my Sand Wraiths that love music.



Name: Shinzui (Means Essence)

Adopted Date: 4/4/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: This big guy helped me out with the problem at Dragon Island with the Volcanoe the Green Death resides in. He's a classic Eruptodon. Calm and protects when he is needed. Otherwise, he stays resting with the lava in a stoker stable.


Name: Core

Adopted Date: 5/24/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Found his strange egg a while ago, it glowing more green then the orange/red than lava. It carried over when he hatched. He feels a lot more different than a lava loving Eruptodon. He's more radioactive... Otherwise he's a kind meatball. He often underestimates himself and is trying to learn to be careful around others so he doesn't stomp on anyone or hurt them with his green glow.


Elder Sentinel

Name: Avion (Bird Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus)

Adopted Date: 4/8/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: This great guardian helped in the fight against Stormheart. It was difficult but we stayed strong and developed a great bond with it. He's very much a great colossus that prefers resting and sleeping over fighting, but will always be ready for it.



Name: Lanu SamaSama (Yellow in Samoan/Yellow Lion in VLD Pack)

Adopted Date: 4/8/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Found in buried deep in a cave. He's definitely the most supportive and kind out of his pack. Kinda like a leg c;. He is very tough and takes a lot and can do great damage back on any invading ships. Bringing me gold plenty of times and helped grow plenty of babies.


Name: Coco

Adopted Date: 6/3/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Since I've had her she's been the most motherly dragon I've ever had. Whenever you bring out you babies, she will most likely be around to help look after them, earning her the name "Momma Coco".


Name: Medicus (healer in Latin)

Adopted Date: 7/12/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Medi is more of the caring type in the health department, and has strange healing aura that helps heal some dragons, along with more actual type of healing dragons, if they ever come home from a quest hurt.


Name: Harlow (Means Rock Army)

Adopted Date: 8/27/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: This big pupper like dragon is a lot like a battler and scavenger. Whenever he isn't helping with battles, he goes around searching for rocks. He has a huge pile around his stall.


Name: Meatlug

Adopted Date: 11/8/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: We know who she is ;)


Grapple Grounder

Name: Wii 

Adopted Date: 4/20/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Being real for a second, I got the How to Train Your Dragon video game while I was healing from getting wisdom and other teeth pulled out. I played it for hours and hours. I still have it for Wii in fact, so when I finally got a Grapple Grounder in SoD and remembered it was the special dragon in the HTTYD game, I felt it was right to color and name him after a Wii. 


Screaming Deaths

Name: Aeris velivolus (Latin name for 13th Colossus in Shadow of the Colossus)

Adopted Date: 4/22/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Aeris definitely doesn't feel like a regular SD. While he has battled with me plenty, he is particularly gentle and really rather flying around and borrowing in the ground than having any conflict. He is good at keeping the other two in check luckily.


Name: Vikanish (After an Oc)

Adopted Date: 7/10/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Vikanish is one of the most insane dragons I ever met. It's usually best for me to ever bring him out for battles, or he might try attacking other riders and dragons.


Name: RoseThorn

Adopted Date: 8/25/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Rose is a bit more closed off, but still very sassy and is fully whilling to stab you with her thorny tail, just like the thorns on an actual rose. She's fine around me, but I can tell she would rather be alone and I let her be.


Sweet Death

Name: Virus (after an OC)

Adopted Date: 4/26/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Virus feels very Bipolar out of my dragons. She either wants all the attention or to be locked in the dark. One thing is for sure, she is the type that likes to try to find beauty in everything, or she tries to make it to be, in her own way. I manage to settle her down and everything luckily.



Name: Kobi (after a lazy cat I knew)

Adopted Date: 8/3/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Just like a cat, he eats, sleeps and hides in anywhere he can. He's a very sweet boy and loves attention and being petted, but no changing his lazy cat nature <3.


Name: Sleepy

Adopted Date: 9/6/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Being a hotburple and growing up with Kobi around, she definitely took after the sleeping habits a lot. Unlike Kobi however, she doesn't bother hiding anywhere and just sleeps anywhere she wants. Very sweet lazy girl.



Name: Quartz (Based off of Smokey, Rose, Amethyst quartz from Steven Universe)

Adopted Date: 8/4/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: It's strange how I found her egg surrounded by quartz in a rock. She is very attracted to them and is a very kind soldier type of gal. 



Name: Cookie

Adopted Date: 8/8/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Just like her name, she's a huge sweetie, she loves to play with others and everything. She manages to get a lot of love back to her.



Name: Basaka (berserker in japanese)

Adopted Date: 8/9/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: It is so hard for this guy no to run into everything. It feels like he's more berserk than any other quaken, earning his name. Luckily I can manage to keep him calm, just gotta be careful not to blow his short fuse.



Name: Jeong (means gentle)

Adopted Date: 8/16/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: At first, I never really liked Thunderpedes, but since raising this gentle big guy, I've really grown on them. Jeong is pretty quiet, but great to have around.



Name: Atlas (Ship in VLD)

Adopted Date: 8/17/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: She is very close to the VLD pack, almost feels like a guardian over them more than anything. Being blind, she has to be basically piloted a lot, but still great at being a guardian. Very calm and always ready.


Name: Enki (meaning Lord of the Earth)

Adopted Date: 11/6/2018  Gender: Male

Peronsality/Story: Enki's egg was found buried in the Earth. He's the laze around, only helps out when really needed type. He prefers to stay out of the stables and alone in the einvironment. He does have his protective instinct though for other dragons, mostly for those he senses are unwell, helping smell out the best food for them.

