Missing Items

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Joined: 05/18/2016

I'm currently doing 3 quests in my game account On one of my vikings (Tonksie). In those quests they all tell me to turn in these items however I am from one to 3 items short for all of the quests. They will not tell me to look again, when I go back to the place to look for them the items are not findable, there's no way to progress and I currently have no quests I can do becuase of it.


Computer: PC

Operating System: Windows 10

Web Browser: Google Chrome but I play on the app installed on my hardware

What were you doing when the bug occurred?: I was working on the quests and I seem to have gone on without recieving the items. I know my internet has been messing up and disconnecting me a lot lately. 

When did the error happen?:It's been a good few days since It happened the first time.