Musical Doodles for Your Characters - Music Requests

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Sure Why Not....



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Aight, so. I did say I was going to make a request of some kind. And here it is. I want to try out more stuff in the musical department of my life, so I figured I'd start making themes for people's characters.


They'd be short, 50 seconds or so. They could be full on Garageband orchestras, or just simply on the piano. Honestly, I have no idea how this is gonna go, but we're gonna try it.


High chance they'd turn out like these.

Killieh's Theme


Dylieh's Theme


Reginald's Theme
(character belongs to UltraGeek)


Or perhaps something like these musical doodles.


A Gentle Goodbye




A Blaze to Behold


Spooky Tree


Soulless Flowers


Quiet Snow Storm


To Dance in Flames


Idk we'll see where this goes...

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Rules and Form


Let's start with 10 spots.
One per person.
No edit requests.. These take a bit to set up and they're no where near as easy to edit as an art piece is.

No vague forms, or it'll be skipped. Please fill out the form with as much detail as you can, the better I can visualize your character, the better the theme song will turn out.

No I will not draw your character for these videos. Please provide a picture you want used in the video.

Put "Treble Maker" in your subject so I know you read this.

Pick your characters wisely.




Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video):

Song(s) that best describes them:

Additional Facts:

Colour that fits them best:

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify):


Mini Story about them:

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  1. Lissa - Micah
  2. Sohki - Chakoel
  3. Cham - Tahno
  4. Toothless - Gus
  5. Em - Isabel
  6. Frugal - Taikïnsir
  7. Lady Arthin - Cory


Second Set

  1.  Icee Glacier - Zeke
  2.  Lila - Baku
  3. Random - Lightning
  4. Bo - Kattida
  5. Liky - Tanami
  6. Lady - Removed.
  7. Amazing - ?


Just cause everyone in the first are done, just making their video, I'll do it this way.


Questions and Answers

Edit your post, and I'll edit mine in response so we can keep editing the posts if need be


Ahahaha, go at your own pace. It's apparently taking me a long time to get these videos out anyways, plus the making and editing for the other two people, so you honestly have time if you wish to seek out a character



Status colours


Almost Done

Making Video


Finish Form

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Safety Post

Please do not directly respond to anything above

Thank Yous

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Treble Maker :D

Mmm yus I have some (lol one in many times and tales) music-y characters and I don't music. I love this idea, thanks Dylieh!



Name: Micah
Age: 24
Gender: M


Observant, keeps things close to the vest, sarcastic, insatiably curious, hyper-active, has had a rough life and done things to make it worse, loves music, his city, and his dog 


Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video):

*Coughs as I brush dust off these* IDK how helpful these are. If they don't work for the video I'm happy with a simple background like in your example, A Gentle Goodbye.


Song that best describes them:

I have a lot I've collected but rn I think "Wall Rat" in Ratatouille is the best description of him


Additional Facts:

Expertly versed in music and music theory, can play about any instrument but excels in strings, Cello favored the most. Writes music too, emotional pieces. Currently working off his prison sentence. Not particularly handsome just an average-to-nerdy kinda guy



refurbishing broken down instruments for people or ones that he just picked up somewhere, wandering his city with his dog, or hanging out with his actively criminal brother Monty... they get into a lot of trouble together doing stupid stuff.


Colour the fits them best:

natural greens or browns (crazy curly auburn hair, hazel green eyes)


Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Chaotic Good



pfft ok so this is a like a favorite character which means backstory is always changing. Brief description he's been living on the streets since childhood, a runaway in and out of fostercare. Knows the underworld of his city pretty darned well. Unfortunately it knew him well too and framed him for a crime he didn't commit. One officer, Phillips, suspected he was framed and long story short convinced the police department to have him serve as a consultant for his ten year term; they now work together and he's proven to be a pretty valuable asset


Mini Story about them:

One time Monty cut off all communication after it was learned that someone stole the Russian Maffiadon's heirloom Bible. Micah worried that his idiot brother got himself "disappeared" by the mafia and struck out to find him... without the police department or his handler's consent.

So Micah wanders off into Russian Mafia territory, hitting all the local hubs to sniff out clues. Mafia catches onto him and d.rug him to hold him hostage. Get him to send a message via his phone and one of theirs to Monty. Micah, now on cloud9 has lost every ounce of his reserved personality and sends video like he's hanging with his homies. He's having a great time.

An angry officer Phillips gets a call shortly after from Monty, who admits to stealing the Bible but can't get it back because it's now in the hands of the Italian Mafiadon. The Russians have given him twelve hours to fork it up so officer and burglar work together to get the Bible where it belongs so they can have Micah back in one piece, and they manage.

Trade-off time comes. Turns out in the hours the Russian Mafia were waiting around for Monty to get the Bible back, they'd become attached to the out-of-his-mind musical artiste... who had impromptu performed mozart's Turkish March on the wineglasses in the pub. They gave him a fiddle, then a clarinet, and he played whatever they asked him to play and they loved it. Alls well that ends well and the Russians happily invite Micah to come back any time he wants.


Edit(s): Sweet! I'm excited to see what you come up with

*sees update* *excited noises*


*Even MORE excited noises* 8D 8D 8D

Seriously though, I'm stoked. This is something I've always wanted to do for my characters, Micah especially, but I just don't have the skills.




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Me Be the Treble Maker of Chakoel X3

What, WHAT, WHAAAAAAAT????? You're gonna make, like, mini SOUNDTRACKS for people?!?! That is so darn cool. x'3


     So... I thought about requesting something for my viking........... but she's so boring... so here is my beloved Chakoel! x3 



Name: Chakoel

Age: Hmmm... young adult-ish... maybe ~19...

Gender: Male

Personality: Adventurous, daring, bold, loyal, competitive, gets bored easily, confident, extroverted, playful, passionate, can be a bit cocky. He hates the stables and much prefers to be outdoors. He loves exploring and racing; he especially likes to explore caves, holes, and places with water.

     He has a lot of spirit... but he also has a secret soft side: he is very affectionate, loving and devoted to his viking... but he is embarrassed of this soft side of his, so he resolutely hides it from everyone except his viking, whom he is loyal to and protective of.

He is very proud. He enjoys being flattered by his viking, even during those times when he doesn't deserve any flattery.


Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video): Dark brown with a tan underbelly, dark blue fins/spines. He has yellow eyes with a light blue speck in each.


Here's a picture for the video! :D


Song(s) that best describes them: Hmm, well, I don't really listen to a lot of songs with lyrics, so I hope a few film soundtracks are okay. :)


"Canyon Chase" (*Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron* [2002]), right HERE.


"The Bridge" (*Kung Fu Panda* [2008]), right HERE.


"Escape From the Dragon" (*Shrek* [2001]), right HERE.



Additional Facts: If you're familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality types, I think he is an ESFP-A!



Exploring, swimming (he loves water), racing, hiking, playing with his favorite ball. He loves exploring new lands and discovering new things. Despite his seemingly obnoxious, playful and restless behavior, he is very attentive to his viking, always keeping her in the corner of his eye, sort of like a doberman dog.


Colour that fits them best: Hmmmmmmmmm.... perhaps orange, to symbolize his adventurous and bold spirit. :D


Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Adventurous... and also heroic... but not necessarily heroic in a selfless sort of way... more heroic in a "being heroic is cool and I want everyone to think I'm cool" sort of way. XD


Backstory: His backstory is really boring, tbh. As soon as Sohkirys got accepted into the fabled School of Dragons, she diligently and very ardently saved up gems in order to buy her dream dragon, which was a Sand Wraith at the time. When she was finally ready, she went to Trader Johann to buy an egg...  but, on a whim, she bought Chakoel's egg rather than a Sand Wraith's egg, because she had randomly remembered Hiccup's Windwalker from the books, who was faithful, loyal, true and brave, despite being scared and traumatized--it made her realize how much she liked Windwalkers. She was afraid she would regret her decision, since it had taken a while to save up those gems that had been intended for a Sand Wraith... but it was the best decision she ever made, and Chakoel is now her main dragon.


During his childhood, he bonded quickly with Sohkirys and enjoyed spending time with her. He was eager-to-please and he often helped her devotedly with her chores. More than anything, he liked swimming with her in giant oceans.