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Name: Fenrir (Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts series)

Adopted Date: 4/1/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Fenrir is a the brother of Chi ("key"), their eggs being saved from the Shipgraveyard. He is the strongest physically of two brothers, along with the more closed off of he two. He is less trusting to others, and you have to earn it right to let him accept and trust you. He was a difficult to train as he grew up, but we still grew a strong bond and our loyal to eachother.



Name: Chi (Pronounced as "key" based from Kingdom Hearts series)

Adopted Date: 4/3/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Chi ("Key") is the lighter hearted and more open compared to his brother Fenrir. A lot more accepting to others, but still has his limits. He relies more on his fire power than physical. Chi is often appears to radiate a light filled aura around him. You may not see it, but definitely can feel it.


Name: Dragontide (after Sanctum of Dragontide)

Adopted Date: 9/1/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Dragontide is my Clan Dragon to help represent how proud I am to be in Sanctum of Dragontide. He is very protective and kind type of nature, helping radiate the nature of our clan, which we like to keep peaceful as possible. 



Name: Ventus (after a Kingdom Hearts character/Also means wind)

Adopted Date: 9/2/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Ventus is a very sweet dragon that loves to explore with a heart that feels so pure. He was found alongside one of my Flightmares: Unversed. They hatched and grew together, basically brothers, but they aren't the closest and are more rivals than anything. Unversed bothers Ven a lot, but Ventus often stays around his fellow razors, especially Roxas and one of my Stormcutters: Sora.



Name: Roxas (after a Kingdom Hearts character)

Adopted Date: 9/18/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Roxas has a great heart, but has lost many in the past, thus, he is slightly more closed off. If you gain his trust and become if friend, you're completely right if he would care for you. He often can get his mind clouded and lash out on instinct on what he feels is right. He is getting better and more matured, especially with the help of Sora, the Stormcutter.


Grim Gnashers

Name: Cynder (From Legend of Spyro)

Adopted Date: 4/24/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: I found Cynder chained and being used by Hunters, presumably stolen as an egg. She was very hard to get to open up, but once she did, she grew to be a very sweet Grim Gnasher. Despite how far we've gone, she does rather to be alone and do her own things, helping other dragons time to time. Whenever we are together we take some nice freedom flights together.


Name: Indo (short for Indominus and Indoraptor)

Adopted Date: 7/1/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Unlike Cynder, Indo is more the vicious type and snaps a lot at dragons. She has gotten in a lot of fights before, so thanks to that, I just mostly let her be. Luckily I can manage to keep control of her when she's out.



Name: Shirogane (Black Lion in my VLD Pack)

Adopted Date: 4/28/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Shirogane was found in ruins and he radiates energy of being a leader. In fact, he is the leader of the Voltron Pack. He is very noble and serious, but does know how to ligthen up and loves to play with his pack, caring for them very much, along with any others. Truly a defender.


Name: CloudClover

Adopted Date: 5/24/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: CloudClover's egg was found with abandoned armor that resembled a Stormcutter. Ever since she was a baby she has just tried to fly, and was a quick learner. Ever since she could fly she can't find herself to stop and just loves to fly. She is a really fun dragon to take out to fly because of this. Otherwise, she has a very free type of nature and does do whatever she wants, but is sure to be kind.


Name: Sora (after a Kingdom Hearts character/Also means sky)

Adopted Date:7/19/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Sora is one of the nicest dragons I've had alongside Ventus. He often spends a lot of time with the Razorwhips and loves to make new friends along with exploring. His flaw being that he can be very naive at times, but he can have his serious moments when it gets serious. He's a great dragon to be around.


Name: Reef

Adopted Date: 7/29/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: I found Reef hatching from her egg around some waterfalls, and as she grew, she's always been more fascinated with the water more and hangs out with the Tidal dragons a lot. She's a quiet type of nature, and listens well, but I let her do what she wants, which is basically spend the day with the tidal dragons around water. 



Name: Jewely (made for a friend+fellow clan member)

Adopted Date: 8/12/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: the little sister of Julthebat's stormcutter: Foxy. She's a very caring gal, and fun to be around.


Name: Prism

Adopted Date: 10/4/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Found Prism near a chest full of weapons inside. He was on guard, but otherwise was very gentle and was luckily easy to gain trust with.



Name: Courage

Adopted Date: 4/30/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Courage as a baby was very scared of a lot of things, but still managed to fight through it all luckily. He is still scared of a lot of things, but is getting better. 


Name: Euria (means Rain)

Adopted Date: 9/7/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Euria was a lucky case, finding her egg in a rain storm before it got lost in sea after being stolen from her nest. She hatched sooner than expected and her and Courage instantely connected. So with no luck of finding her nest, I ended up keeping her so she can stay with Courage and the other dragons. Also, Euria very much loves to rain ironically despite the way I found her egg. Although i supposed she wasn't even born yet to experience it.




Name: Windhelm (A city in Skyrim)

Adopted Date: 5/11/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Windhelm is a more stone, and cold type of dragon, and doesn't like big change, especially with things he likes. He's not a big fan of some dragons.


Name: Mush

Adopted Date: 9/4/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Mush luckily is a lot kinder than Windhelm, he even tries to help Windhelm brighten up. Mush is a playful type of Shivertooth that especially loves to get dirty.


