Music in HTTYD 2

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So, after 6 years,  I finally managed to stop crying at the end of HTTYD 2 XD.


I did realise this a while ago, but didn't post it until now (obviously, because you would have seen it if I posted it before).


So, you know the HTTYD theme 'together we travel the world', the theme for this is repeated in 'Stoick saves Hiccup' or 'Stoicks ship', forgotten which. And my question is why?? I want to know!!


Some of the thoughts I had was, perhaps it is the theme for growing up, because searching is the first stage of growing up and the consiquences of the actions? 

Or is it Stoicks theme (with Valka's and Stocks being 'the dancing and the dreaming), because Hiccup went out because of some things Stoick did? 

I'm confused.


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Im confused too. So tracking.


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Ahhhh you done it you have

Ahhhh you done it you have discovered leitmotif and enable ME to talk about it :DD


Although I must admit that I can't exactly pinpoint what the leitmotif is for either myself.  There're some stray ones in httyd 2 and 3 that despite being very promenent, I can't exactly identify the theme of it so usaully I'll just pin it as "Httyd2/3 main theme" there're theme that represent the respective movie as a whole and not a theme for a single character or place. A story theme if you will and I think your theme is exactly that. (albeit this one shows up less than "Dragon master theme in httyd2")It comes after Dragon racing which that one are like a call back to all the previous theme so it would make sense if the first new theme. It also comes up in the middle portion of "Flying with mother" so that cur out it being Stoick's theme (if anything Stoick already has a leitmotif of his own in httyd 1 and 2). I think the closest I could assign it to a single thing without it being just the main theme is that it's Hiccup's theme. Not Hiccup and Toothelss (Forbiden Friendship) but Hiccup personal story with his family. some consider it the changes theme or lost and found theme. Hiccup finding new place, Finding and reconnecting with Valka and losting Stoick.



SInce you enable me to talk about leitmotif I think I just gonna dump all the other one just for the heck f it haha.

Dragon master theme (Flying with mother, Toothless lost, toothless found, Two new alpha, as long as he is safe, stoick saves hiccup) Often mistake as Valka's theme. 

Dancing and dreaming (Hiccup confronts dragon, Stoick ship)

Drago's theme (Hiccup confronts drago, meet drago)

Httyd 3 main theme (exodus, once there were dragon)

Hidden world theme (Hidden world, once there were dragon, as long as he's safe)

Light fury theme (toothless smitten, fury in love, once there were dragon)

Toothless love light fury theme (Armada battle, Toothless smitten, third date)

Hiccup and Toothless theme (Forbiden friendship, toothless found, as long as he is safe, test drive, once there were dragon etc.)

Httyd main theme (First part of this is berk, coming back around, Once there were dragon, test drive stc.)

Berk theme (Second part of this is berk)

Berkian/viking theme (Somewhere in this is berk) usually depict their stubborness

Stoick theme (Third part of this is berk)

Villain/dragon theme (Some where in this is berk)

Dragon/battle/Dragon and viking theme (Somewhere in this is berk)

Valka's theme (Toothless lost, Armada battle)

Astrid's theme (Romanctic flight, coming back around, this is berk)

Silly theme/ The five young viking theme (See you tommorrow, This is berk, dragon racing etc.)

Dragon taming theme (That song in the hatchery, see you tommorrow)

Chief Hiccup theme (Hiccup the chief, two new alpha)





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My dramillion came to Valka's Sanctuary with me

I actually made this thread half to see what people thought and to see if there are any fellow music nerds out there (I am a music nerd myself, don't believe me? Test me!). 


It's interesting isn't it? 

I read somewhere that nearly all the themes from the first film was introduced somewhere in This is Berk, but I haven't seen anything about the second film. It was a dark patch for me, and I haven't watched the third film enough times to start listening to the soundtrack (I cry at the end)

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Huh, I never noticed that.

Huh, I never noticed that. Probably because when Ssssstoick died :[  my heart had been crushed, I had lost all sense of hearing, and my world was a shade of grey. 



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My dramillion sat down

Even just listening to the soundtrack made me cry. It's a beautiful scene with a beautiful score that makes you cry. 

There is no escape from the tears

It's so good. Powell did a good job.

DreamWorks did a brilliant job animating it.


And when I say brilliant, I mean brilliant.