Missing gems

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recently in berk, i found a golden chest which costs 65 gems to open, had dragon eggs, a ton of them, and other farm stuff. keep in mind, i had 192 gems before i went ahead and opened one, but a message popped up saying "Purchase failed." no gems were detucted from my account and i didnt get anything new in my backpack. i tried again, and said the same thing. no gems detucted, no new items. i double checked to be sure. but then, after around 5-10 minutes, 130 gems were detucted from my account, and i checked again to see if i got any new items, no luck. if possible, i hope i can get a refund for those 130 gems, and if i somehow got any new items, to remove them, and if i note any new items, ill edit the post. thanks




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