Meet Yxed, my Glitched Sand Wraith!

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I logged on earlier today and apparently gotten a free Sand Wraith (the one I saved two years ago as a starter dragon). At first, I didn't wanted him at all, so I just put the Sand Wraith male and named him Sandy, but I thinked it was making him too much useless and ripoffy of a lots of other Sand Wraithes, so I decided to go further in my mind and find him some colours and a new name. I slammed my keyboard and it given him a name c':


Now, I want you all to met... Yxed!


Yxed was the brand new name for this glitched Sand Wraith, and I completely started to love him! RotomDex is still my first main though, but Yxed is way over up my Mains, and takes the third place, after RotomDex and Willam. He is quite playful and likes to pranks others, but he really enjoys racing and battling! So if someone gets to fire at him, he'll be happy to attack back!


He is somewhat the little brother of Dexy, my Snow Wraith, since they both have the same name, but reversed!



I didn't know I could love a glitched dragon only by renaming and recolouring it! Even saying that Sand Wraithes are one of my favorite dragons, so double fun!




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Meet Venetia and Luna! The two main Dragons I own on Flight Rising!

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Some screenies of my favorite Mario Kart game!


My friend was playing as my Yoshi, Fantom. I was playing as Koopper since she didn't possess any of the Gold Kart set.



Racing on my favorite Mario Kart race track! Always did the nostalgia hit me whenever I hear the soundtrack!




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Fantom- Fully Updated Reference


Luna, my Auroclipse character. She is also one of my dragonsona and has a place deep in my heart!

Luna (Redesign + Reference 2022)


And one of my few full arts, featuring Origin (Right) and Marie (Friend's OC, Left)!

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Valid Son, tell him I love him and he's very important to me



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