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How about if they just want to relase the credit place tonight and they are saying is just mantenice, and how about the credit pace is Valka`s santuary, and the alpha is there, How About.



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That would be REALY cool buuuut

The alpha died... So sure it could be the santuary, but the Bewilderbeast can't be running it... Maybe Toothless could be but I don't know.... Cool Idea though!


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Sorry but it is not Valka's

Sorry but it is not Valka's sanctuary, it is just a fun place for players to hang out in, that the developers have been working on in their spare time. :)


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I doubt the Credits Island would be turned into Valka's Sanctuary.


Mainly because I'm pretty sure Valka would have to come into the game before the Sanctuary, and the BewilderBeast would have to be in the game as well for the Sanctuary, since the BewilderBeast pretty much owns the Sanctuary.





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