My Deathgripper Flight Suit Disappeared

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Today when I was changing my Viking's equipment, I noticed that the Deathgripper Flightsuit that I purchased a few months ago was missing. Needless to say this is a very upsetting and frustrating discovery, given it cost me a considerable amount of gems to get it and it's now completely gone from my inventory. 


I'm not sure what made my Deathgripper Flightsuit disappear, though I did only notice it being gone after just having bought the Light Fury Onesie. I'm not sure if getting the onesie somehow erased my Deathgripper Flightsuit, but I felt it important to say that in case there is some sort of associated bug.


My username for the game is GarchompQueen and the name of the affected Viking slot is DriftBlomgren. I am playing the downloaded version of the game on a Windows 10 laptop. I've attached screenshots from when I played through the Icestorm Island expansion on the 25th of March that show my Viking with her main dragon - Cherryplum the Crimson Goregutter - in this Flight Suit to prove I had it (if necessary I can provide dated screenshots from my Discord chat with some friends as further proof), and will also attach a screenshot from today showing that it's no longer in my possession. 



I would like to get my Deathgripper Flightsuit back, or if that's somehow not possible I'd like to be refunded the 800 gems it cost me to get it in March (I am a member) so that I can get it again. It's incredibly disappointing that a flight suit I purchased myself has now disappeared, so I hope this can be sorted out soon.


Has anyone else had any issue with the Deathgripper Flightsuit (or any flight suit) disappearing from their inventory, either with or without purchasing one of the new onesies? As previously stated this might have triggered my flightsuit to disappear (again, I cannot confirm that but felt it important to mention). 


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I believe the Deathgripper Flightsuit could be under the DT equipment, as are the other dragon armor Flightsuits. If it's not there, I would contact the support team.


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Found it!

You were right - I found it! Wow, I feel pretty ridiculous for making that mistake.


Situation's fixed! So sorry for the mistake I made, I got a bit confused over where it was.