"Make Active" button missing, unable to ride my other dragons.

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Web Browser: (Tested in a few) Chromium 44 (last stable release to support NPAPI), FireFox 45, Safari 9


What were you doing when the bug occurred?:

I was using my main browser, Chromium, since it works best with SoD (I still clear my cookies/cache on a regular basis to help it run smoother.) So, I had logged out of SoD and cleared my cookies/cache as per my usual routine and upon resuming gameplay, I was oddly greeted with a large award window telling me "Congrats, you trained the Groncicle!", fireworks and all, then had me name/customize it. (I already completed this quest and received this dragon a few months ago). I went through the process anyway, receiving an additional Teen Groncicle. It was odd, but not an issue.... but then...


I noticed that the "Make Active" button for all of my dragons (except the one I was already riding when I logged in) were missing their "Make Active" buttons, but all of my dragons ARE visible in both my journal and from the quick-access dragon profile button. They are also visible and selectable for stable missions, HOWEVER they are NOT visible in any of their physical stables (all my stables show "empty nest"). They are also visible and selectable in Thunder Run and if I change dragons in Thunder Run, I can make a dragon active that way when I leave Thunder Run with it. So far, that's the only way I can actually switch active dragons.


To attempt resolving this issue on my part, I have cleared cookies/cache from all of my web browsers and even deleted the saved cache files from the Unity Web Player Settings site. None of this worked. I've been playing for a couple of years now and being in the development field myself, I wouldn't report a bug unless I couldn't shake it first. And especially if there were already several people experiencing this bug, but there doesn't seem to be any posts in the forum about this and no one I've asked in-game is having this issue. :/


When did the error happen?: Friday, March 4, around 2:00am.

Screenshot(s): See attached.

Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 M370X 2048 MB, Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB

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Your dragons glitched out of their stables. You just have to move them back in and then you will be able to make them active again.



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Extremely common glitch

Put your dragons back in their stables and you will be able to make them active again. 

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Ahh, don't worry. This is an easy and quick glitch to fix.

all you need to do is put your dragons back in their stables. It's as simple as that! While it may be tedious, it's easy. It's actually a useful glitch for storing dragons you don't want so you have some stable space cleared up (for example, if the groncicle glitch gave you an extra groncicle you don't want, you could just choose not to put it back in a stable and the problem would be solved. It's up to you, though.)


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Ha! Got ya >:D

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They might just be hiding...

Have you tried manually moving each dragon back into your stables (via the "Move In" button in the stables)? ETA: This thread had no replies when I started typing... XD


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Thanks guys!

I actually figured this out eventually and you all were right, all of my stables had reset... easy enough to fix, albeit tedious for sure!


Thanks for all of your replies, it's nice to see other members willing to help each other out!



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Help me please!

I have the same glitch and I tried moving my dragon back into the stable but it won't show in my dragons list to move in. He's at level 4 and won't let me make active. Please help me.