Mini Story about them:

They were watching me, those greenish mushrooms against the setting sun; I just knew it. Atop their wee hill, amidst dead leaves and ghastly shadows, those jade-gray mushrooms were eying me, wishing me dead with all of their fluffiness; I just knew it.
     I frowned but reacted no further. My head turned to face a less disturbing sight, an oak tree with an acorn resting in its shade, lest I gag and choke, as I knew I would should I stare at those mushrooms any longer.
     "Chako!" I called to the crisp air, and waited. Lo, there crept Chakoel, my boy of chocolate-brown scales, his mouth parted in eager excitement. He made his way to my side, then coyly brought his cheery muzzle to my torso, and I wrapped my arms around his long head, as was our greeting ritual.
     His huge, yellow gaze peered at me sweetly, then suddenly leaped to those horrible mushrooms--a loud and brazen growl, untouched by timidity or meekness, poured out of that toothy mouth.
     "Ignore them, Chako," I murmured. "Let's explore this place." A few minutes prior, I had accidently landed myself upon the other side of a stony mountain, a side I had previously not known existed. Never did I explore a new place without my boy... and thus, my boy I summoned. 
     Chakoel did not heed me. His growls continued, ever confident and rude, until he broke into the air with a violent slap of his wings and pounced upon those mushrooms. His claws and teeth destroyed them; he then stood atop that wee hill, a fierce blaze of dignity and victory dancing in his eye, the bodies of the mushrooms mere dust beneath his feet.
     I cooed in warmth and adoration. "Awwwww; what a magnificent boy you are, Chakoel! How could those mushrooms possess the gall to challenge your mighty skills?"
     The blaze upon the Windwalker's face heightened, and he hummed smugly, very pleased. Behind him, the fiery-golden sun spat joy and radiance into the space around us.
     Chakoel shrieked suddenly, a cry of surprise and affliction. My eyes widened and darted to him, where I witnessed knotty roots springing upon his feet, burrowing into his blood; even the scales of a dragon could hinder them not.
     The dark pupils of Chakoel opened in panic, and he roared with defiance, jerking his ensnared forelimbs to the sky... yet, nonetheless, those raggedy things would not let go.
     I rushed to him and lunged upon the roots as he continued to roar and struggle. A soft hiss evaporated from below, a steam-like whisper seeping from the roots' bodies: "...We will take you to decay..." They sang in dissonant voices, and sank deeper into Chakoel's flesh. "...We will take you to death..."
     The wormy fingers led Chakoel downwards; into their midsts, into the putrid earth, into their chambers he descended. I, who would not release him, was pulled under as well, and so we melted into their grasps as though falling through quicksand.
     I had a whole story in mind, lol, but it's getting a bit long and I don't want to bore you, so I guess I'll stop there. XD 



The gorgeous art you see above (center) was done by none other than Flitt IngermanThanks so much, Flitt!!


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These sweet Chibis (left, right) were fashioned by the super Blue Kitsune!!! THANK YYYYYYYYYYOU!


A pixelated Chakoel (center), depicted in a wondrously incredible fashion by DrakeTheDragon5567!!! Thank you SO VERY much!


A beautiful soundtrack by Dylieh to express my audacious Windwalker's concealed heart of mush and goo (image and video also by Dylieh)! YOU ARE EPIC; THANK YOU!!

Windwalker the Pixel (above right), by the astounding Chameishida!!




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The Ludicrous Self 

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*Excess information about the Sohki being: HERE.


The Gift Labyrinths

*"Customizable Windwalker Nestlings--Art Request! :)"

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Woahhh that's the advance request O__o  Really appreciated you willing to do it just like that! save spot please!


Name: Tahno Fishbone
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Mysterious silent-type, anti-social, stubborn. She's a little more carefree and happy when alone or with dragons but pretty grumpy around human but can get softer over time. A little depressed and feral. Can be extra and adventurous. Basically younger less experience more trigger-happy Valka.


Song(s) that best describes them: or

Additional Facts: Mute, Communicating through Stone tablet she use to wrote stuff on, some time she used said tablet to bash people's head in. Live with a pack of wild dragon in the cave. Has insperable bond with her Thunderdrum. Use a Fishbone shaped Spear/scythe

Hobbies: Cloud/scenic watching while contemplating life, flying, hiking
Colour that fits them best: Grey

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Adventurous and Heroic in the way that she'd do some epic overdramatic parkour stunt entrace but definitely Not a hero type character. She uphold to her moral but isn't a type to jump into fray for everyone and everything and more to live for herself or someone close to her heart only. Archetype speaking she's not a main character but more like a brooding mysterious side character appearing 3 episode a season, though definitely on a good guy side. Likely Chaotic good.


Backstory: There's two twin sister; Tuna and Tahno, they lost their parent in the dragon war. Tuna rightfully hates dragons, Tahno didn't. Once Hiccup befriend Toothless and the Berkain has accept dragon, Tuna hate it but Tahno see it as a chance to out the fact that she love dragon and been keeping one in secret, picking the wrong time however, Tuna felt betrayed. They had a big fight that result in Tahno running away on her Thunderdrum back but later she got seperated with her dragon. Since she was sheltered, weak and partially deafed by her thunderdrum she later died of exposure and Tuna felt incredibly guilty and locked herself in. Later, the thunderdrum come back to rampage through the village to the point Hiccup consider putting it down, but Tuna decided to confront it and told it that she's the one who killed her own sister. Instead of Attacking her, the thunderdrum seize the attack and just cry in grief. A few day passed and Tuna sneaked out of the village on the Thunderdrum's back and fly away with the interntion to end herself but the Thunderdrum ended up saving her. From that point she decided 1. she will not talk again and 2. Tuna had died she will live on as Tahno instead. Since then she been living in isolation with the dragons, her and the thunderdrum slowly but surely help each other healing.


Mini Story about them: (I'm not sure what to put so I go back to dig through the old rp that she was in)


"But before they could properly set off, Manta, the great thunderdrum suddenly swoop in and land on the deck. His raider, the masked Tahno jumped off and walk toward Hiccup, a small rock in her hand, Ignoring the greet from Eret and the other riders entirely. Hiccup sign in slight relief before scrathing his neck and walk up to great the approaching rogue

"Here Tahno, I wasn't really expect you to actually show up, how--"

always cut to the point. Tahno just continue walking until she's directly infront of the young chief and shoved a rock to Hiccup face, read

Sorry, Got some situation at the cave, all taken care off now.

Hiccup have known Tahno from the day he an toothless accidentally flying into her 'territory' one day, their're relationship has been complicated to say the less but little by little he managed to make her open up a bit more and even ask her for help in some of the mission, most of the time he really need to convince her. Thankfully, she's already done this enough that when he pulled up at her cave a few days back. All her saddleless wild dragons (saved for Drain the skrill, for safty reason)seem to have already warm up to him enough to let him in (or at least Tahno have command the to settle down before hand). He approched her and explaining all the details. the brief wait he took when she writing was still anxiety filled but after so many time. He found his lips tuck up slightly when that day her reply is just reducing to;

When and where?

"Yeah, wait is everything really alright?" He asked, concern if anything bad have happedned to her dragons but the muted viking just nodded and hop onto the thunderdrum, none of her dragons are around but from his experience there all can seem to just appear whenever she need them, Manta and her, however, is inseparatable like him and Toothless

"good to see we still have you on board" Eret said from the back of skullcrusher attempting to greet her for the second time. Tahno just stared, but coming from her, this could as well be the friendliest handshake she could give. At least she's already warmed up to the former dragon trapper now, perhaps even doing better than Audra for that aspect.

Manta took flight and trailing behind at the back of the group



I've been login in the game more usaul lately so, Hi! If you see a Clanless Viking named 'Tahno' with obscured face like Snow Fury head or Whispering death head or Skull masks and maybe riding a Black and White Thunderdrum. Come say Hi!

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Here I come, the treble maker >:3

WOOOAAAAH you just took art requests to the next level, if you can please save me a spot! I think I have the perfect character that I'd like to spoil today? 



Name: Angus "Gus" Wright
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Timid, reserved and basically very closed off from everyone. He's one to stay out of conflict due to... certain issues that pop up if that happens. He's not very confident of himself and would rather just melt into a puddle than be the hero. But sometimes things don't go as someone wants it.

Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video): Both Gus normally and his 'purgatory' entity form. I don't have an angel form for him yet, but the right one below is what I sorta envision, I found that one in the world wide web :P

 biblically accurate angel | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

Song(s) that best describes them: Rory by Foxing, Lonely by Justin Beiber (yes I know he cringe but it's a good song), Its Okay by Nightbirde, and Monster Like Me by Mørland

Additional Facts: Gus is actually a guardian angel in human guise, but per the whole 'world is full of sin' angels have a chance of tipping to the demon side, thus the whole 'purgatory' thing until they develop a true angelic or demented form. (Gus will become an angel, his first-coming was actually a ruse to get him to become a demon)

Hobbies: Calligraphy, and knitting/quilting
Colour that fits them best: purple and gray

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Humble I guess?  

Backstory: So Gus wasn't always a heavenly entity, he was actually a normal kiddo living his life. But one crisp fall day he was kidnapped by a mysterious duo, tossed in a van and blind folded. Scared for his life he prayed and cried out for someone to help him, then suddenly something inside him snapped, making him unstable and wild. The kidnappers attempted to stop it, pulling to the side and going to the back to see what was going on to find the boy in a rampage-lurching out and tackling one, then turning to fight the other. It took minutes for authorities to arrive (someone saw the events and called) and when they did the duo was beaten half to death, with Gus crimson stained and somewhat demented looking. 

And that was his out-coming as an entity. Since then he's locked himself in his room (since he's on lockdown anyways for unintentional manslaughter) he'll get episodes of 'Entity' and go wild, as he sees the creatures of other realms that taunt and threaten him.

Possibly a week after these events, he ran away to the nearby trainyard... hoping for something to take him far away, during that time he ran into a girl, Violet, who had her own experiences with the supernatural, who encouraged him to figure out more about this creature, tagging along herself, and they sorta go on this self-discovery journey. The rest is a vauge plot :P

Mini Story about them:

The jerking, bumping movement of the train had taken some getting used to. The dusty, wooden smell was a thing of the past now.

Tonight was a train through the city, they wouldn't be getting off tonight. Instead they sat on the splinter-prone floor and watched the towers of light flicker by.

"You know I wanted to touch the sky once." she began. Violet was her name. She had explained that she once met a wonderful hero that had an unfortunate passing... "Casper would let me ride behind her on her dragon, flying so high that the air thinned and I had to gasp for breath."

