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I bought trial membership a few days ago(my second purchase), but I couldn't use the members only viking slot. When I clicked the slot, it told me that I had to be a member to use it. All of the other features work perfectly. When I emailed the game about this issue(because my account for the forum hasn't been approved yet), I got a reply that each membership package has different membership features. They also sent me an image about the features(the same one you see in the store), but I couldn't find extra viking slots on the list. When I saw the list in the shop, I thought the viking slot was just an additional feature that every member gets(like the fish trap).


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To get the membership slot, you need an "official" membership--1 month, 3 months, etc. The trial doesn't (un)fortunately (depends on who you ask; I'm personally fine with it) provide the extra slot. Personally, I'd stick with the trial because you get both Furies and the discounts, two of the best membership perks. With Toothless, you could earn up gems a little easier with his exclusive quest (sadly, the highest success rate for that quest is 65% and that's when he reaches rank 30.) If a "real" membership is in your interest--and the funds are available--I personally recommend the 3 month since the 1 month doesn't even include the Furies. Hopefully this helps! ^^


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Thank you so much!!!

Thanks a lot! I was having trouble with this for some time but I guess the email response I got was correct. I really appreciate your help though!