My Dragon Crashed.

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... or he drowned.


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I also own Ulrika Sheeptipper but I hardly use her anymore :/

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Subject schmubject why are they're here? ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)

That player with a Nadder calls 911


Operator: 911, What is your emergency?

Player: Uhh, i would like to report a downed nightmare 


Operator: What is your name?


Player: [PEEEEP] (censored due to privacy)


Operator: Where is the location?


Player:The Geyser in the wilderness


Operator: Is anyone hurt?


Player: She look fine from here 


Operator: OK, [PEEEP](censored due to privacy) We'll send Rescue Nadders and Dragon Inspection Team to your location.




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