Speed Stingers

Name: Furasshu (means Flash)

Adopted Date: 6/20/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Fur is well behaved for a speed stinger luckily and loves to go on runs a lot, especially with others. He can still be a snappy type, but knows to control himself. 


Name: Albi (short for Albino)

Adopted Date: 7/7/2018 Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Albi was found alone as a baby deep in a cave. He's an Albino Speedstinger and was happy to find others like him once I took him in. He's a stubborn little guy, but he's grateful for me finding him.


Name: Veloci

Adopted Date: 9/9/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Veloci is a huge troublemaker. She moves messing with all the dragons with her advantage of speed, and prefers to hang out with the more troublemaking type of group of dragons.



Name: Sweetpea (After a Parakeet my family used to have)

Adopted Date: 6/22/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Sweetpea was saved from an auction and since I had her she is an attention craver and loves being petted, along with few races time to time. Plus, she's literally a poop monster, so keep an eye out for dragon poo from her. (the bird was just like that, used to poop on our shoulders all the time XD)


Name: Gulsia (means Little Heart)

Adopted Date: 9/7/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: I found Gulsia being left out of his nest at Scuttleclaw island. He was the runt, and it really didn't look like he was going to make it, having a smaller heart than a dragon should. He was lucky though. As I tried to care for him, he thankfully grew stronger and has grown up fully to an adult. He still has some heart problems, but luckily he knows his limits and rests when he needs to.



Name: Brachio (After the Brachiosaurus)

Adopted Date: 7/8/2018 Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Brachi is a gentle giant and doesn't mind helping out other dragons. She strangely likes to eat leaves and plants though.



Name: Season

Adopted Date: 7/26/2018 Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Honestly feels like Season should be in the Mystery Class, because each season she changes colors to fit the current season. Personality wise, she is quiet and loves me, but definitely likes her pricvacy and to just be in the forest and to fly around. (Current Season Colors: Fall)


Devil Dervish

Name: Nami (named after a close friend)

Adopted Date: 8/10/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Named after a close friend that was basically our little "devil" of the group, I had to name this dragon after her. Nami is just like her real life counterpart, being despite the little devil, she is very caring and loves to get excited and play with things she loves. She especially loves readings of any stories she hears.


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Great work on this, Fuzz!
Something nice to read after a long day. c:


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Thanks a lot Hums <3

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*Stoker Class*


Name: Funka (means Eruption)

Adopted Date: 4/4/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: During the time of trying to figure out the source of the strange fog that was from Dragon Island, I helped rescue Funka before being sold off from Auction Island. She managed to find me again at the Edge, and she decided to stay with me. She was very helpful when it came to getting to Dragon Island. Funka in general is a very extroverted Singetail, and can often get very excited so much she lets out fire from her body unexpectedly, earning her eruption meaning name. Otherwise she's very sweet. 


Flame Whipper

Name: Sundust

Adopted Date: 4/6/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Finding her at Impossible Island, she was friendly at first, unlike her family. In the end she helped me escape the Labrynth and hitched a ride with me on Moondust back to the school. Moondust was skeptical of her at first because her family attacking me, having him fight his instincts to come down and help, but in the end, they grew close and he helped her grow into the beautiful Flame Whipper she is today. She often sticks around the stables nowadays to help the dragons around, along with at the school in general. Always fun to take her out though.


Monstrous Nightmares

Name: Ragnarok

Adopted Date: 4/10/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Ragnarok was my first Nightmare to ever deal with and was a tough one as that. He often tried to get into fights, and was very stubborn. But as time grew on, as he grew up physically, he also did mentally and grew to be more lax. He still loves to fight, along with few races time to time, but we're a lot better from where we started.


Name: Red (Red Lion from VLD Pack)

Adopted Date: 4/29/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Red was found in Volcano, about to be captured by Hunters. It was a tough fight, but in the end, he ended up deciding to help. He often likes to be dramatic I swear and acts a lot like a cat. Otherwise, he is very fast as a Nightmare and can be very protective if he senses danger. He is closer to Shirogane and Blue in the his Pack. He's also the toughest and can be hot headed, as a nightmare is, but is a great companion.


Name: Fiera (means proud)

Adopted Date: 8/28/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Fiera is basically the type where she's so proud of herself she's lazy at her current age. She'd rather sleep in her stable all day. I can manage to get her out few times, but there is still work to be done on her attitude.


Name: Hookfang

Adopted Date: 11/6/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: We know who he is ;)



Name: Hisui (means jade)

Adopted Date: 5/5/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Hisui was a rocky start, both of us trying to figure how eachother work took a while, thus she often stayed in her stables, but we ended up getting to know eachother, and we were a lot more helpful with eachother, especially in battles. Hisui is very sweet, and loves to help.


Name: Askari (means soldier)

Adopted Date: 8/29/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Askari is a very serious type, and is ready to fight a battle whenever. He can be stubborn and try things his way sometimes.


Name: Sunday

Adopted Date: 9/5/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: She is basically a sweetie that loves sweets. She can be very selfish sometimes and hog whatever she gets instead of sharing with her fellow stablemates. 



Name: Kratos (From God of War)

Adopted Date: 6/5/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Kratos is like the meaning of seriousness and rage sometimes. I found him fighting Hunters and completely taking them out. He still got severly injured though and I had to help. He was difficult to gain trust, but we grew to respect eachother.



Name: Dawnstar

Adopted Date: 6/10/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Dawnstar loves to relax. She often just decided to sit instead do anything when I first hatched her. She's grown to be better with it now, but I still let her be when she wants to be.