The boy stayed silent, listening. His own gaze was set on the moon, small, just a waning crescent at this point.

"She always promised that one day she'll teach me to fly alone. And you know, I think this is what she meant."

"Hmm?" he glanced over, confused on what she meant.

"Becoming my own hero, trying to finish what she started ya know? And meeting you made me realize that Gus."

"I don't think I-"

"You helped more than you know."

She then sighed, leaning back against the wall. Gus then manuvered slightly closer to her, comforted by her presence and warmth.


“When the skies cascade and the stars align, that is where we find eachother.

A loving talent has grown within the soul, one that must take flight elsewhere.

Dragons of this world. Do not forget what I have done, for who I might become is not the same as you once knew.

For I am no longer a dragon bound to earth, but bound to stars and the treading expanse."

-Erin's farewell

A Dragon's Trust | Book 1 - Chapter 40 - Wattpad

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Eyo, I've had one of these beforee-! They turn out great.

I'm curious as to what you might do to my protagonist, Isabel C.-V., seeing as her novel is music-centered, but there's a twist to it...



Name: Isabel Cooper Valdez
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality: Sarcastic, moody, quiet (I mean, this is pretty much an understatement), ambiverted, but very much relaxed when around people she knows and trusts.

Appearance (Preferably a picture for the video): Played with Artbreeder and PhotoScape X for this one:

(Art not mine.)

Song(s) that best describes them: Burning by Ludovico Einaudi given her backstory and journey onward.

Additional Facts: Aphonic Mute is the thing that stands out the most about her, but also that she's a keyboard wiz (i.e; she's really good at playing piano.)

Hobbies: Playing piano, doing musical rearrangements for her band, and walking around different scenarios for inspiration to compose her own pieces.
Colour that fits them best: Gray

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Heroic, although can come off as antagonistic at some points.

Backstory: She's had a tough life. Isabel is the daughter of Michael and Sara Cooper, an American and Mexican respectively. At 11 years old, she has a highway accident in which she almost d.ied, but ultimately resulted in her losing her voice. The culprit, although no one really knew, was actually her best friend whom abandoned her without saying goodbye. She was the center of multiple news media and "townsfolk talk", so she's had an avoidance to people in general since then. 

Mini Story about them: I- I really don't know what to put here, so I'll just make an exerpt of the book she's in (for context, she's talking to the oh-so-known friend but neither one of them know each other yet):


"Something deep inside me was curious at his insistence. Wanting to see how it would play out, I crossed my arms above my chest and stared at him blankly. He took this as a way to continue talking as he grinned even more. For a slight moment, I was curious if his smile would make his face hurt.

That would be a sight that I'd definitely want to see.

[] "So, you still don't want to talk?" 

I took out my phone and tapped rapidly onto the screen. Curious to know what I was doing, he raised both eyebrows and they went higher when he finally saw what I had written, "I'm mute, genius"."



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Woah, this sounds interesting. 



Name: Taikïnsir

Age: 17
Gender: M
Personality: Intelligent/clever, prideful, loyal, aloof, adventurous

Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video): These are drawings that Flitt, AMAZIEing and TosiLohi drew for me: HERE , HERE , HERE

Song(s) that best describes them: "Have a Cigar," "Empty Spaces/Young censored" and "Money"--all by Pink Floyd

Additional Facts: A master at sword fighting and chess playing

Hobbies: Fighting, treasure hunting, chess playing, scientific discovery/learning
Colour that fits them best: Dark green, black and gold

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Villainy (but has heroic qualities). Maybe an anti-hero?

Backstory: Awoke in the middle of the Australian desert, as a young child, with no memory of anything; but he eventually found a "city" and lived on the streets with other boys who would eventually become his gang-subordinates. P.S. This was during the medieval-ish ages, where technology had not yet been invented. I don't know that much about him, but basically he's the head of a feared gang/mafia that earns lots of money via blackmail, paid murder and stealing, etc. He is essentially evil but, surprisingly, dedicated and loyal to his subordinates.

Mini Story about them: On a dark, desert night, while traveleing to butcher one of the most feared criminals in the area, Taikïnsir and his men found themselves being stalked by some individual clothed in royal purple. They could not tell whether he or she was really there or not; as the figure kept disappearing every time they turned to lock eyes on them. 

"Steady your formation and keep moving," Taikïnsir harshly whispered to them all. The eyes of his men squinted firmly and the group regained confidence; but the chilling air kept rushing past, hindering all senses save sight, making it difficult to determine the location of their foe. A hand gripped Taikïnsir's, and he sprung around and sliced with black blade to the purple's neck, but no head fell and no cloth tore. The hand on his wrist tightened and sqeezed the pulse in his veins. Threatening with sword, he growled: "What intentions have you!?" The cloth figure stood stone still and did not answer. Frustrated, he yanked his arm but could not escape the tight fingers' grasp. 

The silence in the air lingered heavily and his men were nowhere to be found. Breathing deeply and calmly, he stared into the eyes of the unknown and hissed: "Make your move," and to that, the purple said nothing.


I do art trades--PM me if you are interested. 

My dragons, Sparcklee, Keshkaikir, Riiidelmar and Aailunerelm, were drawn fancily by mehhh

Keshkaikir was drawn wonderfully by Speedyleaf!

Keshkaikir and I were drawn exceptionally by dragon34611!

Keshkaikir was drawn stunningly by Fossilfigalpha!

Cain, a Skrill Fury, was drawn marvellously by Kasanelover!

Kaienzer--my original night fury character--was drawn fancily by mehhh

Kaienzer was drawn beautifully by DyliehIdol1214!

Kaienzer was drawn terrifically by Moonfyre!

Pink Floyd, my snaptrapper, and Stratocaster, the guitar, were drawn amazingly by Izzydrawsdragons!

Parasite was drawn perfectly by Soulofthefoxy!

Air Wrinkle was drawn fantastically by ReliefMoor!

Aailunerelm was drawn spectacularly by Toothlessarthybrid!

This Mid-Summer Secret Santa gift was done epically by Lady Fighter!

Father of Boards, and his chess-king mug, were drawn greatly by Sohki!

Sad, a Wedge-Tailed Eagle and Bengal Tiger Gryphon, was drawn wonderfully by Speedyleaf!

Heasen, the male Oceanic White-Tipped Shark Dragon, was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Darkness, King, Obsidian dragon was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Bubonic Plague was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Flamboyant was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Strider was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Metenrorice was drawn extraordinarily by Flitt!

Iaiynercine was drawn splendidly by AMAZIEing!




"You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find, ten years have got behind you. No one told you where to run; you missed the starting gun!" 

--Pink Floyd, "Time"

"Today's music ain't got the same soul. I like that old time of rock 'n' roll."


--Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, "Old Time Rock and Roll"


"You pretender! First take the piece of wood out of your own eye. Then you will be able to see clearly to take the bit of sawdust out of your friend's eye." 

--Matthew 7:5

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Name: Cory Arctura
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: she's slightly shy, but decently adventurous. she's kind of smart, but she's not the strongest physically, and sometimes she can be a bit clumsy

Appearance (Preferably a picture for the video): (i'm sorry this is the only picture i have of her, which is in roblox)

i have another picture for the video which i think will work better:

Song(s) that best describes them: "I'm Gonna Win" by Rob Cantor

Additional Facts: she can manipulate star shapes, and she's an oc for Stars Align (game on roblox that isnt released)

Hobbies: Adventuring, reading, writing
Colour that fits them best: monochrome colors, maybe a light yellow or orange, too

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): adventurous and heroic

Backstory: She always had an adventurous and brave spirit, and the only thing she didn't want to explore was socializing with others. When conflict comes up, she always took it upon herself to (usually futilely) attempt to solve it.

Mini Story about them: (not sure what you meant by this) I was enjoying my day, reading a book on the park bench near Haunted Hallow. Just as I flipped the page, I heard a sound coming from the top of the tall mansion. I glanced over, seeing a glass-looking figure. "What the-" I whispered, before hovering up on a star to see what was happening. Then, something clicked inside of me, and I shot a star-shaped bullet at the destructive stranger.

*dododo boss music*



(also, your music is BEAUTIFUL, 11/10)


edit: heres another picture for the video incase its better


...alas, that will never be the case now.



signature not done e


Profile picture done by toothless0603!




woohoo i'm a bfb/bfdi fan




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Out of curiosity, which would you want to hear first of your characters theme? The full version (all the different instruments put togehter to make it complete) or the piano version first. They'd be in the same video, but just wondering which you think is best to listen to first for your video

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For me, I think it's full

For me, I think it's full version first before the piano :)

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Mmm maybe the full first, that way I know the piano version's layout- you know? XD

im also so excitedddd 

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Surprise me :D Each has unique qualities that capture different emotions, it all depends on the piece. I.e Jurassic Park theme starts orchestral and ends in soft piano, sounds wonderful, while many pieces start with the gentler piano and build to a cinamatic finale. Both be good, so I leave it to your discretion

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Hmm... I'd probably want to hear the full version first, so that my first impression could be of the "finalized" version. It's sorta like... I would prefer to hear HTTYD's official Test Drive first... and then go afterwards to hear the epic piano adaptations of Test Drive, so that I could appreciate how truly and how beautifully they depict the original, if that makes any sense. XD
Although, I really wouldn't mind either way, so do what you think is best! :) Thank you so much; I'm very much on the edge of my seat with excitememt and curiosity. x333

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I'd rather hear the full version first and then the piano after. But feel free to choose whichever one you want, as it's your art!

