(Major Spoilers!)HTTYD 2: what did you think?

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So I went and saw the movie today (I was going to wait but then I realized I wouldn't be able to see it until Monday and I didn't want to wait that long!). I personally loved it! But I felt a couple of scenes were really intense for young children (esp. Stoick's death) and that they ignored a lot of characters. I loved the soundtrack :P. Anyways what are your thoughts on the movie? (Btw sorry about my grammer. I'm on my phone)


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I honestly loved it! It seems
I honestly loved it! It seems some scenes where a little more dramatic, and I won't be shocked if the next movie might even be PG-13. It seems through any movie where you actually watch a character grow up, as the series goes on it gets a little darker. It's only natural to the character development. I felt as if Drago was a mediocre villain though. He wasn't much as a threat once he was starting to panic, but he was very sinister. It would have been nice to see more personality of the other riders and dragons too
I really like the fact they threw in the hint that Gobber is batting for the other team xD
The animation was absolutely fantastic! I couldn't believe how many new dragons there were! I hope as the game progresses we will be able to actually own and ride some!
P.S If you go to a Cinemark theater, download the Cinemark app and put your phone in Cinemode for the WHOLE movie. You'll earn a coupon for a free HTTYD 2 mini poster.


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Yeah I wouldn't be surprised

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if the next movie is REALLY dark. This one had its moments but seeing as the whole trilogy is supposed to explain why there are no more dragons, the next one will probably be pretty dramatic and (date I say it) sad. I loved Gobber in this movie! The new dragons were cool, the wildebeest(spelling?) was really interesting. 

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I feel the same way xD oh,

I feel the same way xD oh, and Toothless is the alpha now! What was the glowing blue he had on his body during the challenge of the alpha? I'm so excited to find out! I guess the next movie is gonna deal with Toothless being the last Night Fury and more secrets about him too! I cannot wait.

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No no the second movie is the

No no the second movie is the darkest of the franchies (says the director) so I think the next film with be a bit more mild. 


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I wasn't surprised he died. I

I wasn't surprised he died. I knew it was going to happen. And of course, on father's day weekened! Wow.

I teared up whenever we watched them burn his body, and whenever the good Bewilderbeast was stabbed and cut open by the other. I had to look away and try to think of happy stuff.


In the begaining it was a little rushed, but it was so funny whenever Astrid's spit got all over her! Haha.


My favorite part? Feeding time! And whenever Valka went: "Now this is what is feels to be a DRAGON!"<3


Heh, the movie was a little dark. A few younger children were taken out of the theater from crying.

I can't wait to see this movie kick Frozen's butt!


PG 13? Dreamworks wouldn't do that, sorry. XD







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More Tuffnut, Plz

I liked it. It was a good movie all in all. The plot was alright, and the animation (of course) was top notch.
I totes couldn't stop thinking about Mufasa when Stoick died, though. But I kind of figured he'd bite it anyway, seeing as the soundtrack basically gave it away with the song titles.
They're consecutive/in order/one after the other:

Hiccup Confronts Drago

Stoick Saves Hiccup

Stoick's Ship


Based on these three song titles, and the general mood of the songs themselves, I could already tell that the first time Hiccup faced Drago, it went wrong in some way. Stoick had to save him and ended up being killed somehow. Then he got a traditional viking burial: being shipped off to sea on a boat, which is then lit on fire.

But eh, the movie needed some sort of "all hope lost" point. That's how all these kinds of movies go. I didn't mind it.


My only big complaint: the lack of the "other" characters. The only character development I saw in the other ones (Ruffnut, Snotlout, and Fishlegs) was the whole pining over Ruffnut situation. And that {for me} lost its novelty pretty fast. 

And WHY was there not more Tuffnut?
Dat hair.
Dose teeth.
Da voice.

He's my favorite character, and he got a whopping what.... 6-7 lines in the whole movie? Like, you heard basically everything he had to say in only the trailers for the film.
Not worth TJ Miller's time, let me tell you that. Dreamworks, I am SO disappointed in you.
I can't believe you've done this :I

At least Eret had a chance to shine, and to show everyone he's not as big of a jerk as he could have been. And Drago was wicked cool. But I digress.


Basically, the lack of character/lines for the other "main" vikings really didn't reach my expectations. At all. It's almost like Dreamworks tried to pass off the TV series (Riders/Defenders of Berk) as enough passable character development for them, so they didn't have to add anything else to the actual movie. 


I think I hyped myself up too much about this movie; my expectations were through the roof. I knew that I'd be absolutely blown away with this movie, and that was a dire mistake on my part.

I suppose the phrase "don't count your dragons before they hatch" can be used now.


8/10 The movie was worth seeing, but I won't be seeing it again until it comes out on DVD.



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I was thinking of the SAME

I was thinking of the SAME thing!

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The dramatic scenes in this

The dramatic scenes in this movie are so much more emotional than I thought, much more than any animated film or /Anime/ I've seen (including Lilo & Stitch and The Lion King or Fullmetal Alchemist and Hamatora)

Just like one of the reviews said, Httyd2 is Braver than Brave and more Fun than Frozen, it also surpasses them with the rating on Rotten Tomatoes along with 22 Jump street! 

I was surprised to findthat all audiance in the theater were young adults and teenagers. On that note I am very happy with the dark elements and how they still kept it a PG film, Secret of Kells has the same kind of situation going on. I love films that are for kids that have dark elements.


Animation 20/10

New Characters 7/10

Pacing 7/10

Story 9/10

Sountrack 8/10

Overall  Httyd2 has the same dragon universe and familiar characters from the first movie but after you watch the sequal you will never be able to view the previous films the same way ever again.

It's a emotional roller coaster all the way through and I plan on watching it over and over again in theaters and in the comfort of my home. 


