At lvl 20 and out of quests??

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I hit lvl 20 and found that I had no quests.  Went to Berk and the Wilderness and there were not quests there either.  Is this a common thing? Does the game not go beyond lvl 20??  Or have I just gone crazy-er and just not seeing them?

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Until they add more quests, welcome to the Level 20 Club! You can either choose to be bored off your rocker, raise another dragon, or work on your high scores! Congratulations, and once again, welcome!


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There will be a link below of HTTYD 2 put to the song Centuries (Fall Out Boys). It's a condensed version of the whole movie and worth the watch.


Big Update Scavenger Hunt. Hints dropped daily.

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Actually the max level right

Actually the max level right now is 35, as far as i remember :D
you might be finished all the quests, but you can gain more XP by playing elemental match, thunder run, fireball frenzy, shooting fire pitss :D



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Also farming and fishing are

Also farming and fishing are ways to pass time and gain experience!




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Your game is what you make it to be...

Current High (max) levels are:

Adventurer level:  35

Fishing level:30

Dragon Bonding level: 20

Farming level: 20

UDT: 250,000

Trophies: unlimited number


Improve your racing skills

Improve your Fireball Frenzy skills


Forever fishing to feed alway hungry dragon

Throwing a ball to your dragon required as so often

creating art work for forum - time consuming and fun

Spend hours on hours reading post in the forum - never ending job

Helping others to learn the game better:  new ones are coming all the time - other never ending job

Hanging out with friends: price less

saving or buying gems to gain new dragons to train: 7 different kinds to chose from (toothless with 3 month membership)

Buy a membership/use gems for all dragons in Flight Club

Finding the new bug in the game

Visit all your clan member to meet them


There are always something to do in the game..


This video does not belong to me, but a big cheater in this game made this - teaching others how to cheat to win a tournament.  This is a copy of the original, but edited to take what is not appropriate for others to hear.    Stop dummies playing

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made by Orcawave101

Made by Diamond (Friendship with Diamond Storm)    and other two are made by Nessie (Friendship with Snow Leopards)

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oh yess, finding new bugs is

oh yess, finding new bugs is always a great in-game expereince :3

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Glad to finally know the max

Glad to finally know the max level numbers


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Awesome, thank you for all

Awesome, thank you for all your feedback.  I tried to ask in game, but no one ever seems to answer.  Don't really have friends in the game, unless you count the people who are always shooting fireballs at me, such fun.  I will work on my farm and fishing and once my desktop is fixed, I will be able to do more of Flight Club and Fireball Frenzy, I do like Fireball Frenzy.   


Forgot to add, did become a member and got Toothless.  But my favorite dragon is the Whisper Death.  Reminds me of a giant serpent with a HUGE head.  And I always try to help the new players, if I know the answer, that is.  


If you see me in game and I don't answer in chat, 90% of the time I forget that chat has closed, please don't think I am ignoring you.  Send me a friend invite, that usually reminds me to open chat back up again.  I have 2 Taimers, IrishMaiden and ArticMoonstone.


Thank you again and Happy Dragon Training!  :D


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You are welcome

You are more then welcome.  Have fun in the game.