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To Piano or Not To Piano - c'est la question

Piano? Cool.

Full version? Cool.

Hotel? Trivago.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Oooooo since this kind of applies to me by now uhhh I'd say full version first piano version after? Oh and about the waittime note at the first batch: Take as much time as you need! I'm stoked you're doing it at all so there is zero rush here <3


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Welcome to my signature.

Here's some stuff 'bout me.

I am a girl.

I'm a Christian.

I like the color Blue/teal.

My favorite dragon class is Boulder Class.

 my main dragon(s) are a Screaming Death named Odin, and a Skrill named Jayfeather.

I love Doctor Who, Avatar the Last Airbender, Chuck, Psych, Harry Potter, Pokemon, G.I. Joe, and other nerd-y things.

My favorite Httyd dragons whose names start with the letter s are Screaming Deaths, Shivertooths, Skrills, Scauldrons, Smothering Smokebreaths, Snafflefangs, Shovelhelms, Sword Stealers, Snifflehunches (+Sneezelhunches) and Seashockers! (that's alot!)

And I am usually friendly :D (I mean, I try, at least.)

In-game name is: IIicedragonII (No, not lice dragon. Those are capital i's not l's. And you simply pronounce it as "Ice dragon" x'D)

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And I'm a proud member of The Phantom Lords! (ROAAAAAAAAR!)

I'll probably post some bios about my dragons, but I'm too lazy to do it right now if ever.


My main viking OC, Eira Glacier, reading a book on top of her main dragon, Odin, by... oh hey, it's by me!

Lovely screenshot I got of my viking and Odin staring at the moon ^w^

Epic picture of Odin done by WutendBonfire!



Cobra, my grapple grounder, by.. me!


Picture of Roach the young Shellfire by me!

Awesome edit of Roach the young Shellfire by Midnight2558!

Rime, my ever-vigiliant companion discovered by Wolf and Star & depicted by DyliehIdol1214!


Picture of Spottedleaf by Tyrannosaur66!

Unglück, the disaster child Titanwing Light Fury by ZestyDragonWing!


Picture of Mage by FlamingHusky!


Amazing edit of Armakillo done by Siren-Spirit!


Great edit of Ignis my Monstrous Nightmare done by Frytha!


Corliss, the Big Bad Boophis by the ever-so-talented Varku!

Ankle-Biter, my Wocky Jabberjaw, by the skillful Chameishida!


The Acidic ScuttleSting! Idea by me and this amazing picture by NightmareRebuff!

Blight the nightfury/razorwhip hybrid adopted from Tyrannosaur66!


Picture of Graveyard discovering a new friend after waking up from a nap by Celestial Dragon!


Trenton, the mega-rad, uber tubular Whispering Death/Thunderpede hybrid, by.. me :'D

Trenton as an Animal Crossing villager, by the ever-astounding Zestydragonwing!


Glorious picture of Trenton by the talented TosiLohi!

Chaz, Trenton's 'little' brother.. (Beautifully generated by Chameishida!)


Terence, the Speed Stinger/Gronckle hybrid done by... myself.

Wilbur, the adorably goofy Abomibumble gift I got from my friend ApertureNightfury12345!





Proud Winner (by default.. lol) of the September/October Dragon Design Contest! (Hosted by ZestyDragonWing)


Fun fact: Guzzlord is my favorite pokemon <3 (drawn by me, you can tell because it's drawn so small :'D)

Lil' short:

Jayfeather: C'mon friend, this thing won't hurt anyone!

Odin: I do not have time to mess around with strange objects.

Jayfeather: Look, just hold still.

-Seawings makes sure to not be in the shot of the camera-


Jayfeather: Aha! Got it. Ahh fish paste, my wing was in it..

Odin: Hand that over this minute! I... want to see if you got my good side..

Jayfeather: HA!

Seawings: G-guys lets just bring this thing to Ice, o-okay?




-Jayfeather flew off chuckling-

-Odin roared after him-

-Seawings whimpers and decides to follow-

(Funny picture of Odin and Jayfeather by Wutend Bonfire!)












Ha! Got ya >:D

(awesome gif of Odin by Peymae!)

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XD glad you don't mind waiting...

Zeke's actually done, I just gotta make the video XD

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I saw that !! ( e x ci t e m e n t) I just meant I don't mind waiting on the video editting process either x'D

I just know the pain of deadlines (or rather just the 'am I taking too long' syndrome) so I do not wish such stress upon another human being as long as I can help it (Tw T)

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Maddy. For the last time. LET ME TALK YOU DEFORMED CABBAGE!!!

Sorry that I'm 3 days late, but you can decide.

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YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! This is super cool! :O dude you're amazing for doing these- gahhh this is really neat! Alright hang on lemme get my ducks in a row because I'd love one of these for one of my favorite ocs, I hope I'm not too late? O', (Apologies if I am- tried to check as well as I could to see if it seemed closed yet?)


Name: Zeke (but his full name is Zhaarkzekke Yzaarch Kaarzziek.. Just that no one has time to say all of that. :'D)

Age: 26 (but he claims he’s older than that.. which is true, but, not in the way he says.), 

Gender: Male

Personality: Abrasive, Snappish, Childish, Egotistical, Show-Offy, very obssessed with his image and coming off as 'honorable'. Very cowardly, and really is only ever brave in order to spite someone who doubted him. Prone to tantrums and flying into blind rages. Requires a patient hand... very loyal to those who took the time to make him their friend. He thinks he's a genius. He isn't. ..Actually a bit of an airhead when he isn't working on something/busy being offended... it does not take much to occupy his attention. Just a total dork tryin' to be a cool guy.

(The first one is a big ol' expression sheet I did for him to help you get a better feel for him, but the second one is probably the one I'd want for the video. Drag either into a new tab to view them better cuz, y'know, forum is g o o f y)


Song(s) that best describes them:

Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming has a lotta good sounds for him in it methinks..!

I'd say like.. until 1:10 of 'I AM NOT A M.ORON!' fits him well too- and the name. The name is perfect. The sinister, dramatic edge of the rest of the song is fine, but it's the opening that really makes me think of him.

'Cars' by Gary Numan also comes to mind.

Probably the most goofy, light-hearted one of the line-up. Ignoring the mario-themeness of it, I love the sounds in this one. Makes me think of a theme that would play while casually chatting with him rather than a boss-fight theme. Encapsulates his harmless-moments perfectly.

Additional Facts: He often calls humans 'mammals' like that's a derogatory thing. Technically, he's actively trying to take over the world and enslave all of humanity. However, his logic on the matter is to attempt to 'subdue' all of the Violent threat-level humans and THEN claim power over the general populace... not realizing that there will always be a new bad guy to replace the one you just caught. He doesn't like to admit it but.... he does have human friends that he cares about. This conflicts with his motivations later on down the line, obviously.

Hobbies: Tinkering/Engineering/Jury-Rigging in general, he's incredible at making technological contraptions out of random junk.. They just don't always work as expected. And, surprisingly, Cooking. He's actually a really good cook.

Colour that fits them best: ..It may be a bit on the nose, but, green seems to be his theme.

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Anti-Hero/Bumbling Villain. He's an anti-hero who could be dangerous if he tried, but that is a rare occasion that takes much prompting. He would fight you on a dime if challenged, though. Not afraid to bite people he doesn't like.

Backstory: Found buried deep in the earth in a state of suspended animation by more-or-less shady people, he doesn't remember how long they studied him before he escaped their lab. Spent 4 years mindlessly living in the wilderness, as the lab's improper way of waking him caused the intelligent part of his mind to remain dormant so.. he was left on instinct auto-pilot all that time. Getting hit by a semi-truck jogged his memory of who he was and what his mission is. He claims that he is a member of a race of subterranean insect-people called 'Insectoids', and (while he leaves this part out from the humans he talks to,) his sole duty is to claim the terrestrial-lands for the Insectoids. However... being just one bug-man on a world of hu-mans, things are going quite slowly. For the last 2 years, he's squatted in abandoned buildings and stolen whatever he could find from convenience stores and local dumps. He has been wary of interacting with any humans much, especially since his 'homes' have been seiged by human operatives of unknown nature many times before.

Recently, however, a human corporation known as Steele Security approached him in a 'less-capturing-more-hiring' kind of way. While wary of their intentions, the nice facility to live in and the Far Greater Budget for death-machines and just... nice things in general is his sole reason for being there. The whole.... 'It's a Private-Secruity Super-Hero team and there's 5 other members' aspect of it is rather a chore for him. But he supposes that in the meantime it is technically dealing with problems he would've had to deal with in the future anyway...

Mini Story about them:

In his element, he was. Welding some.... thing... to something else. Frankly he wasn't bothered in figuring out the logistics of the thing until he'd built it. Nothing could beat this sense of calm purpose... It was a serenity he hadn't known during the whirlwind of existence the last few years had been- Always running, in flight mode. Terrified of capture by The Enemy. Tickling the edge of disasterous discovery. But now.. he was in it. He could taste his plan slowly coming together, yes... Domination. Things would be smooth riding from here on-

"Geez, you really settled in down here.. I mean, I'd heard you'd comandeered a spare parking garage for yourself and Steele just allowed it but.... didn't think she'd let you have a place this big."


