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Ever since seeing the RTTE episode "Bad moon rising" where Tuffnut suposedly gets bitten by a Lycanwing, I've always wondered "But what if they're real?" I now have multiple Lycanwing OCs which I might use in RPs. I thought I'd like to share my version of these dragons.

Please do not reply directly! I will probably be editing. Lycanwing stuff is below.

And now, enjoy!


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I've made a thread about my own version of lycanwings:



Shadow (top left), Hope (top right), Ice (bottom left) and Thunder (bottom right), Ikran-furies by toothless0603!


Lyra the Deathstinger by chameishida!


Luna as a Lycan-horse (left) and as a Lycan-bat-horse (right) by toothless0603!


Jupiter (left), Ravenflight (middle) and Willow (right) by toothless0603!


Zap (left) and Myst (right), Gleaming Terrors by toothless0603!


Trico the Brawler Stryke by ZestyDragonWing!


Eclipse the Skyfyre by blue and blacksand (species creator) & toothless0603 (artist)!


Snepo by ZestyDragonWing!


Ripple the Liquid Shocker by toothless0603!


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SoD info:


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Blueberry, Deadly Nadder, Adopted 18. April 2015, Titanwing

Shadow (Toothless), Night Fury, Adopted 23. September 2015, Broadwing

Silver, Razorwhip, Adopted 24. September 2015, Titanwing

Chrystal, Groncicle, Adopted 3. October 2015, Broadwing

Amber, Deathsong, Adopted 9. October 2015, Broadwing

Foggy, Smothering Smokebreath, Adopted 20. October 2015, Broadwing

Slither, Whispering Death, Adopted 2. November 2015, Titanwing

Rocky, Gronckle, Adopted 8. November 2015, Titanwing

Magnet, Armorwing, Adopted 28. December 2015, Broadwing

Splash, Scauldron, Adopted 28. December 2015, Titanwing

Strawberryfly, Groncicle, Adopted 20. March 2016, Broadwing

Frozen, Groncicle, Adopted 2. May 2016, Broadwing

Bolt, Shockjaw, Adopted 22. May 2016, Titanwing

Scorchtip, Singetail, Adopted 25. June 2016, Broadwing

Lava, Eruptodon, Adopted 2. July 2016, Broadwing

Woolly, Woolly Howl, Adopted 16. October 2016, Broadwing

Skeleton, Boneknapper, Adopted 31. October 2016, Broadwing

Royalty, Fireworm Queen, Adopted 19. November 2016, Broadwing

Ghostlight, Flightmare, Adopted 28. January 2017, Broadwing

Lizzy, Flame Whipper, Adopted 8. March 2017, Broadwing

Rainbow, Changewing, Adopted 23. September 2017, Broadwing

Bramble, Whispering Death, Adopted 28. September 2017, Broadwing

Trico, Triple Stryke, Adopted 10. October 2017, Broadwing

Spike, Deadly Nadder, Adopted 25. October 2017, Broadwing

Redsail, Speed Stinger, Adopted 8. November 2017, Broadwing

Flower, Prickleboggle, Adopted 22. January 2018, Broadwing

Mystery and Tresure, Hideous Zippleback, Adopted 24. January 2018, Broadwing

Storm, Skrill, Adopted 29. January 2018, Broadwing

Halvar, Elder Sentinel, Adopted 18. March 2018, Broadwing

Thorn, Monstrous Nightmare, Adopted 29. March 2018, Broadwing

Headbone, Boneknapper, Adopted 13. April 2018, Broadwing

Firetail, Moldruffle, Adopted 3. May 2018, Broadwing

Kettle, Scauldron, Adopted 7. May 2018, Broadwing

Huntress, Stormcutter, Adopted 30. May 2018, Broadwing

Wavetail, Sliquifier, Adopted 22. October 2018, Broadwing

Spiral, Windwalker, Adopted 26. November 2018, Shortwing

Roary, Thunderdrum, Adopted 7. January 2019, Broadwing

Destiny, Light Fury, Adopted 21. Febuary 2019, Broadwing

Wolf, Deathgripper, Adopted 23. Febuary 2019, Broadwing

Wasp, Sweet Death, Adopted 28. March 2019, Broadwing

Scamp, Scuttleclaw, Adopted 28. March 2019, Broadwing

