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  I finally made the thread. I know it's been quite a wait but it's here. Moondust is my Light Fury. She has special meaning to me so I made her a special screenshot thread since a couple have asked for it. A short account of how she got her name. You might've thought I looked names and came across Moondust, right? Wrong.You see I wasn't able to look up her name. I was originally going to go with Luna but it's just too common and it didn't seem to fit her (no offense to those who named their Light Fury, Luna). Then I came up with Moongleam. It sounded less and less fit for her the more I said and thought about it. Then I heard of Moonbeam- It didn't fit or sound right for her either. Then I looked at my Build a Bear plushy- She looked like a piece from the moon and her scales were like dust sprinkled on her. Moondust.. Then Moondust was born. She's special, very special. Now back on track! Screenshots will be uploaded in a few! Just hang in there! Enjoy!



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