Zeke was rudely shaken from his daydreaming by the voice of his Least Favorite Team Member. ..In fact, the unexpectedness had made him jump and drop his welding tool. He narrowly avoided getting his foot 'welded' to the ladder he was perched on as the tool clattered a good 13 feet to the ground.

"Eyyy, didn't think you could be a butterfingers when you've got sticky bug hands!" The Despised Team Member snorted at this Clearly very dangerous interruption of important tinkering..!!

"WHY are you IN HERE G.G. if not only to break my possessions AND my concentration!!!" Zeke angrily barked at the man.

"Relax! I just wanted to see the place- what're you working on, anyway?"

"NONE of your BUSINESS!! I do not recall ever stating that I give you permission to enter this place, did I?!" Zeke huffed, pivoting on the ladder and leering toward G.G. like an angry vulture.

G.G. crossed his arms and responded "Aight... well... first of all, I've got just as much permission to be here as you do- Steele's the one that owns this whole building."

....A grin then crossed his face as he added "...And second of all.. shouldn't you have said 'none of your beeswax'?"

"I AM VERY CLEARLY NOT A BEE, NOR AM I BEE-ADJACENT!!! YOU KNOW THIS!!" Zeke irately snapped at this Insult to his people.


A small female voice echoed from somewhere in the large, cluttered-with-tech-junk room "He's just teasing you Zeke BECAUSE he knows bug puns make you mad."

G.G. quizzically glanced around before the speaker stepped into plain view- she was sipping from a juice-box. "Mara! What're you doing down here?"

Mara responded "Hangin' out. ..Duh."

G.G. then turned to Zeke and asked "Well how come SHE'S allowed down here?"

Zeke snapped "Because she respects me AND I don't hate her as much as I hate you!!!"

"She teases you JUST as much as I do." G.G. argued.

"THAT IS CATEGORICALLY FALSE!! YOU are the main perpetrator of all the disrespectful humor and... disrespect in general aimed at me!" The bugman hissed.

G.G. muttered something that he was certain was about him 'doing plenty to cause that for himself', however Mara butt-in before Zeke demanded this Wretched Man to repeat that for him.

"Technically I do tease him too...... buuut I also balance it out with not teasing him." Mara weighed-in.

G.G. shrugged "Oh, like I'm ALWAYS picking on him! He's just easy to rile up. Have you gotten him to take a joke yet, or what?"

Mara replied "He doesn't get that kind of humor, I don't think."

Zeke glanced between the two of them, disliking this...... knowledge-transfer of sorts. "What IS THIS!? Have you been a SPY this WHOLE TIME??"

Mara simply responded "Nah. I wouldn't have done it if somebody ASKED me to do it." and he was content with that answer.

"Alright. ...Now make him leave." Zeke huffed.

G.G. blurted "Wait.... you're just gonna leave it at that? ......Neurotic suspicious bug guy?? You're just okay with a Nah?"

Zeke, tiring of this conversation, barked "YES!! NOW LEAVE!!"

G.G. stood there staring at him with an exaggeratedly-quizzical look on his face, until Zeke finally decided to leap down from the ladder and threat-stance with his wings up at the man to finally shoo him away. G.G. left with an "Alright, alright- I'm going, I'm going."

Zeke finally retrieved the welding gun, grumbling as he skittered back up the ladder. Still, that spy-business had troubled him and now he doubted the most tolerable human on this team..

"..Why are you here, Mara Withers?" he questioned.

Mara responded "Cuz I have nothing better to do. And I like to watch you."

Zeke hissed "Spyish behavior."

"Noooooo, if it were SPYISH then I'd go and tell people about what I'm watching, right? And I don't do that cuz nobody would care to hear about it anyway." the girl huffed.

Zeke still suspected her of Evil and did a bad job of hiding it.

...So Mara continued "I like to watch you cuz you're an Insectoid Warrior and I think it's cool..!"

This caused Zeke to pause and glance back over at her. "Truthfully?"

Mara gave an exaggerated nod, of which he was accustomed to her... very un-serious mannerisims. "Yeah! I've never met one before! I think it's fascinating."

"Is this the kind of 'fascination' like that picture of a Water Fowl you showed me on your Rectangular Hand Computer the other day, and how you obssessively described the entire traits of its species to me for an hour." Zeke dryly huffed.

"Sorta... I'd be lying if that wasn't part of it. But also because I find you as a person fascinating."

Perhaps anyone else he would've doubted the word of, but he trusted his assumption that this simple little creature couldn't have any alterior motives.

"..........Anyway. Got a sec for me to tell you about this cool type of weevil I looked up the other day?"


And so he listened, for no reason, to her lecture on about Bamboo Weevils for the ensuing hour. He did not know why. But he did. Perhaps, while he didn't like to admit it, it was nice having someone to talk to for once. Even if that talking was about nothing important at all. Even if it was from a creature he did not fully respect yet. Even if he knew someday he would undoubtedly need to betray her, and the rest of the 'team' of humans, he was on. What damage could one hour do to the Grand Plan, after all?

((That got really long. I am very sorry. You don't need to read the whole thing :'D))

((I also don't know what's up with the formatting... Forum's a lot jankier about that than I remember. I hope it's still readable.))

Please let me know if I've done anything wrong! Rest assured, I will not take it personally!

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can I save a spot I'll try getting a form up tomorrow




Here's my child (yes I love dark stuff and can't help but make my child like this I'm sorry ok?)


Name: Baku Shigaraki/Haruto Shimura
Age: 19-20
Gender: male

Baku is a quiet person who tries to stay on his own as much as possible having trouble trusting anyone around him with what's bothering him. Baku is normally quite mysterious staying hidden using his shifting ghost quirk as much as possible to stay away from everyone. Baku also tends to be calculative not striking when he feels it's unnecessary but as well as trying to be cautious from stepping into any boundaries he knows it isn't really worth to take like attacking any of the UA students. Baku might not show it but actually he is quite interested in Kazuya (no not in a lovie way but by her history) sometimes wanting to help her control her quirk properly realizing how much in common they have with their past of getting bullied and by the shifting quirks tendencies to control them but doesn't attempt to help her due to his allegiance with the league of villains. Baku is also quite intimidating to look at considering he only ever frowns seeming quite mad or upset but Kazuya and a few others could sense he's in real pain deep down which he would never admit. Baku can sometimes feel a little bit too easily threatened and when that happens he may attack or kill without showing any mercy towards his victims needing to be calmed down quickly.

Though as be lately he started becoming vio.lent and aggressive hardly obeying Shigaraki's orders anymore and scares his gang a lot. Baku has also lost interest in Kazuya instead now he attacks Reptilia's men and Nori trying to get his vengeance. Baku is also very cold now ignoring everyone who tries to speak to him.

Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video):

(Here's quite a few)


BlastFrost and Baku plan their next move

The ghost king

Baku'a fear returns by NightFury125

Song(s) that best describes them:

(again quite a few)

Thank you for Hating me by Citizen Soldier

Monster by Beth Crowley

Demons by Imagine Dragons

Ready as I'll ever be a music from Disney's show Tangled: the series

Heroes by Zayde Wolf

Additional Facts:

Baku actually has two quirks (previously three but he lost the third one after his shifting quirk's evolution) but he suffers from them severely as they are quite powerful and many deem Baku as a monster due to them. The shifting ghost is his unnatural quirk due to the possessor within him but due to that makes him wanted by Kuragari (my main Villain).


He doesn't really have a hobby except for fighting anyone he despises
Colour that fits them best: white or close to whitesh-blue

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Villain and dark. It fits the theme of Baku becoming scary when originally he was a good guy but now with his insanity he became cold, scary and cares little to no one anymore.


Baku as Haruto Shimura originally was a shy boy who was picked on often about having two quirks (which appeared very early when he was 3) that suited his fascination with ghosts. Haruto has developed quite a comfort side towards his older brother Tenko Shimura telling him, his worries and hate for his quirks that they caused major effects on his body like changing his black hair to light blue and blue eyes to a bright yellow making him a freak. Though Tenko assured him to stay strong because if he gets a quirk too then the two of them can be a hero together making Haruto smile again.

After Tenko destroyed the house from his quirk’s manifestation (which Haruto was not aware of due to being in the house and sick at the time), Haruto somehow survived using the shifting ghost’s intangibility to resurface and see that the house was completely destroyed. Wondering the city alone one day, Haruto bumped into All for one who offers to take him in... Oddly he was getting a bad feeling about him but considering he hates to live on the streets and that a death killer named Nori who would kill a hero, villain, or a shifting wielder was on the loose, he had no choice but to accept the offer. Once inside the place All for One lived in, he met with Tenko again but who was now renamed Tomura Shigaraki getting internally angry and disgusted with what All for One taught his older brother choosing to disobey and hate his rescuer.

A few years passed and a 13 year old Haruto become a young hero in training as Haunting Ghost but Tomura found out getting upset about this. One day Tomura confronted Haruto and told him to drop the hero business before he ends up doing something stupid which Haruto immediately rejected saying he’s doing this to protect everyone. Tomura eventually told him if he continues this he’ll hate him and won’t consider him his brother anymore angering Haruto to being very distant to everyone and still continued the hero business.

At age 15, Haruto went on a mission alone which he thought was a distress signal but really was a trap set by a dark villain named Kuragari and his scientist Reptillia. Kuragari fought Haunting Ghost ‘til he was brutally beaten near half death and told his scientist to immediately experiment on him. After a few days, Haruto’s body was under serious genetic modifications which gave him a third quirk called Monster anatomy that turned his eyes red as a side effect and made his will stronger but it also made him forget his past not knowing who he is. One day, he awoken and attacks the lab before escaping. Once returning to the place he last remembers, Tomura saw him asking where he was and why his eyes were red but he immediately told him, he wasn’t sure and now wants to be called Baku before leaving making Tomura feel that something is definitely wrong with Haruto keeping his concern quiet for the time being.

