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(I know I'm not exactly new, but I didn't know where else to put this XD)


I might be getting a membership as a late 16th birthday present from my mom. But I noticed on the FAQ for SoD it said that all memberships automatically renew. I don't want it to renew, as it is on my mom's card. I don't think she'd be too happy. XD


Is there is a way to make sure the membership DOESN'T renew, without having to cancel it? Because I'm afraid I would forget to cancel it, and then mom would be stuck paying for another 3 months. If there is a way to not have it auto-renew, could someone PLEASE tell me? I don't even mind emailing the support team, if it has to come to that. I just don't want to forget to cancel at the end of the membership!!!


Sorry if this was lengthy, I just want to make my situation clear.




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Unfortunately no. You'll have

Unfortunately no. You'll have to remember to either email or call them a few days before your membership is due to renew for the next three months (I suggest calling them rather than emailing them).


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You can use Ultimate Game Cards.

Depending on when your mom is getting this birthday present, you could ask her to pick up the Ultimate Game Cards for your birthday. These will allow you to get the membership without worring about canceling. Though, you got to hurry, since Ultimate Game Card will soon cease to exsit.


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