I would also like to add that I have great mixed feelings about what Toothless did. 



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I counted, and I cried six times. ((wEAK

I loved it ENTIRELY.

I was impressed with how everyone worked on this movie made it the way they did, because I have no idea how they're gonna top it off in HTTYD3. Oh gods, every dramatic thing to happen in this movie was not predictable (as in, not in the least "corny"), and each scene was carried out gracefully and creatively with the work of John Powell's scores and the magnitude of emotion put into each character by the artists and the animators. 

As one who pays close attention to animation and the liveliness of action, I felt I could never be more pleased. Many landscape scenes in the movie helped build the realistic world beyond the borders of the Berk archipelago, often which made me believe that this could've been a live-action film. Don't even get me started on the life-like humanly expressions and the detail worked into each and every living creature seen on screen.

Inextricably heartfelt and jubilant, I can definitely see this movie appeal to the whole family. Though some probably may not agree with me on this, but I was excited to have some dark scenes put in there, hinting that this possible cinematic masterpiece could become The Lion King of our age. 

One personal thing I have to say about the movie was that when Hiccup saw the absolute terror in Toothless's eyes when they saw the Other Alpha, and after Hiccup pushed him away; was that I saw my own dog in Toothless. I guess even this film could appeal to those with pets.

This movie was not about everyone else to reach or take after Hiccup, but for Hiccup to find a way and tie his duties, family, friends, and beliefs--all the while being expected to be the new Chief of Berk. 




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Amazing review! I didn't want

Amazing review! I didn't want to go watch the movie today because it's friday the 13th and I have to admit that I'm a bit superstisious. But I do love your review, very clarifiying and profesional. And from what I know so far, I agree that maybe it is good to have one or two dark scenes in a movie, because it's what brings out your emotions some times, and having developed emotions is good for human health. Lion king had a few dark scenes as you said, and its a very well loved film for all ages! I can't wait to see the movie so I can give my own review!


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I'm not exactly sure how I feel.

I just got back from the theature, and I must say that my expectations were a little off from met.

It was amazing and honestly gave me a range of all emotions, (Of course I teared up with the event of Stoick's death.) but I feel the trailers and such made it seem a tad more than it was.

I cannot blame Dreamworks though, last we heard of Berk was 5 years prior in the storyline, and it would be difficult to plot this out any sooner than it was. And with that said, it it much too difficult to squeeze 5 years into the average 2 hour movie, and still include the problem and conclusion to the story.

With what they could do, it was very well made for the time alotted.
Some parts felt very rushed (ex. when Hiccup discovered Valka was his mother, and when Drago showed up on Valka's island for the first time with his army.)

I felt some marks were missed, but overall it was very good to me!!

I hope they continue Dragons until the release of the last piece of the trilogy, to show us how Hiccup adjusts to the loss of Stoick and the life as a chief. And of course, to continue to show the flourishing Isle of Berk with their newfound dragon companions from Valka's nest.

Lots of new dragons mean lots of new problems, and I really want to see if Hiccup will still be his adventurous self or settle down as chief. There's a huge, although not prominent cliffhanger they left for us to look forward to solving within the next couple years until the triology is finished.


I honestly find it hard to believe only one movie is left.


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One movie? It was announced a

One movie? It was announced a few weeks ago How to Train Your Dragon three and four are coming. So, two.

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*you have been warned*
So basically me and my family watched the movie last 3 days. I didn't regret it, but part of me did because it was heartbreaking. Its like one of John Green books. What really surprised me is that I didn't know that theres going to be two fights. When they're on Drago's Island, i thought that was the end of the movie, I thought they're going to cut it, luckily they didn't because I swear to God I might cut someones head off (luckily I'm not homicidal lol). While watching the movie, my emotions were crammed and mixed, I actually don't know what i'm feeling about this movie because its like a moody one, my emotions were like: Excitement, Happiness, Sadness, Doubtful, Disappointment,Angry, Curious and Proud. I don't even know anymore.
But the biggest plot twist of the movie is, is the Alpha. He can control every single dragon like hoW?? Its unfair, but luckily Berk won woohoo. And what really made me happy and sad is that Toothless is trying to control himself, but he cant, and whats really sad and disappointing is that your own friend killed your father, I cant even, like ugh, I don't know how I should react. But I'm glad Hiccup cured Toothless from the Alpha though, or else Berk will be a disaster. Toothless is so Brave though, basically I think he's the Alpha now or second Alpha I don't know but its awesome.
Sorry if i spoiled everything, its because I just want to let it all out lol, but i did warn you guys that this ill be a major spoiler alert. :)

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i know right it gave me goosebumps

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idk why

i don't know why but i really hated that stoick died it's like will never going to see him again except on the series but then it spoils it cause we know his future and he will never reunite with thornado. (this seems to bug me a lot)


i just wish there's someway he would've survive like a miracle of how valka survived and for it to make sense is the word he said "it takes more than a little fire to take me down" (i didn't actually remember the line but it was something like that)



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I loved it

I loved HTTYD 2!!!!!!! I personally think that it was much better than the 1st one and much much more sad! But yes it is in my top favorite movies and I cant wait until it comes on DVD!



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I actually think they hinted

I actually think they hinted quite heavily at the way they were planning to have Stoick hidein the first movie. When Toothless pins Stoick to the ground and prepares to blast him in the face with plasma. Still, the movie was epic, the music was amazing, and Valka and Cloudjumper give me no end of amusement. I especially like the little dance Stoick and Valka shared in their For the Dancing and the Dreaming duet. Their reunion was short, but I won't deny crying a little. It was very sweet. Especially the hesitation on Valka's part... Very nice, and very sincere.









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