Loot Crate list not up to date.

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I was checking the Summarhildr loot crate list on the SoD website, but I noticed it is for last Summarhildr. Some of the items shown in the store for the mystery chest are not listed on the loot crate list. I don't know if the loot crate list hasn't been updated yet or if it is a bug, but it would be nice to know the drop rates of the items.

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Yeah, I've been constantly

Yeah, I've been constantly checking it since Summerhildr was released. Nothing about Summerhilder 2022 or the Bewilderbeast stable has been put up yet.


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I don't know about other loot

I don't know about other loot tables, but for the Bewilderbeast Ice Chest, you have an 8.4% chance of receiving gems.


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How did you find that out?