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Earlier today i bought a monthly membership, unfortuantely i didn't want the credit card to be charged monthly, i just wanted to have membership for a month. I sent a email to schoolofdragons regarding this issue, i played along happily, spending some gems i got from the membership and then i got a game error and i had to restart the browser to play again, when i went on i was no longer a member, my benifits in the store had all gone and when i went to check out if the flying training was working and i had every  characters dragon unlocked, apparently they were locked too. I went on buy membership and it said this account is currently a member. I have also recieved no email back from schoolofdragons. Can a admin please help me out!


EDIT: I restarted the browser and i got my membership back. But can a  admin please help me out on the monthly membership situation!

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It happens...

Be aware that sometimes this membership glitch occurs, also if you were playing fine until moments before. You have to log out (not only from the game, also from the syte) and log in again, and all your benefits come back again.

About the one-month-only membership, it's not supposed to be one-shot, you know. I think you'll find the correct email-address to which write about it in the FAQs section of the syte, under "Membership".

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Bug Report

Hi sebastianseb. I apologize for the delay. Is membership working for your account now or is it still turning on and off? Let me forward your information to our team to see if we can find the cause of this issue and fix it for you.


To clarify, SoD membership is recurring which means your membership will automatically renew after your month is over. Hope this helps.