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I really enjoy this game and have been having so much fun with the snoggletog event. The glitches are annoying and persistent at times, but easily gotten over. I love what y'all did with the game, I appreciate it, and am super close to getting ruffrunner!


.. That being said, I need as many gems as I can get so I can open chests and such, to reach that goal. It's super important to me. And, I knew from the standpoint of the start of the event, that I'd get my gems before it's end and could use them to finish it off and reach my goal, finally!


Maybe you see where this is going.

The 20th hit, no gems. Hmm, maybe it's just late, maybe I got the date wrong, it's happened before. It's the 25th now, and I checked my inventory- Apparently, I got my dragon egg chest, but the gems are nowhere to be found. For this event I've made multiple gem purchases, but I'm not making another because the glitched game won't give me my membership gems.


I really love the nightlights and Ruffrunner is something I want very badly. If I was given my gems, I could get him today with time to spare. Please, mods, game devs, whatever, whoever, give me my 500 membership gems- I don't mean to be rude, but I am paying for the membership and it's perks. This has never happened to me before, and I don't want it to when it's so vital.


Account name: Tuneboi

Viking name: BoiiiYeet


Thanks, I really hope you can fix it :c



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If i'm not mistaken, i've got my 500 gems the day i bought my membership, apparently, they don't come in the 20th day of the month, only the dragon egg chest obeys this rule. If you bought your membership this month, you probably got your gems at the same time you bought, but you might not have noticed, like it happened to me xD If that's not the case, contact

good luck :)))