Name: Eidel (means delicate)

Adopted Date: 9/7/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Despite being a dragon, a typhoomerang at that, Eidel has always been the delicate type, especially mentally. He often just likes being around me than any other dragon, or just be alone. He's just different, and I do try, but I just have to accept it's how he is.


Terrible Terror

Name: Plachu (A mouse from VLD)

Adopted Date: 7/1/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Plachu is a very michevious type. Sometimes stealing things time to time to make his own little nest, or he's basically sleeping over at someone elses. Luckily he knows who to go to for that and doesn't big with anyone that would get furious and bite at him. Just like a mouse as well, he loves to hide. Perfect for bringing out to play with friends and hiding from them lol.


Night Terror

Name: Nightlight

Adopted Date: 7/7/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Nightlight has always been a determined type of child. Despite his size, he loves being brought out for a ride. He just loves running around with others and races, becoming a great companion for tight turning type of races especially. 


Silver Phantom

Name: Cosmic

Adopted Date: 8/2/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Cosmic is very lax, and can be grouchy when he is interrupted from his day naps. But he still loves flying and has been helpful in few races, helping me teach more of wide turning type of dragons, being one himself. He often prefers flying out at night though with the stars.


Fireworm Queens

Name: Vale (after an area called Hidden Vale in Skyrim)

Adopted Date: 8/3/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Vale was found hidden in the caves at icestorm island, despite the cold, she seems to actually prefer it. She mostly glows from her brightly colored spots instead of the whole body. She is hard to read and quite myterious out of my dragons.


Name: Haos (Attribute in Bakugan)

Adopted Date: 8/25//2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Haos thinks very high to herself, and has a sort of rivalry with the skrill Darkus. She hardly likes anyone unless she feels they are "worthy" of it. 


Fire Terror

Name: Ender (very rare)

Gender: Male  Adoption Date: 10/23/2018

Personality/Story: Ender ended up being the runt of the litter of Fire Terrors Mala managed to find out about and saw this one set out to take, being too small and weak to take care of. Once he was old enough and paid a visit with Nightlight, the two ended up meeting and Ender refused to leave Nightlight, so had no choice but to take him in. he grew fast and strong, despite being the runt, thanks to proper care and training. He's more stubborn then the care free baby he was, and is a bit of a brat, but a lovable one. Him and Nightlight love spending time together being very closely related dragons.

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*Mystery Class*


Name: Emi (after a Beautifly Pokemon I have)

Adopted Date: 4/2/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: (fun fact Emi is the name after a Beautifly I raised from a Wurmple I got from Wonder Trade that was named Ew. I decided to take her in and show her love from being named like that and just tossed away <3) Emi was abandoned by her mother at a very young age after her Mother's attack on Berk. Thanks to that, Emi does have abandonment issues and separation anxiety, so when I'm not with her, she really likes to stick close to the dragons in the stables. She grew well learning to eat eels instead of dragons. Sometimes she accidentally attract dragons, loving to make music still. She has helped quite a bit with some battles along with few races. I'm so glad to have taken her in <3.



Name: Skyforge (after a forge in Skyrim)

Adopted Date: 4/3/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: I rescued Skyforge from Dragon Hunters, and since then he's been attatched, although he does spend most of his time either helping Snotlout, thanks to training him, or he's napping in the stables all day with his growing hoard of metal.


Hideous Zipplebacks

Name: Maroon and Emerald

Adopted Date: 4/9/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Maroon and Emerald are luckily not as big of trouble makers as Barf and Belch when they became my first Zippleback. These ladies care for the appearance. They're nice, but also a little snobby.


Name: Yin and Yang

Adopted Date: 6/2/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: These two are a mix of two opposites together. One head being a huge Troublemaker and snapping at the other along with other dragons, while the others is a a lot nicer and tries to get their troublesome head to get stop. 


Name: Hotto and Korudo (Hot and Cold in Jp)

Adopted Date: 8/28/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: One's sparks is a lot hotter than any other zippleback gas I've ever experienced, along with the other's gas strangely being very cold, earning their name along with their colors. One moment these heads can be getting along very well, the next they can be causing chaos.


Name: Barf and Belch

Adopted Date: 11/7/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: We know who they are ;)



Name: Durnehviir (Dragon in Skyrim)

Adopted Date: 4/25/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Durnehviir was found in a graveyard of vikings and dragons and only wanted to fight. Soon enough he left me no choice and I did with my current dragon. Luckily after winning he was a lot nicer, seeming to only want to have a battle to test worth. Durnehviir has become very helpful around the stables and is fun to have out. While he does help though, he is closed off mostly.


Name: Forsworn (A group in Skyrim)

Adopted Date: 5/25/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Forsworn was another breakout case, however, if I wasn't lucky to have broke him out, I don't know if I'd ever gain his trust. Forsworn is a very snappy and defensive type, and surely does not like Windhelm the most out of all the dragons. He is a good alley, but I tend to try to just leave him be so he doesn't do anything risky.


Name: Necro (Short for Necromancer)

Adopted Date: 8/27/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Necro is always found getting out just to chill around a pile of bones or trying to bring hoards back to her stables. She is very standoffish from the others and she luckily does get along with her fellow boneknappers. I'm not bringing her anywhere close to a place like Vanaheim though lol.



