My MAX LEVEL viking just went down to level 11... what

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I've been on this game for 5 years at this point, so my viking was at the highest level possible (can't remeber if that was 35 or 50 but I know I wasn't leveling up anymore).  I was playing Level 2 of the Dreadfall Dragon Tactics on my MSI Intel Core i7 with a Nvidia graphics card and I noticed my viking was dishing out a lot less damage than they usually did and I see their level is all the way down to 11!  What on earth happened!  


Please fix this. I do not appreciate losing all those levels I worked a long time for and frankly I am mad.  Fortunatly I still have all my UDT points or we'd have an even bigger problem.  And clearly it is not a computer problem because I have a MSI Workstation and it still happened. 



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You're not alone. :) My level 50 viking fell to level 7. This has been happening to a LOT of people after they played Dragon Tactics. Hopefully the admins will fix this soon. Here's a tip, if you want to hear it: do you have any level 50 dragons? If so, use them for the Tactics levels. Use them to take out all the bad guys and keep yourself protected. :)


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Same here. I actually lost

Same here. I actually lost levels twice. 50-9 then 12-9. I'm now level 14. As far as I know it's a DT glitch. The Devs are probably fixing right now, along with other glitches. One things for sure, we should be grateful that it wasn't our lvl 50 Titan wing dragons that got the glitch. 






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I lost so many levels :( plus

I lost so many levels :( plus there have been so many bugs that I've hardly been able to earn any candies! I really hope we will be compensated for this, it's unfair that we pay for this game and yet stuff like this happens :( 


Probably too old for this, but I'm having fun :)

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On the same page in here and I noticed it actually 2 days ago, i was lvl 50 then I suddenly saw that i was lvl 8.


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Same XD

I have the same issue, my level got reset back to nine. Really hope this can be fixed since it takes so long to earn Adventurer Level points when you're out of quests :/




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i went down myseld to level 9

i went down myseld to level 9 and im climnging up slowly :/




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