Around the Shie Hassaikai arc, Baku’s Shifting ghost quirk evolved changing his hair color to white but this triggers bits of his past to come back to him annoying Baku quite a lot and he also lost the monster anatomy too which doesn’t bother him much. Some time way later, Baku remembers everything where he now no longer listens to anyone even Shigaraki so he can focus and defeat his target Kuragari and Reptillia keeping himself hidden so no one knows who he is yet...

Mini Story about them:
This power... it oddly satisfies me.... I'm not sure why but I love it. My darkness has indeed evolved but do I care? No! I don't! why should I? It's not like anyone can stop me from getting my revenge to begin with. Not even my brother Tomura Shigaraki or should I call him Tenko Shimura can stop me.

I heard something and looked up seeing it was only Blastfrost luckily... "What?!" I asked him coldly while he looked at me with fear before shaking his head trying not to feel so nervous about my attitude towards him.

"Sorry leader Baku but I need to know why are we here exactly?" he asked me and I smiled.

"Because of this... Come my ghost army!" I raised my hand up summoning a hoard of dead peoples' souls using my shifting ghost quirk.
"A-army of ghosts" Blastfrost said looking nearly too frightened to even be the real Blastfrost though he does have his scent so it is him which means I'm suspecting nothing about a traitor among the shadow villains force because if there was they would start with Blastfrost who isn't an easy person to fool.

"Yes they will be the ones who will be fighting instead of the force for the reasons we all will be recognizable and if any of us are caught they will question where the others in the force are which I can't allow to be exposed to anyone so I'm using the ghost army for that reason"

"I see and that makes perfect sense"

"We won't allow anyone to find us.... no matter what happens... we will beat Kuragari then All for one then the heroes" I smiled looking outside the building's window, the one where me and the force are hiding in.


(sorry for everything being too long tell me if anything needs to be fixed)


"In order for me to be free from my trauma I must learn to move on from my past,

weather fighting Lucas Thomas or The Dragon symbiote they are there to hurt me not let me see the good person I truely am....

I must set myself a path, one where I can feel peace and a new sense of myself so moving on will help here and let me be a new person moving towards a bright future........"

- Elizabeth "Lizzie" Parker/LightCamouflage after realizing she must move forward on a new path

A collection of the cutest Pikachu GIFs to make your day better - Polygon

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Treble Maker!

How'd I miss? Tracking!


Edit 2: I'll yeet a kinda WIP form here, and edit it as I go, so I don't loose track of anything ;p


Name: Tanami [Shocker, right?]
Age: Broadwing
Gender: Male


Feisty, stubborn, grumpy a lot of the time, loves a good solo adventure, but also super hyper and playful, overly protecive, confident and encouraging, and an affectionate little snuggle bunny.


Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video): Here and here, credits to Yrsa and Tigerli1y.


Song(s) that best describes them: I don't listen to songs a whole bunch, so these songs may or may not be slightly bland...

Umbrella - Rihanna

Forgiven - Within Temptation

Not really a song, but. Test Drive from HTTYD


Additional Facts: At cold, icy islands, Tanami refuses to leave the firepits, unless he gets his favourite old blanket. Even then he complains. He has a small chuck of his left wing missing. He loves to hang out at The Edge, near the volcanoes.


Hobbies: Adventuring, playing with the rest of my hoard, racing, surprising others py popping out of the sand at beaches, swimming.

Colour that fits them best: Pink, yellow and black. If I have to choose just one, then yellow.


Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Adventurous. He does like to play a little prank on his human best friend every now and then though.



Slight cringe warning: As a tiny tooth, his parents kept him in a forest. When Liklyn (finally decided on something I like :D) ran into the forest to explore as a little kid, she found him, and came through to the forest every now and again. When Liky and her family were forced to flee, she and Tanami grew apart. For a long time, they forgot about eachother. Fast forward years. Liky sailed to Berk, and was offered a place in the School. I'm not sure how to explain this part well, but what happens next is, Liky goes on a small walk as she thinks about how whether or not she should take a place at the School. She hears a growling behind her. And guess who it is.  It seems Tanami remembers her and her scent, and immediately bonds, which scares Liky. I know, the amount of logic in this is so low. But I'm a reader, not a writer c':


Mini Story about them:

(Thank you to Random for writing most of this out for me)


The battle horn blared in the distance, waking Tanami up. He stretched his paws and wings and yawned. There had been battle simulations every day for all of his years, since Alvin and the Berserkers had a lot of ships to spare, but Tanami had never really been able to bring home the gold, yet. It was the day. He felt it in his veins; he was going to come out on top this time.

As he arched his back, ready to soar to the ship in the island’s lagoon and shoot the ship down, he felt something tugging at his paw. It was Flamedancer, a baby Fire Terror.

“Ugh. I’m going off to a battle. Let me go.” He growled in Dragonese.

“I wanth you tho play with me” Flamedancer, the newest addition to the family lisped in reply.

Tanami was about to shoulder off the baby Fire Terror, when he realized two of the commandments of the ‘Book of Dragon Etiquette’ were ‘Thou shall not harm baby dragons’ and ‘Thou should play with baby dragons because it builds character’.

He looked down at the creature. As much as he would've loved to play, he really, really wanted to get out there and shoot to his heart's content. Flamedancer looked up at him with his 'baby eyes.'

“Fiiiine. What are we playing?” he sighed.

Two hours later and Tanami felt like his body would collapse on the ground. It was surprising how tiring it was, playing with a tiny dragon. But it had been fun. Very very fun.

Flamedancer then looked up to Tanami's face once again. “More?” the little baby asked with lisp.


"The most misleading assumptions are the ones you don't even know you're making".

~ Douglas Adams

This adorable duo was made by Duskfury <3


Pixels by Chameishida, banner by EmeraldHuntress65


Australian || Bookworm || Egg


Clan banner by yonxxe


About Me:

This part will probably grow over time, and is always under construction.


In Game:

IGN: LittleLiky

Dragon count: 34

Titan count: 2

Player since: 13th April 2021

Clan: Ethereal Aura

First dragon: Tanami, Sand Wraith

Latest addition: Ginger, Sand Wraith

Favourite Dragons: Deadly Nadder, Deathsong, Sand Wraith, Triple Stryke, Furies, Seastormer, Dramillion, Dreadstrider, Fire Terror

Favourite Minigame: Dragon Tactics, closely follwed by Thunder Run

Became UDT: December 9th 2021


You'll usually find me battling or racing.

If you spot me in game, come say hi!



Things I Am a Fan Of: HTTYD of course, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars


Hogwarts House: Gryffindor surprisingly, Hufflepuff was close

Patronus: White Mare, breed of horse

I like to read and doodle in my free time.

Though I usually leave reading for late in the night, when I can get quiet.


Where You Can Find Me:


Discord: ALiky#0478

Flight Rising


You just scrolled to the bottom of my signature. Thank you. Farewell.

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A Treble Maker, Here To Cause Treble :D

Nuuuuu why didn't I click this earlier? Save a spot for me please ^^




Name: Lightning

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Cold and calculating, with almost everything in life planned out, and rarely trusts people. That one person who will carefully set lego pieces all over your room so you trip on one, impale your knee with another as you fall over and eventually face plant into a huge lego block of lego made of lego if you get on her nerves.

Around the few people she cares about- she’s a completely different person. Warm, compassionate, a (slightly cruel) sense of humour… basically a slightly cruel angel. She would do anything to get something she really wanted- murder, arson, eating oatmeal raisins and other things humans would be better off not doing.

Appearance (Preferably a picture for the video):


(A thank you to Aeora for taking the time to draw her for me :D)


Song(s) that best describes them: Yeah… this is going to be hard. I’m sad to say- the only one I can think of is ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars. She reminds me of the girl (whatever her name is) that the song is about.

Additional Facts:

*She’s good with throwing knives and real huge swords

* She’s probably an INTP- A

*She likes math

Hobbies: Throwing knives, fencing, political arguments, reading, almost anything as long as it’s usually done alone.

Colour that fits them best:

A really deep violet vv

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Villany-ish Hero. Y'know, that kinda hero you can rarely rely on?


Orphaned at the age of two, Lightning has been in and out of orphanages and foster care. Eventually, when twelve year old Lightning found herself landed with a new set of foster parents and overheard a conversation they had about planning to sell her organs (I think I went a bit overboard on this one… sorry XD) she decided she had enough. So she ran away with a small bag of food, clothes and money ‘borrowed’ from her foster parents (I mean come on, they deserve this) and lived on the streets, pickpocketing for a living.

After six or seven years she saved up enough money to buy a teeny house- and then got a job as an accountant which was pretty easy considering how many calculations she had to make as a pickpocketer.. Boring and safe, right? What could go wrong?

Everything. Somehow, Lightning made some friends at work and they were kidnapped by some sort of evil illegal arm-dealer called Edward Vil, (As in E.Vil) because they had side jobs as journalists and they wrote about Edward and his illegal arm-dealing. Lightning tried to save them with her throwing knives and sword- wherever she got them from, but two of them were shot before Lightning managed to get to them ,which made her really upset, so she burnt down the building after getting the other friends out.

