To the Max!

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Victor the Fierce
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 I didn't think it was possible but I've done it! I have max-leveled a Speed Stinger! And as a celebration I've taken my Titan Speed Stinger, Torque, to the cliffs of the Training grounds for some rock climbing and base jumping.


Surprisingly you can use the flight suit with Speed Stingers and they'll follow you in the air.


A little info about Torque:

He is the alpha of a pack of 12 Speed Stingers (yes, I have that many just because I wanted to train that much). Velocity is his mate. She is slightly larger than the pack members but slightly smaller than the alpha. Torque and Velocity coordinate hunts against larger animals such as elk or deer when they're not resting in their cave in the Wilderness.


A little backstory:

When he was young Torque was caught and buried in a avalanche. A Viking who was exploring nearby rescued the helpless creature. He brought the adolescent to its cave. The flightless dragons were grateful to the human. Even after leaving the cave in peace the Viking was followed by the young dragon which never left his side. After a while Torque was permitted by his pack to be taken in and trained by Victor. Through training and freedom to roam wild Torque grew into a powerful titan who set out to form a pack of his own.



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