Monthly Gems Not Renewed.

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Hello. Just saying my monthly gems for my membership did not renew and I still have my membership. Please fix this issue. Thanks!l


      This is a picture I painted of my Sandwraith Rainer. :D      

               WYNTERFYRE DRAGONS!




Wynterfyre Dragons! We are a Clan who follows truth and good judgement over everything else. We are a family, and families help eachother in times of need. We judge not the worth of one's attributes over their personalities, because those who work honest are honest, and those who are friendly to everyone are geniune. 


~ "Be devoted, my brethern! Be courageous, my sisters! Take to the sky, my dragons!! For there are wonders yet to be discovered, and places yet to be found."



-Wyndinium the Weather Reaver, Chief of the Wynterfyre Dragons






Wynter is actually one of my character from a Manga I'm drawing.