(Ik there are way too many things that don’t make much sense here- but I’m too lazy to fix it.)

Mini Story about them:

“Lightning!” Arrow called, concern and irritation visible on his sharp features “You have to come down here right now!”

“What? And you do realise that you’re putting both of us in danger with those deafeningly loud lungs of yours? Do you want someone to know I’m here?” Lightning snapped back from her hiding place between the leafy branches of an oak tree, well out of sight.

“This just seems too dangerous. I mean, Vil would definitely bring his heat-signature detecting goggles and see you. And then we’d both die.” Arrow said matter of factly.

“I wish you had told me that earlier my friend, because even if I did want to back out- which I do, I won’t be able to. Because Vil is coming this way and there is absolutely no possible way for you to leave without being seen.” Lightning gestured to a figure a little way off as she pulled out her knives. Pinstriped suit, imperial mustache and a disturbing lack of hair; definitely Edward Vil. With a pair of goggles.

(An extract from a book about my OCs and their universe, so yeaaaaaah you won’t actually get to know what’s happening and not only because it’s incredibly violent in some cases.)




Here's a longer more detailed version of my signature. If you're interested, you can look through it which you will undoubtedly cringe through. Happy Cringefest.

Discord Tag: deadinside#7483

I haven't been on here for quite a while, hopefully I'll get the chance to do so when I'm less busy, so Discord is the best chance you have in the extremely unlikely case you wish to speak to me. 

Here's some art, if you would like to view it. Thanks to all the amazing artists who drew these for me, mainly because I'm as artistically talented as a dead slug. Also idk what it looks like anymore, and how gushy i got trying to thank the artists or something so be prepared to cringe your faces off.

I will respond to PMs. I like doing that. But I simply prefer Discord because it takes what- two seconds to send a message? And there's no CAPTCHA. CAPCHA is my mortal enemy. I wish its creator nothing but pain and misery and suffering.

And a small thanks to all the people I have befriended on here. You guys are nothing less than absolutely awesome and have always made my day a teeny bit better. Except you, Liky. You suck. Uwu.

Thanks VicZarSky for creating my favourite night lights. (I never quite liked Dart).



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First batch of Songs

Click on the pic to be taken to video



I really wanted to play this on the cello... But... my mom barging in asking me to play the game of thrones theme song did not help me in learning this fluently XD So, piano version it is XD

I tried going for that serene feel since he seems like a relaxed character... aside from... getting kidnapped and playing his way to freedom XD



So originally, I was doing a more galloping sound. But then I kept messing up somewhere so I slowed it down to practice, but then some things got changed and I ended up with this almost wispy theme instead of adventurous. Which, I think works well cause... Windwalker... Wispy.. so.. xD

Hope you like :)



I actually got a bunch of new instruments for Garageband, so tended to use more of those when I worked on this. I really tried going for that mysterious feel, so it's kind of a mix between heroic and mystery... Hopefully I pulled that off... >.>



I.. Don't know what I did for Gus... I wanted some church like orchestra sound... But... I think I only got that cause I had the piano in a setting that made it feel more angelic. Idk if it's still works or not... I hope you like it anyways XD I just don't remember or even know what I did for this XD



Had a bit too much fun with this... I still wanted a pretty melody, but also kept in mind the antagonist part of it. So, I hope I blended that in well... also tried keeping the piano apart of the finished product as much as I could.



I had a lot of fun with this one too, and was actually working on a theme for my own villainly character, so the mood was set from the start. XD I did pick up the pace a bit near the end for some reason... I don't know.. why.. But hope it added some more dramatic effect or something.. Idk. XD


Lady Arthin

This is the first one I did with brass, I always have a struggle with the brass stuff in my program, so I hope it turned out okay.



I apparently don't know what I did for a lot of these themes XD




Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to draw anyone's character... but I was getting so bored making the videos with just pictures... Sooooo.... mini speedpaints all around.. (Sorry Chakoel :S) I probably won't do that with the second batch tho.. Idk, we'll see.... I just don't wanna make you guys wait longer like I did with these


Hope you like how they all turned out :)


And Happy New Year's!!

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Taikïnsir's theme was awesome! I like how it had a "weird" side to it, seeming similar to classical music but a "dark" theme in there as well--it reminded me of a fancy assassain or something, going on an adventure or scheming up some plan in his fancy, hidden pub, lol. It fit him well and I am happy of how it turned out!


The speedpaint was a plus, so thanks for that! I liked how it was dramatic (which was something I did not expect), making me wonder, "what on earth must be going on?"


I was impressed with the quality of the art and music, and overall video! Thank you for taking the time to do this. 

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Me Be the Slave of Chakoel

So, first of all, I'm so sorry for the stupidly late reply... I realize that you finished this a bit ago, and I truly didn't mean to hold off replying for so long. I profoundly apologize for that. So, what happened was I needed to take a "short" hiatus from the forums because of some rl stuff... and then that "short" hiatus ended up being longer than I had meant it to be. I hope I didn't make you think that I didn't like your song or something--it was actually a really nice thing to find waiting for me. So, so sorry about that.


Thank you so much, Dylieh!! This is awesome!! And no worries about it not being necessarily "adventurous"... I actually really like the deep-ish, mystical-ish, haunting-ish (my brain's dead rn XDD) feel that it has--I think it represents my boy's secret mushy heart very well. :3 Thank, thank, thank, thaaaaank youuuuu so much, Dylieh! It has seriously been a small dream of mine (ever since I was, like, twelve) to have a main theme/soundtrack for one of my characters, and you literally just made it come true. I'm too much of an idiot with music to do it myself, so you're really epically awesome, hehehe. Lololol, this is probably one of the best art request threads ever. XDDD


     I especially love the parts where those soulful strings come in; they compliment the song really well and make it seem almost surreal, I think. I like how the strings weave together with the other sounds (I couldn't think of a better way to explain it, lol). Anyways, thanks again--thanks a trillion times--for taking the effort to gift me with this beautiful theme. I so, so, so appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are incredibly awesome and talented. ;D







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No worries, I didn't think that at all. :) 


I'm glad you like it, I had a lot of fun with his theme and think it fit him really well :) if you want another, just let me know :) 

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Lady fighter
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* BOOM BOOM * Treble Maker


Age:7 in dragon years
Gender: Male
Personality:Kind, chaotic, comforting, fiercely loyal, protective, and loving.

Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video):

Song(s) that best describes them: Head Up, Unstoppable, or Going Home by the Score (all songs mentioned here are by The Score).

Additional Facts: Favorite fishes is salmon, trout, and halibut. He lost his tail wing at a young age due to an attack.

Hobbies: Drawing, causing trouble, and flying at night.
Colour that fits them best: Oh boy- I'd say blue in this case.

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Adventurous with a mix of humble and heroic.

Backstory: Midnight lost his tail fin due to an attack. Will add more later.

Mini Story about them:
I don't think this is optional, so I'll plan one and put it in tomorrow.

Image link has been added, on mobile currently.



                                                               By Hiddenn/Em   


                                         More coming soon. Currently going under a revamp.



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I can't help but be amazed at this, both the little surprise speedpaints and the song. Because that was so pretty and it fit Gus perfectly

thank you soooooooo much <3

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Glad you like it! :) His.. now that I think about it kinda sounds like a christmas carol my mom always plays.. XD Maybe it's the bells xD Eitherway, I thought the bells fit Gus pretty well :)

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I. love. it!!! So gentle and as you said more relaxed feeling. Though I'll admit I'm still curious what it would sound like in cello (really seems like it would lend itself well to it!) I thought both piano and full versions were beautiful- was leaning toward liking Piano more... but then listened to it again and the full version has so much personality to it. Like the almost pizzicato (or it is pizzicato? sounds like it) strings, has a fun, curious playing around with music feel. Micah's a character that's all kinds of chaos on the outside but his core is really more like this piece. (even when hanging out with his mafia buddies xD)


Also- surprise sketch was awesome! I got to wondering if that's what you were up to with the videos, haha. Was not disapointed xD


I'm treasuring this piece Dylieh, no one has ever given me anything like it before and its just- it's just perfect. can't express it with words. Thank you

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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Glad you like it! Now that I think about it, the piano version's pretty tranquill, as if he's just about to fall asleep on a hill near a field on a warm spring day. xD I love this one


XD Yeeaah The sketches themselves didn't actually take that long, it was just me trying to figure out how to reverse the video... Yours took the longest cause I was basically relearning my video app XD Used to make movie edits.. Keywords: Used to. Ba, I still love how they all turned out. And I'm glad you love yours :)


I am still going to try to get the cello one out eventually... and if not of his theme, then of something he might play on the cello XD


And yes Pizzicato... That's actually what the leading melody is in. All three are in his, Pizzicato, Staccato, and Sustain :P XD

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Oof understand the re-learning deal; doesn't help that most programs update and change things constantly xP


*gasps* really? that would be awesome, whichever you did OoO :D


Had to look up stuccato cuz I couldn't remember what that meant. Ah, yes, all three combined! I think the stuccato is the part I was hearing that made me second guess if I was hearing pizzicato in there too, because my mind (which, I'll be honest is mush right now didn't get much sleep night before and it's almost 1AM rn) kept telling me it was a shortened note not plucked. 

