my day at school of dragons-reopen

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kesu patro
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in this topic im going to paste photos of todays adventure hope u like them


never put your dreams aside they can take you to many great places



credits to Diamond Racer

credits to NightFuryLover


credits to Nessie!!!!!




credits to the talented Primus

kesu patro
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first pic (3rd pic) (1st pic) (2nd pic)





go to these websites to see my  pics so far(sry there out of order)

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Awesome! I wish every other Viking would share their adventures as well! At least then we will be kept up to date by just looking In at the forums rater than having to take the trouble of going in game and finding out. Thx for sharing! :p


Pictures above combined by me. Each separate picture made by: Sapphire, Asvald, Nessie, Astrdon, Siren-Spirit or me XD



Made by Asvald <3 


Cake & Dreamcatcher say hi! (Cake is Jennifer Fire's Whoolly Howl btw, not mine. Dreamcatcher's my Nadder ^^)


    <= Made by Yume Sharacite

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Pictures don't tell me much

I guess your pictures show that maybe you did Eel Roast, where you started in the game and what you and your dragon look like, and that you went racing. However, instead of being a bit generic, it would be better to take pictures of the action itself. I want to see exactly what you did. To get what I mean, check out my Memories and Events. I made them very personal to my own experiences. Also, you can paste your pics right into the comment. (It's best if you resize them in whatever photo editing program you have.) Hope these tips help.


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