My acc Having some glitchs Again

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I did show case video again to show what's going on but gonna do small explanation here



1 glitch
Stable quests are duplicated and night fury one is missing.
2- glitch
server call time out on shop and game slow loading on shop and to enter
 sometimes on stable it works but it glitch most of time



Video that I did here it shows better what happening


I can prove my pc is a gamer pc on my country Jumpstart CAN NOT BLAME my pc for the loading inssues


is a Dell Gamer pc 


proof that my PC is gamer is basic gamer pc but still loads other games on max graphics with no problems


The Stable inssue is a unique glitch I reported one months ago they tried to fix but now it is worse than before I  sent another message by email but until now nothing  to try to solve it.


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i have same issues of the server time out,until today still not fixed. its about 2 months,it starts deathly galeslash release.i even report them,nothing happens,i think they never fixed it,and i use dell laptop *gaming*. our dell its not broken,the game is broken... thats all.