Music to help you find your balance

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 Heres some tracks and artist who I recon go so well with the game. This music is made by companies who do trailers and tv /movie music.

Artist - Two steps from Hell
Tracks - Lost in las Vegas
            - Jump
             -Heart of Courage
           - Iron wing
           - Dragon Rider


Artist - Thomas Bergersen
Tracks - Thats a wrap
             - Dragon Land
              - in to Darkness
              - Cassandra (a waltz)
              - Homecoming

Artist - The Immediate
Tracks - Tales Of The Electric Romeo
           - Tears of Blood (hp trailer)
            - Battle for the soul of the universe

Please check out this conductors work on youtube  theres so many outstanding tracks

If you find something you like it can reflect in your game play it's well worth trying.  It helps you relax and enjoy it even more


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Thanks, I'll look it up.





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