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Snowflake was named by his tranquility and patience and his approachable attitude and assertiveness. Snowflake was recruited by Thel 'Vadamee during the attack on Reach and spent until the discovery of Alpha Halo (Installation 04) when he was set off by Thel to follow the orders of the Prophets to clear the area for their arrival. He escaped the ring just before it's destruction on a banshee. However, all the blame was taken to his leader, Thel 'Vadamee and sentenced to prosecution and was now titled Arbiter.

Snowflake bonded with Thel before hand and was a loyal companion to him before Thel was pointed to as a Heretic by the high counsel. He avoided the Arbiter and remained in High Charity before the death of the Prophet of Regret. As the genocide starts, he ran into Bubba once and told him about the lonely passage, and warned him about the Flood as they break in the chambers.

How he escaped was the help of Rtas, a friend of the Arbiter's and fled to Delta Halo (Installation 05) to help fight the Brutes. He then rejoined Thel shortly after they stopped the ring from firing and helped him, Miranda, and Johnson fight their way out and sided with the humans along with the oracle (The Guilty Spark).


OC Development:

I made Snowflake so that Bubba is not the only Elite OC on the forum. This is to get him some company.


Stands around 6'10, still a little small for a Sangheili his age. Has white skin/scales and blue eyes. His skull appears to be thick and head shape is more oval and rough. Four opening and closing mandibles with fangs on each, and the top jaw like any elite. Two theropod legs, two toes, and four long fingers on both arms. Snowflake appears to have Black major armor with a white undercoat.
Is often tranquil and obedient, so he always follows orders given to him; however, never follow the orders he is not sure is right. Snowflake is assertive and will gang up on someone who acts poorly to one another and urges them to act better. He will refuse to do a job is treated with disrespect, and tell the task giver to act friendly towards him.
As it defines, Snowflake is independent and careless on whatever has authority based on its attitude. A disrespectful, rude, and greedy leader, Snowflake will not follow. A respectful, caring leader is one that Snowflake'll be loyal to. In one word, he's merely selfless. You can say he's stubborn over that kind of authority because he would rather be arrested then keeping nincompoops in charge of places, because everything that he bashes over his mean superiors is "worth the torment."
Other than that, Snowflake is quite chill and likes to relax when he can. He is slow to anger if surrounded by respectful people. He only attacks something if it is shown to have aggressiveness, and like Rtas: he respects a worthy opponent. He seems to have different opinions for every individual. Besides the Flood, he doesn't judge one based on race or species, but judges one as an individual.
Religion: Atheist; formerly into the Covenant Religion within worshipping the Forerunners.
Occupation: Elite Major
Birth Date: September 15th 2499 (53 in Halo 1-3; 57 in Halo 4; 58 in Halo 5)
Snowflake would have one of those more human-like voice than most other sangheili. Instead of being deep, Snowflake has one of the higher pitched voice as a 40-year-old human male.
Though Snowflake has driven away from Religion once he and the rest of the Arbiter's council discovered Halo's true purpose, he still has a vast interest towards other religions. He finds it fascinating how the mind can believe in several things and fascinated of how it works. Especially human religions. He seems to keep his eye on Christianity, since humans who are Christian are often hopeful. He wonders how Christianity gives humans so much hope, but rather not come toward religion after the Prophet's lies.
He loves the sights of nature, hense why he loves Earth which is rich in natural life. Snowflake is fascinated by plant growth, natural selection, and has an interest in evolution. Natural behaviors, traditions, cultures, and different kinds of intelligence views his interests.
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Skin Color: White
Universe Origin: 
Theme Song:
Holds a needler and with 10+ years of experience in the Covenant, he has remarkable accuracy. The needler itself can track it's target, but has some incredible skills with it. Snowflake has little experience with engineering  and coding.
He is tough and cannot be beaten down by harsh words. You can make him smile, but you cannot make him cry. he is spiritually strong and tenacious, but cunning if he has no weapon to fight against.
Snowflake also has outstanding pilot skills and can mildly control various different aircrafts.
Lastly, Snowflake does show to be Bubba's psychiatrist.
Isn't stealthy, but the armor he wears gives him the ability of active camouflage; however, it doesn't always work. With his stubbornness, he said that he would rather get beaten up without a care if something is wrong. Therefor, Snowflake would let others abuse him for protest. 
Without his weapons, Snowflake has a lack of physical combat skills. The lack of physical combat neglects his sword-fighting abilities and poor aim. This is why Snowflake always caries a Needler, the only weapon that tracks his targets.
Snowflake would hate a Dystopia, as it it a result to corrupted authority. Snowflake would do whatever he can to keep peace away from violence to innocents. He, like everyone else, also hates The Flood.
Role-Play Appearances:
The Core and the Fury (Mentioned Only)
Return to Black Mesa (First Appearance)
The Core and The Fury- Snowflake was only mentioned when Rena was calling Bubba through a walkey-talkey. She quickly recognized Bubba's stubbornness and she revised that she could just call Snowflake in instead, as to what Bubba changed his mind upon and came to Rena's aid.
Return to Black Mesa- Snowflake makes his first full appearance in the Core and the Fury paraquel RP, Return to Black Mesa. Snowflake shows to be caring and loyal to Rena and easily tame, hense his personality stated. He draws a quick attachment to a houndeye he named Oca, and one of the few who would take care of her.
Heresy- The only canon of Snowflake would be on his original Universe. Snowflake in Heresy, even though it is more of a backstory, he seems to be more aggressive and determined attitude toward the Great Journey. Snowflake eventually drifts into his known side later on after the Flood's release on Installation 04.
Snowflake's real name is shown in Heresy, appearing to bare the name, Alon 'Vadum: showing that he is from the State of Vadum like Thel and Rtas. Later, it is yet to figure how Alon got his nickname and goes with "Snowflake."