Movies Soundtrack... Anybody ?

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Especially the soundtrack from httyd and httyd2,I like them very much and the soundtracks are inspired by John Powell. 


I like "Forbidden Friendship" "Where no one goes" "For the dancing and the dreaming" and "Romance Flight".


Besides the httyd and httyd2 soundtrack, anybody also listen to Hans Zimmer's soundtrack??? Time, Zooster Breakout and Oogward ascend are my favourite.


"Vuelie" and "The noble maiden fair" is from the disney movie, they are my favourite too.


What is your favourite soundtrack? Comment.


And have great day with your dragon ^w^


And forgive my bad english :P







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you're right! all these

you're right! all these soundtracks are really amazing!



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My absolute favortie

My absolute favortie soundtrack is the httyd 2 soundtrack :) I cant really pick a favorite song i love them all!







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*Oogway ascends

Zimmer has done some beautiful soundtracks for some epic movies- to which I have a fair few but ( for me at least) seems to have a couple of 5 star tracks per album/movie rather than epicness all round. The soundtrack he made for Spirit would be the exception to that as it  just moves me to tears and just goes the extra mile to tell the story. 

As far as HTTYD franchise goes- I adore "Forbidden Friendship", "Where no one Goes" and "Beyond the Clouds". To be honest I actually didn't like a lot of the first movie's soundtrack (worked great with the visuals but just to listen to, well it just didn't work for me).

My all time favourite soundtracks are The Land Before Time by James Horner, Disney's Dinosaur by James Newton Howard, and One Piece by Mayumi Tanaka, Akemi Okamura and Maki Otsuki. Yoko Kanno and Joe Hisaishi have done  several albumbs each the I love as well.

It's the only music I listen to and have over 1300 tracks from various films and anime XD


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OST Time!

My favorite original soundtrack (OST) of all time isn't from a movie... it's actually from a game called the Xenoblade Chronicles~


My absolute favorite OSTs from this game are called 'You Will know Our Names' (also know as 'Those who bear their Names') composed by ACE+ and another song called 'Beyond The Sky' that was sung by Sarah Alainn and composed by Yasunori Mitsuda~


Now... my favorite OST from HTTYD 2 was called 'Stoick's Ship' and it was composed by John Powell (obviously xD). It was such a heart touching melody that really captured the feeling of saying goodbye to someone for the last time... in my opinion at least... 


Links to songs:

'You Will know Our Names' -

'Beyond The Sky' -

'Stoick's Ship' -










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Thank You ^ ^

Thanks guys. 

And WoW Awesome soundtrack you have listen there.

I will go to listen the soundtrack that all of you have comment ^^

And have a wonderful day with your dragon :)



And forgive my bad english :P


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Just a few


The Downed Dragon

Forbidden Friendship

New Tail

Test Drive

Where's Hiccup


Dragon Racing

Hiccup The Chief

Toothless Lost

Flying With Mother

Stoick's Ship

Toothless Found



Lion King/Lion King 2

This Land

Under The Stars

King of Pride Rock


Looking At The Stars



Wolf Children

Oyosute Aina

Yonhon Ashi no Odori

Anata wa Watashi no Utsukushii Uta



Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood





Trisha's Lullaby 

Far East Suite

Nocturne of Amestris


A House on the Hill

Lapis Philosophorum

Lullaby of Resembool









Hide and Seek

Blind Alley


Old Puppet



The Last of Us

All Gone (No Escape)

The Last of Us (Main Theme)

Vanishing Grace (Innocence)

The Smugglers

The Last of Us (Never Again)

The Last of Us (Goodnight)

All Gone (Aftermath) 

All Gone (Alone)


Beyond Two Souls

Jodie's Suite

Dawkins' Suite

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