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I am far from new to School of Dragons. I joined back in January and still flying :D I just wanted to put my character out here.

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Character Name:  Raforta

Age:  21

Gender:  female


Personality:  Raforta is extremely stubborn, but she is very loyal to her friends and family. She can be reckless and rush into things without thinking--especially if it has to do with saving her friends and family. Very creative and intuitive. On her home island, she liked to make things to help wounded dragons and vikings with their every day lives. Raforta is also playful and loves to play games with dragons and humans alike.

History:  Raforta was not born on Berk. She was actually born beyond the mists in another village. The island where she was born is isolated and was really only visited by Johann. This village has lived alongside dragons for a long time. For a while, other people who passed by this island thought its villagers might haven under control of Tidal Class dragons. In the shallows around the island villagers could be seen fishing alongside Scauldrons, Thunderdrums and other Tidal Classes, sharing their catch with these dragons. (There are only about 100 dragons in total that live alongside the Tidal vikings. It is enough to scare off other agressive  Tidal class dragons) The Village of Tidal was founded by a woman with flaming red hair and sapphire blue eyes that sat aboard a large Seashocker. This was Raforta's Grandmother, she raised her daughter Kara to become the next Cheiftress. When the time came for Kara to become the next Chieftress, she left the island with a mysterious man that had visited their island. A few years passed and Kara returned battled scared and carrying a child. No one really knows who her Father is, but they speculate it was the man who came to their island. However, no one but Kara knew the man's name, its rumored that her Father had a powerful connection to dragons, just like Kara's family. Some think it was Drago, but no one dares to ask Kara. Her mother still reins as a Cheiftress in Tidal, but Raforta has long since left Tidal to carve her own path. She joined Berk's School of Dragons to learn more about other kinds of dragons and make friends.


  • Always carries a Book of the Dragons in her bag.
  • Carries a small dagger in her boot and one in each of her wristbands (there is a small sheath inside her wristbands)
  • Carries a whistle that can call her Scauldron (its high-pitched so no human can hear it)
  • Knows a variety of Tidal Class dragon calls, but only a few other class dragon calls.
  • Loves Gliding and swimming with Crest.
  • Not very good at hunting, but is still learning.
  • Enjoys wood carving.
  • The dragon teeth on her belt are baby teeth from Crest & Pyris.

Dragon Name: Pyris

Dragon Breed: Deadly Nadder

Dragon Gender:  male

Dragon Appearence: 


#2 Dragon Name: Tidal Crest

#2 Dragon Breed: Scauldron

#2 Dragon Appearence: ???


Main Viking: Raforta || female || 21 || No Clan || FC: 4LoU9


Dragon Name: Pyris                               Dragon Name: Tidal Crest                                    Dragon Name: Haldis

Gender: Male                                          Gender: Male                                                         Gender: Female

Species: Deadly Nadder                         Species:  Scauldron                                                Species: Skrill

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Welcome then :)

Well welcome then :) (Bit late but your never to late for anything :P)


Your dragon 2, the Scualdron is probably gonna be the next dragon added after the Skrill :) cause it was in one of the trailer.



Welcome to

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Viking Name: FangtomNF

Clan: None

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Credit to Hattori for the Screaming Death Bouncies!




A little bit about me -

My OC's - Jake Romain and Fangtom Romain are actually what I look like in real life haha XD

I'm a guy.

I'm 15

I'm a huge book worm, I got my own little library in my room

My fandoms are - All Percy Jackson series(Including the KC, HoO, MC and the Trails of Apollo), Lorien Legacies, Inheritance series, Maze Runner(both books and movies), Marvel and DC movies/comics/TV series, HTTYD, The Arrowverse (Including the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow) and Doctor Who

I have made multiple Romain OC's that live throughout Universes - I got a Pokemon one - Kai Romain. Two Percy Jackson ones - Jake and Riza Roman(Twins) and a HTTYD one - Fangtom Romain.


I'm a huge Marvel and DC fan!


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Awesome, I can't wait for the

Awesome, I can't wait for the Scauldron, tis my favorite dragon.