Movie 3 rewrite: Ideas needed!

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So, I'm planning on doing a rewrite of the third movie, and I need help. Tell me what you did and didn't like, and what you think would have been better, and I'll try and use it in the rewrite. If your ideas don't make it into the rewrite, please tell me and I will try and put them in, but I can make no promises with plot ideas. 



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I LOVED the Deathgrippers. Not Grimmel though. Maybe have them in there somehow? Also, Speed Stingers aren't even in any of the movies at all, so maybe put them in...? Also, having a villain that is a dragon would be cool!



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Running around aimlessly, what about you?

A rewrite? Yessss!

this is my moment!


Let's see:


1. Grimmel is anything but intimidating. I wish he was more menacing than an old man. Sure, he's a professional Fury Hunter, but still, he didn't seem to be a very interesting-looking villain.


2. The Ending. I can't seem to find it, but someone gave some valid points on why the Vikings should of joined the dragons in the Hidden World. The main reason was that Toothless + the Light Fury could simply tell the others that Vikings aren't a threat, so we won't get a repeat of an already existing scene with Hiccup and Astrid in the Hidden World.


3. The final confrontation with Grimmel. So what, he Drago-Style controls an important dragon (aka the Light Fury) but with Deathgripper Venom? Idk how that would work, especially since their venom is almost-identical to a Speed Stinger's. Also, when he's on his flying-wood-thingie, HE JUST STANDS THERE. Seriously. Why would anyone do that?


EDIT: 4. A lot of users have mentioned it and I agree: Toothless shoudln't immidiately fall in love with a dragon he *just*  met and throw away his connection with Hiccup for it. She's a jerk too, but Toothless doens't care whatsoever.


That's about it. Even if you don't use my ideas, thank you for reading them!



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To put it simply:   I don’t

To put it simply:


I don’t like Grimmel, he’s not interesting enough

I did not like how quickly Toothless fell in love and how his relationship with Hiccup drastically changed by that

Please not so many OP powers for the Night Fury

The ending hmmm It wasn’t the worst, but as suggested by other, vikings leaving to the Hidden World would be interesting


Uh well that’s all I have on my mind now, will update If I remember something

Ps. Deathgrippers are nice, could stay


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you asked for my opinion so you got it

my dislikes:


1) Grimmel is too OP: first of all I don't think a person can k.ill all the night furies. Second he somehow was able to use the deathgripper poison to control them.


2) Toothless left for a dragon he just met: I know he was in love with her but let's be real here the light fury is a major jerk who hates humans no matter what. I would rewrite her entire character. Toothless should have been more attached to Hiccup then for a dragon he met a few days ago like seriously is he too blind to notice how mean that light fury is?


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Shiny the Night Fury plasma blasted my subject. Sorry!

Le tracking. Will post ideas later.


Edit: As it is now later, here are some of my ideas based on what I did and didn't like about the movie.



Hiccup is . . . fine. He's Hiccup. The only thing I find problematic about him in 3 is how willing he was to desert Berk after meeting Grimmel for the first time. Other than that, he's fine . . . I mean, Toothless treats him like garbage, so.



I kind of liked the way she was handled. We've seen her in all her warrior glory in the first two movies and in the shows. Now we get to see how down-to-earth she can be. She is Hiccup's go-to for emotional support, and the wedding scene was awesome.



His infatuation with Valka, while not based off of romantic interest, was still gross to watch. This man is very insecure about himself, but that was completely over-exaggerated in this movie. I didn't even like him in 2. I love him in RTTE because he's portrayed as a flawed human being. He's sarcastic and loud and full of himself, but that hides his self-consciousness. 



Though she's the smarter twin, and I do admit that the scene where she annoys Grimmel (though he could have pretended to be annoyed) was hilarious, her brain literally became a rock for the sake of plot. Any sane person wouldn't head straight back to the place they're hiding in when the enemy could track you.



I mean, he's weird, sure, but that was also over-exaggerated in this movie as well. And he calls Hiccup something that I will not mention.



Even after rewatching the movie today, I still can't remember anything he says other than "I love that dragon" in reference to the Crimson Goregutter.