Boulder, Hotburple, Adopted 28. March 2019, Broadwing

Sandy, Sand Wraith, Adopted 31. March 2019, Broadwing

Buzz and Scuzz, Hideous Zippleback, Adopted 31. March 2019, Broadwing

Magpie, Woolly Howl, Adopted 31. March 2019, Broadwing

Gravel, Gronckle, Adopted 31. March 2019, Broadwing

Croaky, Hobgobbler, Adopted 5. August 2019, Broadwing

Twilight (Dart), Nightlight, Adopted 14. December 2019, Broadwing

Gale, Snow Wraith, Adopted 17. January 2020, Broadwing

Mistral, Shivertooth, Adopted 19. January 2020, Broadwing

Comet (Pouncer), Nightlight, Adopted 21. August 2020, Broadwing

Eclipse (Ruffrunner), Nightlight, Adopted 29. August 2020, Broadwing

Pixie, Chimeragon, Adopted 22. January 2021, Broadwing

Gruff, Woolly Howl, Adopted 16. June 2021, Broadwing

Grimm, Grim Gnasher, Adopted 16. June 2021, Shortwing

The Marauders, Snaptrapper, Adopted 17. June 2021, Shortwing

MrWangFire, Typhoomerang, Adopted 17. June 2021, Shortwing

Discord, Devilish Dervish, Adopted 17. June 2021, Shortwing

Gem, Snafflefang, Adopted 22. August 2021, Shortwing

Daydream (Pouncer), Nightlight, Adopted 23. August 2021, Shortwing

Lapis, Deathgripper, Adopted 3. September 2021, Shortwing

Kiki, Dramillion, Adopted 15. October 2021, Shortwing

Kitty (Ruffrunner), Nightlight, Adopted 25. December 2021, Shortwing

Mischief (Dart), Kytelight (Nightlight), Adopted 25. December 2021, Shortwing

Bumble, Catastrophic Quaken, Adopted 26. December 2021, Shortwing

Pancake, Thunderdrum, Adopted 26. December 2021, Shortwing

Spark, Fire Terror, Adopted 13. March 2022, Shortwing

Goliath, Terrible Terror, Adopted 13. March 2022, Shortwing

Trollhunter, Rumblehorn, Adopted 26. March 2022, Tinytooth

Wisp, Screaming Death, Adopted 21. May 2022, Tinytooth

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Appearance and physical abilities

Lycanwings are medium sized dragons with dark scales, two legs, two wings, a smooth tail with no spikes, fur-like scales on their back and a long, narrow head. They use their clawed wings like front legs and walk on all fours most of the time, but they sometimes walk on their legs similarly to a human with their wings folded and held at their sides. The only physical difference between males and females is eye colour. Males have red eyes, while females have purple ones. They have sharp claws and a strong, venomous bite. They are quite quick on the ground and in the air and have lots of stamina. They aren’t very physically strong. They have a very strong sense of smell and can detect the smallest drop of blood from a kilometre away, allowing them to easily track prey from a long distance.



Normal behaviour

Lycanwings are quite shy dragons, rarely coming anywhere near humans. Most Lycanwing bites to humans are accidental. Their normal diet consists mostly of large mammals and occasionally fish. They will hunt livestock, but only if they can’t find any other prey. Lycanwings are stealthy hunters, ambush their prey, and are capable of planning, as they are quite intelligent.

Lycanwings tend to be more active at night, dusk and dawn, but they aren’t strictly nocturnal and are often awake during the day. They sleep around midday to avoid the hot and bright glare of the sun.

Lycanwings usually keep to themselves, either living in small family packs or staying solitary. A solitary Lycanwing will stay on its own unless it finds a mate and bonds for life. They aren’t friendly with dragons outside of their own packs, at best they will tolerate outsiders for a short time. Lycanwings almost always fight to the death and they hold grudges.




