Membership only lasted 1 day?

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Just bought a 3 month membership and it lasted one day. Now I don't have access to anything like the fishing trap etc.

Kinda crappy that I paid 24.99 for 24 hrs.


I can send the transaction ID if I know who to PM it to.

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It will come back,is a bug though! Wait a day or a few ours and it will come back. :)





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Yup, it worked for me. Try

Yup, it worked for me. Try it! ^^


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When I bought a one month

When I bought a one month membership, it lasted two days and never came back, and even when I contacted the support team, the steps they gave me to recover it didn't work. They still haven't responded from when I told them it didn't work, and that was two and a half weeks ago. For me, it definitely wasn't just a bug. :(


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That's ridiculous. Looks like

That's ridiculous. Looks like I'm gonna cancel my membership :/

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PM your info....

Hi - So sorry about that!  We would be happy to see what is going on in your accounts. You can PM me with the transaction ID and the username that you use to log-in. This will allow our team to locate your account to review the issue and make sure that you're able to access all member exclusive information. Thanks!