She's a Hiccstrid fan. I like how she was pushing Astrid to consult with Hiccup, because one day she and Gobber won't be there to give them advice and help them. And even she was annoyed with Snotlout, lol.



Oh, I wish we could have seen more of him. He was arguably the most interesting character introduced in the movies, but that might just be because I love redemption arcs. Poor Eret was treated as a plot device and to say how big and bad Grimmel was.



He's what Hiccup could have become, which actually makes him a lot more interesting. HOWEVER, if he's a NF hunter, he shouldn't be almost be done with k.illing the NF's. He can't do that by himself, even with the help of Deathgrippers. By the time HTTYD 3 rolls around, he should still be trying to k.ill them all, not almost done. I mean, he wins when Toothless d.ies, which at this point is just from old age, so in the end, Grimmel wins.



I hate him now. I really do. Instead of the intelligent, reluctant beast turned best friend of a human we get in the first movie, who has a bond so strong with Hiccup that he can break out of a Bewilderbeast's control, we get Toothless, the plain animal who only goes on instinct. We get Toothless, the incompetent leader who throws away the Berk dragons' freedom and lives for some girl he met the day before. We get Toothless, who treats his best friend as if he's some pest he can't get rid of. I mean, he didn't even defend Hiccup and Astrid from the LF's blasts . . . twice. He was more concerned with the LF than immediately retrieving Hiccup who's falling to his d.eath in the ocean. Yeah no. He even got annoyed with Hiccup when Hiccup wanted to find him thinking that he had just disappeared off the face of the earth to be with his tRuE LoVE. Ugh. Then when Hiccup implies to Toothless that they split up, Toothless doesn't even look remorseful. Best friend my rear. Toothless' character reverted back to the wild animal he was before he met Hiccup. That's not development. It's degredation.


Light Fury:

All around boring. Her personality is female. She's catty, petty, sassy, stubborn, attention-hogging, and toxic. She has the personality of a stereotypical woman. And her design is obnoxiously feminine. The LF should've been a female NF, where Toothless convinces the NF that not all humans are bad like how Hiccup convinced Astrid that not all dragons are evil in the 1st movie. Grimmel should've been hunting her, not using her as bait for Toothless.


That's what I have so far for the characters. I haven't worked the k.inks out for the plot yet, so I may post it or I may not depending how far I get.




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I'm actually working on a THW rewrite right now, but I'll put some ideas that didn't quite fit with my plot:

1. An actual female Night Fury, or a whole flock/herd/flight of Night Furies, instead of the Light Fury

2. The Deathgripper's venom can be used to control humans

3. The Vikings don't leave Berk during the search for THW, instead they send out scouts, and end up staying in Berk with their dragons

4. Drago's Bewilderbeast helps defeat Grimmel somehow

5. Every villain from every movie and mini-series that didn't turns evil if they were good and then comes to Grimmel's side, along with their dragons (or maybe the Deathgrippers are mind controlling them?)

That's about all I can think of for now, I may or may not add to this later.


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.Things I didn't like:
- Grimmel's character is not well built at all. It has no logic how one person extinguished the Night Furies.
- The idea of ​​the Hidden World is fine but not for dragons to live down there. It is rather "refuge of dragons" not the home of all dragons. I mean, most of the dragons were born on the surface / in the "human" world
- The Light Fury is not a complete bad idea (I still hate its design too much) but it wouldn't have chosen as a partner for Toothless. They are very opposite.
.Things that I would change or put:
- More development in the relationship of Toothless and Light Fury (I know they are like animals but they are of a smarter class of dragons).
- I would not have moved the Vikings to that island that now is illogical for them to live there because go up and down ... I don't know.
- The ending did not seem bad to me but it could have been better. I do not know how. It was emotionally strong but...
For extinguish a species ONE SINGLE PERSON CANNOT DO IT. And if he had dominated a dragon specie for tracked the specie:
1) It would have to be a Tracker class
2) Carry an arsenal of weapons and armor
Even as I said, A SINGLE PERSON CANNOT EXTINGUISH A SPECIES, especially this species. The best thing he would have done is lead an army but that wouldn't make him "the Night Fury killer" anymore because others would also have that credit. And if it were to have this type of dragons, it would be the dragons who would be the killers of that species. I mean, it has no logic. He could have killed one with luck and then used a scale with a tracker dragon to find the rest but he ONLY wouldn't have made it. And with an army, the credit would have been everyone's because everyone cooperated + the dragons who would also have given their help. It is also a resistant, strong, intelligent and fast species that only comes out at night (when they are going to fly) so that no one detects them. 
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Here's a collective post of all the ideas. If you see some ideas that you didn't see on this thread, This is just me keeping track, There will be a bigger post with my idea for the rewrite once I get more ideas, which will include a deatailed plan for each character. For now, this is just a brief list. 


