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Greetings, fellow vikings and dragon riders!


I guess this'll be my first forum post ever, so...hi! I'm Hope. But that's unrelated.

I'm posting this to ask a number of questions for members/former members who might know some membership stuff I couldn't find on the wiki. You see, we're celebrating my little brother's birthday two days from now (April 29th) and since we both love this game, I'm going to buy him a three-month membership. I already know that I need to use PayPal and make sure to cancel the membership 24 hours before the time is up and all that, but what I don't know is this:

1. Does the three-month membership come with a light fury? The website doesn't say.

2. Are the three months based on actual time, or on calendar months? For example, if we activate it on Apirl 29th, will April count as a whole month? If not, is a month of membership thirty days, or thirty one? More simply put: How in the world will I know when the membership expires, and should I wait until May 1st to activate it? (This is the most crucial question)

3. Same question as the above, except with the 500 gem bonus. Is that based on thirty day periods or on calendar months? Also, will he get them for the first month?

Those are my most important questions, but if anyone who is a member or has been in the past has any pro tips, I would love to hear them. Tips like how to best spend your gems (and use your 20% off bonus), and how to avoid any membership-related glitches, and how to generally get the most out of three months of membership and make the benifits last the longest.


Many thanks,



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Le gasp

I've never personally owned a membership *except the trial lol* so I can't answer most of your questions, but to answer the first I'm pretty positive the lightfury comes with the three month membership at least that's what I remember the game saying, I'm sorry if I'm wrong and if I am anyone can feel free to correct me, hope this helped c;



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Same I haven't ever actually

Same I haven't ever actually bought a membership besides trial but I do know the three month comes with the light fury.




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Cassian chased away my subject again...

Hi there!

I'm currently a 3 month member and I can confirm that you do get a lightfury. The 3 months depend on when you purchase a membership: for example, if you purchase your membership today you will be charged exactly 3 months from today. The 500 gems come every month from when you purchased your membership I believe as well as a dragon egg box. Being a member is honestly worth it because you access the Long Night Flight stable quest, which I get quite often and which, if successful, gives you at least 300 gems a week.

If you need more information don't hesitate to let me know! Hope this helped.




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You also get percent off in the store!

I am currently a 3 month member and I can agree that it is worth it. You also forgot to mention you get some percent off in the store! It really comes in handy when you want to buy things :)

Example: If you want a Scuttleclaw egg, it will go from 500 gems to 400 gems.



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Cassian chased away my subject again...

AHhh yes! Can't believe I forgot. That's such a huge part of the membership, too! I remember recently the Flightmare suit went from like 1500 gems to 900 or something for members.


Honestly the only thing you don't get with the 3 month is the Alpha Toothless, which I never really cared to pay extra for anyway.

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Thanks Guys!

Thank you all for your answers!! We got the membership, he's very happy, the Lightfury is awesome. Whoop!

Also, while we are on the subject of memberships, I have another question: how does one get the 7-day trial membership? I thought they had removed it from the store, because on my phone (iPhone 8), when I go into the store, I don't see it. However in helping set up my brother's membership (not on an iPhone), I saw the trial for 300 gems in the store, come I'm not seeing it? Has anyone else had this problem on iOS? Or is it somewhere else in the store?

Thank you all again!



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If it comes with Toothless it comes with LF too.


The thirty days count down from the first day you purchase a membership and expires at that exact time as well. It's set to auto-renew unless you unsubscribe, in which case you'll still remain a member until it expires.


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Trial membership

Hi! I have the answer to your recent trial question. The trial membership is only available on PC, I had the exact same problem. In order to get it, you must log into your account on the computer and purchase it for 300 gems. Then, it'll be activated on all devices logged onto your account. You'll still have to use the PC to purchase it, but while it's active, you can use any device you please. Hope this helps! The trial perks are:

-20% instore

-Toothless (non-Alpha) and the Light Fury

-All flightclub dragons (the hero ones)

-members shieldmaiden flightsuit

theres probably more but I've forgotten it.

(NOTE: these perks only work for that one week)




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Trial Membership

Oh, great! I can do that! Thank you very much.