My [LATE] Introduction!

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Hey there Dragon Riders! This is a late introduction of me and my character!


My character in the game is Viking Cas. I have every dragon except for the Stormcutter, Screaming Death, Hobblegrunt, Thunderdrum, and Hideous Zippleback. I currently have one UDT star and plan to get more! :D My character is the sister of Heather (grrrr...), but they don't like each other :P My first dragon was a Skrill named Adaliene, of whom I got when I was a member on Christmas. My most recent dragon that I hatched was Whiplash my Typhoomerang. Also, my character's birthday is Valentine's Day :)


My real name is (classified) and I am turning 15 on Valentine's Day. I have a YouTube account that is currently paused because I am getting a new laptop tomorrow! If you want to subscribe to me, my name is Cas The Viking :) Anyway...

My favorite show is The Walking Dead and my favorite movie is... uh... Oh! Now I remember! My favorite movie so far is American Sniper! :) For Christmas I got all things HTTYD, including the whole TV series with four codes; two of which still have yet to be confirmed ;-; But yeah!






Well hello there. I see you have stumbled across my signature. 
This is a result of wanting to know how I did the achievement, yes?
Well listen closely, my friend. I shall not tell you, but show you instead.
Just go to this website, your dreams lie ahead!