1: Make him more intimidating/interesting

2: Make him less OP


Toothless and the LF

1: Make their relationship go slower

2: Make the LF be a female NF? 


Night Furies/Toothless


2: Gets rid of Hiccup too esaliy, make him be more reluctent. 



1: Have the vikings go to the HW as well, or flip it around so that the dragons stay



1: Snotlout and Tuffnut need improvement, and lot's of it. 



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*Grabs popcorns*

What i didn't like + my ideas to fix those things:


1) The light fury's design and personality. I would change the design and personaility of this dragon, and make it a separate species that toothless will meet in the hidden world, but will never interact with it. He has a night fury mate, but light furies DO in fact exist in the universe, they are a native species to the hidden world.


2) Female night fury + wild flock of night furies. Come on, how can a single man with only 6 dragons kill an enitre species? (One of the most powerful species of all)? It's literally impossible. It took 100+ years for humans to extinguish the dodo, a flightless, giant turkey. Toothless gets a female night fury for mate, and the female night fury comes from a an existing (still living of course) flock of wild night furies that live in the hidden world.


3) The hidden world. A glowing cave with no food or edible water? He.ll no! I would make the hidden world a secret archipelago that has never been discovered by humans, and is impossible to reach for humans because it's protected by a natural barrier, a cradle of hurricanes.


4) Dragons leaving berk forever. The dragons leaving was the stupidest thing ever. They had no reason to leave at all. Berk got completely destroyed last year, and yet, they didn't leave. All the dragons (yes, even toothless and it's mate) stay on berk because they are loyal to their riders and would never want to leave them.


5) Toothless completely forgetting hiccup because of a female fury. Toothless is way too loyal for that. What was in the writers' minds when they made toothless a slobbery, love-sick animal? In my fixed version, toothless is very uncertain and confused, and struggles to decide because he wants to stay both with hiccup and his mate. He decides to introduce the female night fury to the humans, so they all can live forever in peace and harmony.


6) Immature side characters. Snotlout hitting on valka? Tuffnut being obsessed by his fake beard? Ruffnut being as love-sick as toothless? No! Please! They are 21 years old adults! Not 3 years old children! In my version, every member of the gang matured. They all are adults that do in fact joke around, have fun, etc.. But when it's time to be serious, they are serious and hesitate to behave like hiccup. 


7) Toothless design. Massive MCbrows + square pupils + eyes that got closer and closer to eachother. I dislike that soo much. I'd say to re-use his HTTYD 1 model mixed with the HTTYD 2 model. No eyebrows, no square pupils, just longer spikes, extra nubs + slightly bigger body.


8) Grimmel has an armada of only 6 deathgrippers. No. That's not enough. Grimmel has in fact an armada of 50+ dragons, that got raised and trained by himself.


9) The deathgrippers' venom can hypnotize dragons. Again, a big no-no. That's a non-sense thing. The deathgrippers' venom gives a heavy headache, stomachache, etc.. If used in small doses, and kills the victim in around 5 minutes of used in bigger doses.


10) The deathgrippers' are hypnotized. No. Grimmel was supposed to be hiccup's evil version, right? Then why didn't he learn to train dragons if he was that smart? In my version, he trained a dangerous dragon species to exterminate other dangerous species, such as the night fury.


11) Cloacking method for the night furies. Just.. Why..? In my version, night furies DO in fact have lightning power, only difference is that they don't use it for cloacking. They use it to power up their plasma blasts, and to help their eggs to hatch. (Remember the first movie's site? It said that night furies' eggs need to get hit by a lightning in order to hatch).


I probably am forgetting something, but i don't have enought time to write other stuff. I wrote what was bothering me the most.


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