Lycanwing venom takes a long time to develop and it takes even longer for the dragon to learn how to control it. Lycanwing hatchlings hardly have any venom at all, it only starts developing after a few months. By the time they reach short wing stage, their venom is mostly developed, but the young dragons have no control over it and they inject their venom into anything they bite, no matter if it's a log or a live animal. Most Lycanwings learn to control it in early adulthood, when the venom is fully developed. As adults, Lycanwings can choose to use their venom, depending on what they’re biting.

If they're hunting or fighting large or strong animals as a pack, they often bite without venom. If that's the case, they will try to rip into their target to make it bleed and weaken it enough so they can take it down later. Solitary dragons use the same tactic, but they bite with venom.

The venom causes pain, swelling of the wound, dizziness, fatigue, confusion and fever. It usually doesn't kill directly, but it weakens the victim's immune system so that the bite-wound can get infected quickly. Lycanwings will continue to track the victim at a distance, waiting for the animal to collapse so they can go in for the kill.

However, the venom has another, more mysterious side affect, but it takes a few days for the symptoms to start showing. This only happens to humans, because a hunting Lycanwing would never let its prey live for more than a few hours, which is just long enough to weaken the animal. These symptoms are actually quite close to what the legends describe, but there is more to it. The victim will start to act a lot more aggressive, growl when they are angry and avoid other people. Their bite wounds will itch and hurt, even if the wound was treated. The closer to the full moon it gets, the more noticeable the symptoms become.



Full Moon

Lycanwings tend to hunt smaller prey throughout the month both day and night, but they do a big hunt on the night of the full moon. The reason they choose this night is because while they have dark scales to blend in with the night, their vision isn’t the best in the dark, so they use the moonlight to their advantage. They are much more aggressive on this night and are far more likely to use their venom when they bite.

Throughout the day before a full moon, the victim of a Lycanwing’s bite will become restless and agitated. At dusk, they will wander off and try to find somewhere far away from humans. When the full moon rises, they will transform into a Lycanwing. The first few transformations are extremely painful. By morning, the victim will turn back into a human form, now having become a shapeshifter.



Types of Shapeshifters

There are four types of shapeshifters:

Full-shifters, Half-shifters, Natural and Human Lycanwings. Every shapeshifter can be placed into two of these four categories. Full- and Half-shifters are opposites, and Natural and Human Lycanwings are opposites too.


Full-shifters were bitten by adult Lycanwings with fully developed venom. Full-shifters look like real Lycanwings when they are in dragon form.


Half-shifters were bitten by a young Lycanwing with partially developed, and so less effective venom. Half-shifters are never able to take on a full Lycanwing form, instead they only have dragon-like eyes, wings, a tail, fangs, claws and a few scales in dragon form. They can still walk on two legs when in dragon from, but on a full moon they use their arms and wings the same way a real Lycanwing would, as front legs.


Natural Lycanwings have had one or more distant Lycanwing ancestors and carry the gene inside them, which lies dormant unless the person gets bitten. Most Natural Lycanwings don't even know of their dragon side until they have been bitten. However, in most cases, they will enjoy their new-found dragon side and not want to return to their old human nature. Of course, they might prefer their human form, but they won’t want to rid themselves of their dragon form.


Normal humans that were bitten are called Human Lycanwings. They are the only Lycanwings that have a chance of being cured.


All Lycanwing shapeshifters have a mark on the palm of their left hand in the form of three black claw-marks. Unless they get cured which removes the mark, Human Lycanwings have the mark from their little finger to their thumb. Natural Lycanwings have the mark across the other way, from the index finger to the heel of the hand. Natural Lycanwings usually have dark hair and blue (female) or brown (male) eyes. These colours then turn into their Lycanwing counterpart colours when in dragon form, blue becoming purple, and brown becoming red. Human Lycanwings' hair and eye colour stay mostly the same when in human or dragon form, making them stand out. An example of this is a red haired, black eyed human becoming a red scaled, black eyed Lycanwing.