Name: Puffy

Adopted Date: 5/7/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Puffy really is a caring and nice boy, but he underestimate himself a ton. He's the type to snuggle, but thanks to how big and pointy he is, he can accidentally hurt a bit of other vikings and dragons. He feels bad doing so, and how he has driven some dragons to just avoid him all together, but he can luckily manage. He's always helpful for helping hide other vikings and dragons when they need to hide, and that makes him happy. He is very relaxed staying in the stables, resting and eating with all the other dragons of mine.



Smothering Smokebreaths

Name: Fantasmal (Ghostly in Spanish)

Adopted Date: 5/12/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Fantasmal like to disappear a lot, just like a ghost and can often steal from Skyforge's hoard of metal with his own along with his other smokebreath pal. He's chill but loves to hide and play some tricks.


Name: Egil (Means Awe of Terror)

Adopted Date: 9/4/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Egil is a very artsy type, often find her sometimes trying to sculpt with her hoard of metal, along with trying to draw in the air with smoke trails, always making a slight pout whenever is disappears. 



Name: Moss

Adopted Date: 6/17/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Moss luckily isn't that agressive of a Changewing and likes to just relax out in the wilderness. He can be pretty crouchy at times, but otherwise has been great to have around.


Name: Aisling (means Dream or Vision)

Adopted Date: 9/4/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Unlike Moss, Aisling is more of a troublemaking trickster that can snap at others a few, even me. She always disappears like a dream, just to sneak up on others and mess with them.



Name: Unversed (A creature/enemy in Kingdom Hearts series)

Adopted Date: 7/1/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Unversed always seems to go around with Sora the Stormcutter and Razorwhips Ventus and Roxas, specifically Ventus. Sora often drags him along sometimes just to try to get him to lighten up, or he purposefully seeks out Ven to mess with him and just get attention. He's a good listener, but also stubborn. He can joke around as well, but often not in the best way and can be a jerk. 


Name: Asphyxiate (After the animation meme/Definition-kill (someone) by depriving them of air.)

Adopted Date: 8/4/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Asphy loves to fly, but often he can go too high in the sky, which can be suffocating, leading me not to bring him out too much. He's fun to have out, but he can also be dangerous.


Name: Kaos 

Adopted Date: 9/9/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: All of my other dragons strangely are all terified, or just not trusting of Kaos at all. Kaos is a good listening sometimes, but always has a dark energy around him since he hatched. I try to give him love so no risks of lashing out or anything from the rest never really wanting to be around him, although sometimes it seems to be exactly what he wants is to be left alone. He has managed to get along with few dragons like Vikanish and Unversed, or any other troublemakers, but still lonely.



Name: Valkyrie

Adopted Date: 7/9/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Valkyrie is well behaved while also being a bit stubborn. She's great at keeping other dragons in check while me or others can't, and she loves competion, so I do race her a few. She's loves to play around as well.



Name: Ramen Snappy

Adopted Date: 8/1/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Strange name, but mostly because they're the type that does love to eat, soup and ramen especially rather than "dragon food" basically. I get some reports sometimes that they go out and stick their heads in just to steal some viking food. Otherwise, they're very lovable.



Name: Butterpie (After a Butterfree Pokemon I have)

Adopted Date: 8/1/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Butterpie has basically become Emi's best friend, the two are always together whenever I don't have either which out. She's a very helpful and playful type and loves running around and seeing any newcomers, even likes to try and help them out with any classes, even if she might fail at times. 

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*Tidal Class*


Name: Banshee

Adopted Date: 4/19/2018 Gender: Female

Personality/Story: I found Banshee's egg by the beach in the lookout, and since she hatched, she's always been very vocal, earning her name. She has grown to be more wise and quiet, but she can be very loud when she wants to be.


Name: Mono

Adopted Date: 7/11/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Banshee brought Mono home one day and after a bit of puppy eyes from her, I ended up letting Mono stay here. He's a lot more quiet compared to his bigger adoptive sister, but very helpful to have around and nice.


Name: Gama

Adopted Date: 8/22/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Gama since being hatched has always had a big appetite, once he even became especially fond in a food brought from trader ships from far off called a watermelon, I suppose it makes since from them having such similiar coloring.


Sand Wraiths

Name: Galaxia (Basically Galaxy in Spanish)

Adopted Date: 4/23/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Everyone I'm sure has their own prized racing champ out there. Galaxia is mine. I was so happy when I hatched him, being my first sand wraith. I've always wanted one and Galaxia was the one. Since he was colored so much like the night sky obove, like space, he earned his name. He feels like he reflects my affection for the cosmos so much more than any other space themed dragons, especially from him being the first. I always love taking him out for flights and looking at his beautiful wings. He's very loyal and I feel I can always count on him. (If I ever do bad in races, I just blame myself, haha)


Name: Blue (Blue Lion from VLD Pack)

Adopted Date: 4/29/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Blue is the most motherly of her pack and loves to care for ones, especially the ones she sees potential in. She's pretty easy going, but doesn't open up to everyone luckily. She's great to have out in races as well, feeling like I learn more with her like with Galaxia. 


Name: Maui (named after a black sand beach)

Adopted Date: 6/1/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Maui has always looked up to Galaxia and loves to race just like him, and always tries his best to be like Galaxia, even succeeding. He's very sweet and childish. He even loves his little nickname Baby boy Maui.