Yeah there's no 'better' version, I like both equeally. I like that you put full first and the softer piano last, came out good ^^



Edit: listening to his theme repeatedly so I memorize it and have it in my head when writing him. Aghfghsdjgd it's so good can't thank you enough

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OOO this is a great New year

OOO this is a great New year gift! Thank you!

I love it. thank you for going through all the trouble for the new instrument. It definitely sound quite mysterious! You mention it sounds heroic to you but for me I also do hear a little bit of antagonistic and sassiness and a hint of sad reluctant feel. I also like how memorable it is? idk, I found myself able to hum it the next day unprompt after having listening to it twice. I can imagine this play in rpg game whenever she made an appearance. I used Sawano's music as the reference and I can hear this melody being played in his fanfare beat/drop heavy style.


I also loving the speed paints, thanks again! You're so kind doing this all for us!

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Glad you like it


I was trying to go for the heroic, but I kept getting further and further away from it the more I played with it XD Think I played on the mysterious part the most with this XD

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I'm not a music expert but I

I'm not a music expert but I can imagine if this melody is being played very quickly and playfully (maybe with string, wind or bagpie) it'd come out as heroic. But I already like it as it is!

DyliehIdol1214's picture
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Yeah, the app doesn't have many good instruments for it, so had to work with what I got

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Treble Maker (wip)

Name: Kattida Li
Age: uh undecided, but in her early twenties
Gender: female
Personality: Kattida is headstrong and shrewd to a fault. She has the poise of a lady of high rank and the lethal training of an assassin. 

Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video):

(prefer you use this one ^)

Song(s) that best describes them: Silence by Marshmello, 

Additional Facts: wip

Hobbies: practicing with her weapons, 
Colour that fits them best: Black, purple (like in the pic), gold

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Adventurous, nomadic, warrior, 

Backstory: Kattida was born into a high ranked family but was stolen as an infant by mercenaries hired by an unknown party. She was raised by an underground institue that taught her the skills she'd later need for certain challenges that would determine how she would live the rest of her life. When she turned 13, she was released for a period of 5 years to explore the world on her own. Between ages 13 to 15, she was welcomed into a high ranking family through deceptive means and covertly encouraged by her mentor to leech off the noble's resources while she could. Heeding their advice, Kattida learned aristocratic tiquette and manners that would save her in a later challenge. WIP

Mini Story about them: wip


Joined SoD on August 11, 2016

Joined Forums on September 17, 2016

First Forum Account was Navlyn Fury

Used to be The Bohemian Critic

Retired in-game sometime in 2019

Where I live nowadays

Flight Rising | FR Discord

Occassional visits to the RPs I'm in

Between ProcrastiNation and ImagiNation

AFK Arena (usename: Critique)


Things We Might Have In Common

Good Omens

David Tennant

Sherlock (BBC series, general, except RDJ versions I'm sorry)

Benedict Cumberbatch

Brandon Sanderson


Violet Evergarden (all franchise movies and shows)


Typifications (Dual trend)

Enneagram: Type 6w5s / Type 5w6s


Zodiac: Sagittarius

Hogwarts: Ravenclaw / Slytherin


Other Games I Play

AFK Arena - Critiquiem, Frazier

DragonVale - Hyperpsych#0090

Flight Rising - Critique (509422)

Among Us - Frazier (mini crewmate + gas mask + top hat)

Discord - Frazier#6248


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I'm slowly working through them all, don't worry this isn't dead. All the music itself is done, but the video's are taking a bit


In the meantime, here's one


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Treble maker XD

woah. I missed this XD Would you mind if a filled out a form if you end up having the time? It looks like your sorta not taking anymore, so I thought I would ask first, I love this idea so much. 

EDIT: Okay, I fixed a few things.



Name: pepai (Pep-A)
Age: 17-19
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a jokester, but understands that he needs to be serious at times. He is normally optimistic, and likes to explore.

Appearence (Preferably a picture for the video): I'll get you one soon, using a different devise.

Song(s) that best describes them:chip on my shoulder, Legally Blonde, I think this workd for him because he has to work hard to get his sister and himself into a safe place, I also think this works for when he is letting go of his responsiiblities, "Next stop anywhere" (from the tangled series)("Make 'em laugh" from singing in the rain is also close) sorry for the only musical songs, I really don't listen to anything else XD

Additional Facts: He was a dragon at first, but due to many different things, he later becomes a human, (Around the age 16-18) He has a sister, he is the older of the two, but they act the same age. His parents are, so he feels the need to keep his sister from getting to sad/cold-hearted.

Hobbies:he plays the gutair and flute, and likes to read and do puzzles. He also likes to explore. (as stated above XD)
Colour that fits them best: Tourquise, maybe golden/brown.

Heroic, Villainy, Humble, Adventurous, Other(Specify): Adventurous, if I was to give him an alignment it would be chotic good, he likes to do rash things, but he also wants to do things for the good of others.

Backstory: He was born 3 years before his sister, his parents died when he was 9, he's been watching his sister sense then, but somewhere along the way she became the one watching him. He's finally had the time to explore, until they got turned into humans. Now He has become the responsible one again.

Mini Story about them

Pepai looked at his sister "You want to do what?!" He asked, well it was more of a yell, but he would never agree with that. " I want to go into the village" Honey responded, ignoring Pepai's discomfort. " We need more supplies, I know you still aren't used to being human, I'm not either; but we have to accept that we might not change back" Pepai still glared at his sister "You don't know that! We might still have chance!"

Pepai looked around their "home", if it could even be called that. It was a small cave in the side of a mountian. There was moss and leaves on one side and a few dried berries and a small pond of water, they really did need more supplies, they probably would be completly out by the following evening. 

"Fine" Pepai sighed, admiting his defet. Honey nodded, knowing he would let her. He thought he had a pretty good grasp on her, but they both new what was really going on. "But if you are going to the town, then you have to go jumping in the waterfall next time we go" "WHAT!" Honey exclaimed "But-But... Heights!" She stamered out at Pepai, who was smirking "You said you would wnated to get supplies, I said I wanted to go to the waterfall and jump in, we have enough time in the day, let's go!" Pepai grapped his sisters arm and dashed off in the direction of the town, his sister shouting about how imature he was being.


So uh, sorry for how boring this is XD It's just the first thing I could think off, this is like 2 weeks after they became human.


If you need more, let me know and I can put some more.


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Yeah I'm still taking requests, I'm just making videos of most of the forms here so far. And they're pretty easy to do, I just keep forgetting xD So yeah, I can take requests :) Just be sure to be descriptive 

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Zeke’s Theme

Slowly coming out one at a time... 

Anyways, here's Zeke's theme hope you like it :)

Click on photo to be taken to video
As I was reading through his form, I just kept thinking Invader Zim, so I tried to go for that more invader zim feel for this one, and honestly I love it XD I did the silly-ish feel to it, as well as some somber tones near the end for the secret dread of hurting his human friends. This one is definetly one of my top favourites so far, so I hope you like it too :) 

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wHAAGGGAAAAAAA oh my little evil put into the musics <3


HAHAHAHA yea I am not surprised by the Invader Zim vibes x') I'm glad you had fun making this one! I really love the somber drop off- like he's been ranting and raving the whole time and then finally realizing the repercussions to his actions have caused a baaaad.... Heehee. I love it. Excellent . Such a cool thing to do! Thank you x)

(Loved the collage too, you did not have to go so above and beyond but you did <3 thank you!)

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I love Invader Zim (doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom) XD this character is definitely an interesting one and I enjoyed reading the little story you gave for him :) 

I'm glad you liked it! And yes, I tried just doing the single photo but I really like having to focus on something for videos in general even if it's just a theme song XD idk why, but yeah. Glad you like it overall, feel free to request another if you wish :) 

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((AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA sobbing I tried to reply to this last night but the whole forum deded ! Anyway-))

x'D yesssss I love Invader Zim  (though ironically Zeke manifested from entirely different inspirations.. I wouldn't doubt that there wasn't at least some Zim influences though I'm sure) I'm glad you liked his story! Was worried I got a little too carried away with it x')


Ohhh nooooooooooooo don't tempt me. . . .. I just might...... . . . . *devious ponderation*


(It would probably be a while just because A. typing it takes a long ! And B. whaggaaaa I'd feel guilty immediately asking for another one :skull:)

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Yeah I saw that, that was weird.... Was down for like 20-ish minutes maybe??? Like full on site closed... Was weird xD (Wasn't internally panicking at all... >.>)

Invader Zim was nearly the only show I was allowed to watch as a kid, mostly cause my mom watched it and loved it so we'd just watch it together XD Still love that show XD


XD I think Zeke's fairly unique in his own sense. Like, I can see Zim in him, but he also does it in his own style XD And I don't think you got carried away at all, I enjoy longer stories. Especially when it comes to making something in turn of it, really gave me a lot to work with


XD Take your time, my piano's not going anywhere, and I'm always in the mood to play music so :)

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"That man hass the consstitution of a VENDING MACHINE.."

The spooky! It was so frustrating because this is the only time I get on the forums most days -.-, the forums have done this before though so I don't think it's anything to worry about :3


Ha! Awwww. Ironically Invader Zim was one of the few shows I didn't get to watch.. I think because the only advertising of it we saw was one clip in one of those ad-break clipshow things that was mostly just screaming (and my mom has zero tolerance for screaming .) so I never watched it until like....... I dunno maybe 7 years ago when all the episodes were up on youtube for a short while...


Awww heehee yes good good. Glad to  hear it x')

Awww thankeessss <3 *still deviously pondering*