All Lycanwing shapeshifters can shift at will, though some prefere not to. They have to shift every full moon though. In that night, they behave a lot more like real Lycanwings, spending the night hunting. Any other time that they shift, they keep most of their normal personality.

All Lycanwings have the ability to use venom. If a half-shifter bites a human, the kind of Lycanwing their victim becomes is dependent on how developed their venom is. So a person bitten by an adult half-shifter can also become a full-shifter.




The cure or antidote for becoming a Lycanwing is an important fact that is almost always left out of stories, which means that most people think it's impossible to reverse the venom's effects. Only Human Lycanwings can be cured, but it isn't an easy task, as the cure isn't widely known.

If someone does know about the cure, that doesn't make the situation any easier. The venom’s effects are only reversible until the Lycanwings transform for a third time, three months after they were bitten. The cure can also not be taken on a full moon. The Lycanwing also needs to go vegetarian for a week before they take the cure, which must be drunk. Even if those rules are followed, the cure has lots of ingredients, tastes vile and causes pain to the Lycanwing while it takes effect.


The ingredients of the cure are:

Blood from the Human Lycanwing in both forms

Lycanwing venom

Wolfs bane (Warning: This is poisonous, so be very careful to use a very small amount!!)

Sunflower seeds


Fire fern





Hot water



Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse is a strange, hard and dangerous time for Lycanwings. Being a full moon, Lycanwings are forced to transform as usual, but there is much more to it. Lycanwings start reacting to it a week before the event happens. They start acting in ways that they normally wouldn't. The reaction is different for each individual Lycanwing, but in short effect is the same: Lycanwings go insane. Many Lycanwings get themselves into serious trouble on lunar eclipses, sometimes even getting themselves killed, as they can’t tell that they are in danger and so don’t or can’t protect themselves. No Lycanwing understands why this happens to them, but they always try to isolate themselves before the eclipse happens.

The only way to reduce the effects before the eclipse is for them to eat sage fruit. This helps them keep a clear head before, but not on the night itself. No amount of sage fruit or dragon nip will help then, they just have to make sure they are in a safe place before sunset.



Mind Control

Lycanwings aren't effected by their own venom in the same way as other animals, but they aren't immune to it. Instead, if one Lycanwing uses it's venom on another of it's own kind, it has a similar effect to the deathgripper venom mix that dragon-hunters use, making them very calm and obedient. Luckily, fighting Lycanwings usually don’t bite with venom. Only a very desperate Lycanwing will do so. When it does happen though, the loser will collapse and faint from the venomous bite. Sometimes, the loser will be too wounded and weak to survive. If they do survive though, they are bound to do their master's will until the venom wears off. Unfortunately though, most Lycanwings will take advantage of their new prisoner and kill them in one way or another.



Bite Madness

Bite Madness is a rare and dangerous illness that luckily isn’t infectious. Depending on what they're biting, and how often they use their venom, the venom production can go into overdrive, and then it becomes more difficult for the dragon to control when to use it. This affects the Lycanwing’s brain and makes it more aggressive and reckless. The sick Lycanwing will pick more fights and put itself in more dangerous situations, resulting in a higher risk of death.

If it has enough sanity to isolate itself or get help from other Lycanwings, there is a cure. The sick dragon needs to eat moon flowers on the night of a full moon. This can cause the Lycanwing to faint, but by morning it will be cured. The only problem is that moon flowers are quite rare and they need to be fresh when eaten, so preferably not picked. The sick dragon may also need convincing to eat the flowers, which can be very hard if it isn't able or willing to listen.




Lycanwings have another problem that they have to be aware of: moonstones. These shiny gems are very attractive to Lycanwings, even though these dragons aren't usually interested in other shiny objects, nor are other dragons interested in or effected by moonstones. These gems aren't very harmful to look at or touch, but that does increase the chance that the Lycanwing will try to consume the gem. If this happens, moonstones are highly addictive. They also make the Lycanwing highly aggressive and they will do anything for a moonstone. Without proper food, they will of starvation. The gem also weakens Lycanwings, so that they can no longer defend themselves.