Name: Marceline (Character from Adventure Time)

Adopted Date: 9/14/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Marcy was found after finding remains of a large battle. She seeming to be the only one left alive. She was a very sweet child, and can be very worrisome. She luckily has grown out of that more, and loves to play nowadays, even pulling pranks a few, which are just luckily not as bad as others most of the time. She is a big lover of music that she ends up hanging with Emi and Butterpie a lot, becoming basically immune to the hypnotizing song as she sings along in her own way. 


Name: Breeze

Adopted Date: 9/20/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Breeze is very bubbly and can get pretty excited a lot, just like a little kid. Loving the thrill of things, making her a good racer. She loves playing with her fellow dragons, and despite their opposite personalities, she is often more around Shai and she can help comfort him the most if he ever gets nervous. She loves playing with Maui the most though, since he can be just as hyper as her at times.



Name: Shai (Shy in Japanese)

Adopted Date: 9/30/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Shai is one of the shy and scared easily types, preferring to be with the other sandies than any others. He only goes into racing despite his shyness because he still always loves the thrill of going fast while flying. Just don't catch him wanting to race with anybody that traps him.



Name: Riptide

Adopted Date: 6/1/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Riptide is very loyal, but also can be pretty stubborn and snap at others he doesn't like around, especially invading ships. He was my first scauldron however and raising him luckily helped us have a great bond.



Name: Magicka

Adopted Date: 8/5/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Magicka has always been one fascinating in the strange. She can switch between being extroverted and introverted a lot, and while she loves her fellow scauldrons she likes to watch the Mystery dragons and how strange they can be.


Name: Izumi (Means Fountain)

Adopted Date: 8/29/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Izumi is the more quiet type of out the three scauldrons. Even as some vikings and dragons are attracted by how pretty he is, he rather not deal with them. He's luckily still a great companion around me and will help with battles if needed.



Name: Spino (Named after Spinosaurus)

Adopted Date: 7/8/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Spino has been a difficult type and can attack some vikings and dragons she sees as a threat. Luckily I can keep her preoccupied with quests and even racing when I want her out. 




Name: Xin (Named after a close friend)

Adopted Date: 7/14/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Named after a friend who played a little, and his starter being a shockjaw, I felt it was just right to name him the same after my friend. Xin in general, despite being a tidal dragon, has always been more of a fire guy. He likes all the other dragons, but knows who to trust and who not to trust. He can be pretty skeptical as well, but otherwise, is very helpful and a dragon dragon to have, just like my friend is a great friend to have.


Name: Sprite

Adopted Date: 7/17/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Sprite is one of the more lax easy going dragons. He helps around the stables and any quests that he's helpful with. Otherwise, he likes to just chill in his stable.


Tide Gliders

Name: Pisces (My Star Sign)

Adopted Date: 7/25/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Pisces is a very mystical type. She can be very friendly and likable, but yet also moody and introspective as well. She is very sensitive to her environments, being very influenced by them, and sensitive emotionally. It's kinda like she's not entirely home at this world, but luckily we connect greatly together.


Name: CherriPop

Adopted Date: 8/26/2018  Gender: Female

Personality/Story: Cherripop is one of those other sweetie type of dragons out of the group. She loves attention she gets and if you ever need to stay awake, she always is happy to do it by spraying water in your face. 


Name: Ezi (means Help)

Adopted Date: 9/5/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Ezi often prefers to stay around in his stables to focus on helping others around, along with inquests. Putting to his healer abilites to the test a lot. 



Name: Vapor

Adopted Date: 8/12/2018  Gender: Male

Personality/Story: Vapor and I never really connected that much personally, but he often goes prefers to go out on quests to help out anyway, along with just stay in his stables. I do wish we could connect more one day though.


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That is all the dragon classes of all the dragons I have currently! I still wish for no one to directly reply to any of them in case I need to ever fix, change anything or change a dragon pic to their new colors, titan form, or even add a new one to the group. 


If you want to say anything about them, feel free to reply and give your opinion c:

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*tells Shadow to hide subject* What? Subject is stolen?

Wow! You have a lot of beautifull dragons! I didnt wanted to reply before you write about all classes. Oh, and i really like the backstory of Kage, your Woolly! 



            Welcome to my  





ForeverWing and me by Katarile!


By the most amazing TosiLohi! Thank you SO much!!! :D


                                                     About me:


                                                      Name: DinaTheLastFury


Playing since: 2013. 


YouTube: MoonlightWhiteClawHTTYD


Stars: 1 big platinum star


Points in game: 400k (max)


Trophies: 10k+


Clan: Proud Elder of the Heart and Soul of Dragons


Birthday: April 17th (Aries)


Gender: girl


Favourite animals: horses, wolves, foxes and... DRAGONS!


Favourite dragon spices: Night Fury, Light Fury, Woolly Howl,

Sand Wraith, Skrill and Stormcutter


                                                                               My hobbies:


in game: glitch hunting, exploring, hanging with my friends, flying like nerd with Toothless or Shadow XD,and racing. You can always find me at TG scuttleclaw or Hobblegrunt Island, but if im not there i will be racing!


In real life: i like reading, writing stories, swimming but especially riding roler skates and drawing !!! I LOVE animals but i don’t have any pets :,( 


My personality: loyal, caring, brave, strong, daring, clever, friendly, and little crazy. Somethimes I like to go away from crowds, flying with Shadow and listening to music.

Always looking for new friends :)




                                         Silver Storm by the extremely talented LissaFish!


