My Lost Account

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Not too long ago, I tried to log into my account called AshPlayz101, same as my forum name. It would continue to say my password was incorrect, and so I attempted to change the password, but when I did it came uo with "This is not an excisting account". I started to panick. I don't know what to do, and I fee like I have been gone for too long. I feel like  have spent to much money, tme, and dedcation on my account for it to just fade away with no explanation. The sad part is that I have no other way of contacting my friends, and I miss them more then words could explain. I do not ever plan on starting over on an account because all it will do is remind me of what I once had. I planned on making a series for school of dragons on my youtube channel very soon, as well. This could be my life and final chance to get back what I love and miss. In school of dragons, I felt free. I could fly and glide with my friends, race, and go on amazng adventures! I am not ready to give all of that up for absolutly nothing. My viking was like half of myself, but a more adventures and brave version. BlazMint (my viking) has tought me so much, and I need her. I need my friends, my dragons, and hopfully I can come to berk soon. I apoligze for any grammar mistakes in my message. I hope I get a responce.