The only way for a Lycanwing to return to normal is for them to avoid moonstones for a few weeks, maybe months. Even after that, they will still be fascinated by moonstones if they see one, but if they have any sense, they will try to get rid of the poisonous gem.


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Edit: Don't mind me, just updated Mind Control a little XD

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I was just wondering the same! I was thinking of tryting to draw one! I'm gonna track this so that when I have the time I can read this.


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Yay! :D

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I like the  fact that you added more details to the lycanwing than the RTTE episode. Seriously, I was surprised that a thread like this hadn't come out yet. And their mind control ability is interesting. I expect this dragon to be in the mystery class(i would say fear class but it was removed).  And what happens when a lycanwing bites.... another dragon that's not its kind?

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Yay! :D

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

Hmm, well, it's extremely unlikely to happen, but I supose it depends on the dragon that's being bitten and how serious the bite wound is. If it's a small dragon, maybe a Night Terror, it would probably of the wounds, but not the venom. With a larger dragon though, say a Monstrous Nightmare, there is a very small chance that if the Lycanwing doesn't track it down and try to kill it, it could turn into a Lycanwing.. maybe.. unless the wound gets infected. Same would happen to a prey animal if it somehow escapes the Lycanwing. For something very big like a Crimson Goregutter though, the venom would probably wear off after a while.

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Just thanks. That's all.....


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All hail King Noodle

I've been debating if I ever wanted to make a lycanwing character, or some sort of dragon-shifter, for a while now. I'm super glad you made this thread! Really gets me thinkin` gears a whirlin`!


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Yay! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It would be really fun having another Lycanwing character around :D

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Quick Question:

Can humans-bitted-by-Lycanwings (Human or Natural. . . idc) shift at will after their first full moon after being bitten, or does it HAVE to be at a full moon? I'm designing an OC for a fanfiction I wanna write who was bitten by an adult Lycanwing as a young child, and I would like to know so that I'll know if I need to mess with her backstory or anything.


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Yes, after their first full moon, all Lycanwing shapeshifters can shift at any time.

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I'm back! I read everthing and I desided I wanted to make a dragon drawing. Tell me if anything is not like you thought and if so I'll revise it! This one is a female. Here it is! (also, I have a feeling this isn't quite what you were thinking, I just really wanted to try and draw one and maybe make a request thread once I make sure it looks right)





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This looks brilliant! I'm glad you enjoyed!

The neck looks a bit long and the body a little bit slimmer than I imagined, and the furry scales on the back aren't very noticable. Up to you if you change it though :D

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Okay so I made some ajustments. I really want to make this right so you can tell me if it still doesn't look right (I'd be happy actrally very happy if you told me if it was wrong)I didn't give a backround because I wanted to see which one I liked better. hope it's right!

(I can also make the picture have the whole dragon if it would make it look better, I just aheva hard time drawing wings)

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Almost perfect!

Looks great! Could you possibly make the neck and tail a tiny bit shorter, and the 'fur' spiky like a woolly howl please?

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okay here's the next rough draft (unless it is what you wnated) basicly the same as the other comment. the more you tell me the better I can make it. :) Tell me if it looks right!




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Yay! :D

This looks perfect! I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for making this! :D

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Yay! Now I need to see if I can make it a base then make another thread for it. I'll also be giving you credit for inspiering the idea and I'll post a link to this as well. We'll see how this goes!

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Rawr scary dragon person :O

I finally got the chance to read through this and I have to say this makes me wanna make my own lycanwing OC! I like the way you filled in gaps as well, makes it seem like it's in the book of dragons! I just need a monster army cause if I do make a lycanwing this will be like what? My tenth were creature? XD Fear my army!


“When the skies cascade and the stars align, that is where we find eachother.

A loving talent has grown within the soul, one that must take flight elsewhere.

Dragons of this world. Do not forget what I have done, for who I might become is not the same as you once knew.

For I am no longer a dragon bound to earth, but bound to stars and the treading expanse."

-Erin's farewell

A Dragon's Trust | Book 1 - Chapter 40 - Wattpad

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Yay! :D

Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it!

Probably the only were-creature without the word 'were' in it XD