    Silver Storm’s backstory: I was in the mountains, and there was a snow storm. It was really cold, so I looked for a cave to hide. When I found one, there was a strange creature. It had a black and grey body with a turquoise stripes on wings, and belly. When I came closer, I realized it was a baby griffin! Baby Chinchilla Songbird Griffin! It was freezing, and there were no other older griffins around, so I gave him some food and blanked I was carrying in my backpack. When storm ended and I was about to go home, he was following me. I decided to look around if there were other griffins but I didn’t found. I even looked in some caves. There weren’t any clues griffins ever lived in these mountains! 

Since this little guy was old enough to fly, I guess he probably flied away, and got lost. I decided to take him with me, and raise him! He was really happy to have someone who will love him again! I named him Silver Storm! Storm, because I found him in the snow storm, and Silver, because he have a beautifull silver beak! Two years passed, and now he grew bigger and stronger! He is faster and way better than any car, but also a good friend. I’m happy to have him on my side. We like to fly away together, and forget about everything while flying in the moonlight! 

                                                                     BlackWing, by AndreaEatson! Tysm! :D




                                                             Mah boy again, by ImDerpySheylaYT




                                                 NightRazor, my Light Gripper Oc by ImDerpySheylaYT


Melody by Honey Cloud :D


Again Melody by Zikta


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That makes sense, but thanks you!

Kage is a special case, his actual character being one I had for years, so I basically took his actual characters story I developed through the years I had him and just put it in with things switched kyuubi to woolly howls lol

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No problem! :)

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Happy Dreadfall!

Wow!! What an amazing list of dragons! Thanks so so so much for sharing, it is really fun and nice to read! I'm thinking of also doing something like this but I only have 21 dragons currently... XD

Happy Dreadfall!



I go by the name Stormy! :D


An AMAZING picture of Stormy (my viking!) done by the even more amazing MerricupNightFury!!!! It is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stormy as a Draconian!!!! By the incredibly talented TosiLohi!!!!!!! Thanks so so so much!!!!


All My Dragons!!


Tracker Class

Stormshear - Female Deadly Nadder (Main Dragon!)

Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder

Rosethorn - Female Deadly Nadder

Moonwatcher - Male Deadly Nadder

Mudslide - Male Mudraker
Sharp Class

Starlight - Female Razorwhip

Lightshard - Male Razorwhip

Puddletwirler - Female Raincutter

Mysticshine - Female Stormcutter

Peppermint - Male Scuttleclaw (Hatched on 1st December so he has a Snoggletog-themed name! :D)


Stoker Class

Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Firedancer - Female Singetail

Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Boulder Class

Rocky - Male Gronckle

Frostwing - Male Groncicle

Groundshaker - Male Whispering Death

Stonegrinder - Male Whispering Death

Guardianspirit - Male Elder Sentinel

Tidal Class

Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith

Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum (Older sister to Tidalgem)

Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum (Younger brother to Thundergem)

Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron - TITAN!

Shockwave - Female Shockjaw

Strike Class

Nightstrike - Male Triple Stryke (Sunstrike's twin)

Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke (Nightstrike's twin)

Elektra - Female Skrill

Sparkangel - Female Skrill

Mystery Class

Zip & Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback

Sparkle & Dazzle - Female Hideous Zippleback

Nightglow - Female Flightmare

Firework - Male Flightmare

Siren - Female Deathsong



In-Game Info!

Name: xXStormxRiderXx (Stormy for short! :D)

Title: Senior Nadder Whisperer

Clan: Warzone

Occupation: Dragon trainer, Huntress (for food, not dragons! XD)

Trophy amount: 3300+

UDT Score: 400,000! (MAX)

Stars: 1 Gronckle Iron Star! (MAX)

Viking Level: 48

Dragons: 32

Friend Code: FNNUWE

Favourite pass-times: Flying, training, battling and of course playing with my dragons!



Art done by others! Thanks so much!

Stormy as a Draconian by TosiLohi! Thanks sooo much!!


Shimmering Snow by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Stormshear by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


An awesome picture of me and Stormshear done by the even more awesome Hillevij! Thank you!!


Springflower my Crimson Goregutter done by the amazing Embala!! Thanks!! 


Firewing!! Done by the awesome Lissa!! Thanks so much!!! :D


Zip & Zap and Nightstrike & Sunstrike by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks!!!


Wraithster by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormy in a beautiful Nadder-themed dress! Thanks so much TosiLohi! :D



Stormy by the awesome ParakeetAndine!! The one on the left is in normal clothing, on the right is in her flightsuit with Stormshear!! Thanks so much!!!!!



Oceanshadow done by the amazing Root! Thanks!



Stormy and my Light Fury, Aurora, as a hatchling! Thanks so much to Purpy!!!!


Stormy and Stormshear (again) done by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks so much!!


Lightshard and Starlight my Razorwhips! By Sango! Thanks!




Firework, Elektra, Bliss and Stormshear!! All by the amazing PURPY!!!! THANKS!!


Stormshear and me done by the awesome TosiLohi! Thank you so much!


nice day here NOBG by bottomlessBOX

Stormshear and me (again! XD) done by the awesome Tosi Lohi! I couldn't resist so I put the non-background one in too! Thanks so much!!



Here be Stormy! 


Stormshear by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormshear by Purpy!! Thankies! 


Stormshear done by Silverraven! Thanks! :D


Stormshear done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!

Me and Stormshear done by the awesome Katerina Pettrova! Thanks!!!!


Hawk by demonguitars1214

Hawk Sokolov my OC! Done by the awesome DyliehIdol1214!! Thanks so much! :D


Firework done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!!





