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Hi. I have my account at SoD since last summer and I noticed somethings that now I see that are not normal in the game:


- I can not participate in the chat. I see others conversations but I can't talk;

- My sheep were unable to be fed until they vanished (one, I don't know how, is stuck in the hay mount of the yak pen). I had to buy new ones;

-I could not milk my yaks due to the same problem;

- All my farm items were cleared today, twice. I realauched the game and all came back to normal but alas the crops I planted after did not respond to the comands. Some of them are still on seed bags and they are occupying farm slots, without growing up;

- Job board keeps crashing. Sometimes it blocks, sometimes the tasks I reject become overwitten, with some kind of warning regarding Flight Club...


I apprecciate you correct these small problems or, at least, explain to me what I am doing wrong. Thank you very much!!

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Bugs in the game can usually be resolved by clearing the Unity Cache. To clear the cache; go to the home page and click "Gameplay Optimization Help". It has a picture of Gobber on it.
Usually at the bottom, there is a red button that says "Clear My Unity Cache". Click that.
If that doesn't work, as listed in the Gameplay Optimization Help (Which everyone with problems should read):
"Clear your web browser cache.
If you use Internet Explorer (IE), go to Tools -> Delete Browsing History -> click on Temporary Internet Files -> Delete
If you use FireFox, go to Tools -> Clear Private Data -> click Cache -> Clear Private Data"
If all else fails, please contact an Administrator on the forums such as Brynjolf or Siren. Such admins sometimes take long for a response, but just because they didn't respond doesn't mean they did not read your report. Creating a proper report includes (AS LISTED ON GAMEPLAY OPTIMIZATION)


    Username: What is your School of Dragons username?
    Computer: Mac, PC
    Operating System: Windows Vista, Mac OS X Mountain Lion
    Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox 7.0, Google Chrome

    What were you doing when the bug occurred?: Please describe the steps that happened up until you experienced the bug
        - Were you in the middle of a quest? Flying from one scene to another? Perhaps you were running other programs? The more details, the better

    When did the error happen?: When did you experience the bug? Please specify what day and time you encountered the issue
    Screenshot(s): If possible, please include a screenshot so our support team can see what the issue looks like.
    Graphics Card: If running on a Windows system, please run DxDiag (Windows Key + R à DxDiag [ENTER]) and save the output to a file

If you have any other information you believe is pertinent to the bug report, feel free to include it. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. By following these guidelines, you will help us fix bugs much faster to make your gaming experience even better.
TL:DR: Clear your Unity Cache, if that doesn't work clear web browser cache; if that doesn't work re-read Gameplay Optimization and contact an Administrator if it prevails.



Gameplay Optimization Help




Words from Colress...


Support post aside, the farm bugs you have been experiencing have been happening to a lot of people. A user called Brickticks has found a solution to the seedbag problem; as you can find here: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/fix-stuck-seed-bag-glitch

If that does not work, farm bugs such as those things we have to wait for the developers to fix I think; but if you try to do the things I mentioned, it may help. If it doesn't, I'm not very sure. You are allowed to contact me. I think it is a browser cache problem.

By the way; what browser do you use and did you have tabs open while playing?