More info about HTTYD 3 (spoilers)

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So I was just being on tumblr and I came across one post that has some newer details about HTTYD 3. 

Here is link to the post:

And here is source: (check this one out because it has a lot more details)

Anyway.... here I am... I felt need to show this to you guys so we can cry together :)

According to this, HTTYD 3 will be set 3 years after HTTYD 2 and will have similar plot to Toy Story 3.

But the fact that this will be the end of HTTYD hurts me more than dragons leaving. (who knows, maybe dreamworks decides to give us more short movies or maybe even 5th and 6th season of series which I doubt)

I can't wait for this movie to ruin me :)


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Oh man... Ok I'll say let's

Oh man... Ok I'll say let's let them make a movie. Even though *cries* Tooh...thess is going away :(
I don't know. Maybe we will see an amazing movie..... I hope at least.
Dean Deblois is directing it. It will be amazing :')

But if it goes really bad , then we will always have online friends :') we will stay strong!!!!!!!!!

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It's ok.

This is terriblw but it's probably for the best we got three movies and im glad that toothless wont die,he will just go  avay bye dragons


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That's a bit...heart..wrenching.


But since it takes place 3 years after HTTYD 2, do you think they might have another, inbetween TV series..?





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I hope so. Maybe (if Hiccup

I hope so. Maybe (if Hiccup and Astrid r married in 3rd movie) we get short movie of their wedding. Who knows, maybe even short movie of happenings after movie :/

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Bring on the tears... :(

Bring on the tears... :(


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Come at me, feels!

Regardless of what's going to happen in the movie, I'm still willing to watch it, even though it might end up hitting me right in the feels.


It's only a few years now until it comes out, but I'll have to stock up some tissues just in case.......


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The movie comes out next year

The movie comes out next year right?