Pheonix, Wraithster, Rosethorn, Oceanshadow, Stormy, Puddletwirler, and Stormshear! 

All by the awesome Purpy! Thanks so much!!


Wraithster and Puddletwirler!! Done by the always awesome Zikta!!! Thank you!! 


Stormshear, Stormy and Wraithster done by the awesome LilyStark!! Thanks! 


 Razorwhip Banner Scuttleclaw Banner

Smothering Smokebreath Banner

Changewing Banner

All banners by Dragonriders Fury! Thanks! :D 




My Adoptables!!!


Aurora and Blaze! By the awesome Celine!! Thank you so so so much!! :D


Aurora and Blaze!! Done by the awesome Lissa!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


Blaze | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLordAurora | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Blaze and Aurora both done by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!


Aurora | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Aurora (again XD) by the awesome Andrea!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Blaze my Night Fury, and Aurora my Light Fury! Thanks so much Embala for drawing them!!!


Cuddles | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLordDeigh | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Misletoe | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord  +  


Cuddles and Deigh my Deathgrippers; Dreambolt my Deadly Claw; Skythorn and Stormshear my Curly Nadders; Mistletoe my Christmas Wreath, Crispin my Summer Wreath and their baby, Rustle; and Gruntshine my Tingecutter!! All by the awesome Andrea! Thanks so so so much!!! 


Brightstorm my Shinglescale and Duskflyer my Shinglespike!! By Rider Jyharri! Thanks!!!

Blossom my beautiful Nightsealer! By the awesome Chameishida! Thanks! :D


Behold the amazing... Frillfire! By Lissa! Thanks so much! :D


Aurora by the great Zesty!!! Thanks!!


Battleshine my Fighting Claw by the awesome Belubel! Thanks! 


Galaxy my Giarogia! (Sub-species of Spyrogia!) By the awesome Shelya! Thanks!


Princess, my moody Mood Dragon! Done by the (as always) awesome Lissa!!  Thanks!!!!!


Waterdevil my Tidereaper by the awesome Goldenwolfmidna! Thanks!


Firedemon my baby Coalskin!! Done by the awesome Chameishida!! Thank you!!!

Autumn and Roux, my Harvest Hunters! By the awesome Embala!!! Thanks!!


Aphrodite and Ares my Plume Tails by Embala! Thanks!!!


My Crytter and Bookwyrm, by Flitt! Thanks!


Alaska my Pykacynd! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks!!!


Skyburner my Neckblaze! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks so much!

Paco my Rainforest Griffin!! Made by the amazing Lissa!



Favourite Quotes!


- I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Well, you know what I always say. When in doubt, take it out! - Dagur RTTE

- Oh I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!!! - Tuffnut HTTYD

- Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone! - Hiccup HTTYD

- The chicken is not amused. - Tuffnut RTTE

- Everything we know about you guys, is wrong. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Some of us were just born different. - Valka HTTYD 2

- Oh my... Me likey! - Ruffnut HTTYD 2

- Please, you... are my best friend, bud. My best friend. - Hiccup HTTYD 2

- Atta boy! That's it! - Hiccup HTTYD 2


Screenshots Of My Fantastic Dragons!!! (I will be adding more soon!)

Firework - Male Flightmare


Nightglow - Female Flightmare


Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron


Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith


Firedancer - Female Singetail


Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare


Frostwing - Male Groncicle


Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum


Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum


Elektra - Female Skrill


Nightstrike - Male Triple Styke


Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke


Zip and Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback


Sparkle and Dazzle (Spark and Dazz for short!) - Female Hideous Zippleback


Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder


Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Lightshard - Male Razorwhip


Starlight - Female Razorwhip


Mudslide - Male Mudraker


Shockwave - Female Shockjaw


Did you make it to the end??? Stormshear and I say... "Congratulations!!!"


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I'm glad you loved it and had fun, I had fun doing it all.
Also, I don't see who you shouldn't do your own, even if it's just 21 c: you can always add more in the future.
Happy Dreadfall!

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Fabulous and very creative. Great job Fluff! We can tell you put a lot of your time and hard work into this. MAH BOI TOFFY!


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Thank you!! cx and yeah, setting them out all like that I will admit was slight exhausting, along with working my brain to coming up with all their personalties/stories. It was fun though, and looks like it's pretty clear which is your favorite XD

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I just noticed

OH how perfect. I just noticed what you titled this topic. "My Sanctum of Dragons" - How adorable is that? So cute!

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Toffy boi = best boi

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He loves ya too <3

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How sweet!

Awww <3

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*Side Viking*

While I don't have much, I feel like why not also show my Side Viking's dragons, since I only have one lol. I'm not going to do stories for these ones since I have not put much thought into them I will admit, but still people like them as well c:.


Name: Castle

Gender: Male  7/21/2018


Name: Yorak (From Voltron)

Gender: Male  7/21/2018


Name: Toothless

Gender: Male  9/26/2018


Name: Eternal

Gender: Male  Adopted Date: 9/26/2018


Name: Monotone

Gender: Male  Adopted Date: 9/27/2018


Name: Afua (Means Born on Friday)

Gender: Male  Adopted Date: 10/1/2018


Name: Moonstar

Gender: Male  Adopted Date: 10/17/2018


Name: Nocturnal

Gender: Male  Adopted Date: 10/18/2018


Name: Mystic

Gender: Male  Adopted Date: 10/18/2018