Looking for active clan.

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Hello! This is my first forum post

I'm back to the game after about a year without playing, and I'm looking for an active clan. The one I am at the moment is completely inactive since 2019.

I have written in my signature how many trophies I got if you want to invite me :)



Welcome to my signature!

 Hello there! I'm quite new to the forums, although this forum account is from 2017, I'm only using it now... I play School Of Dragons since 2014 and used to be a member and racer, but with time I became less active, so maybe I'm back to being a noob. I've seen a lot of things change in this game tho!


A bit about me (in-game)...


I'm a member of the clan:

banner made by EmeraldHuntress65


My in-game name: RaghildRagnfastdottir
Friend Code: A111IQ


I currently have 3192 trophies and 181985 UDT points (and rising!)



My favorite dragons:
        Skrilla, the skrill                                                Yilgdraik, the silver phantom
    Lily, the woolly howl (smiley girl!)                                          Eragon, the flightmare              


My favorite class:



I'm an artist!

(which means perfectionist lol)

you can look at my recent artworks on Instagram
and old ones at DeviantArt (I'm no longer posting there)
obs: I'm not open to commissions atm


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Come to mine. We're open to all members. Currently played 7-8 on the lbs. We're called 'The Dragon Racers' (P.S. there is a discord server so if you have discord welcome to join. Dm me my address is my siggy.)



Hiya! Welcome to my signature. It is forever a work in progress....


Triple Stryke made by chameishida!


Triple Stryke is my siggy guardian. He'll blast ya to pieces if you continue to read on...



My friend code is G21PNV if you want to friend me. I've been playing School of Dragons since October 3rd, 2020. I'm one of those vikings who just does it for fun. A list of all my dragons can be found below. My discord is Epic#6285 if you want to dm me for anything whether it's about School of Dragons or just for fun. Yes, I know, my siggy isn't very good and very long compared to your siggy. But the truth is, I don't really have any other things to put in!




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A bit about me in-game~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Proud and loyal member to Etheral Aura






Banner made by yonxxe


Expansion packs completed:  Icestorm Island  Call of the Deathsong  Battle for the Edge Return to Dragon Island quest icon Return to Dragon Island Wrath of Stormheart quest icon Wrath of Stormheart 





Icicle my Woolly Howl done by toothless0603!






Typhon my speed stinger made by Flitt





Got a racing pic with ThePowerfulAtom. Thanks for letting me do this. 








Ethereal Aura clan pic!









This, is IceWing. My favorite Triple Stryke in all the land.





My in-game name is EpicNightFuryofBerk and yours is? I race on a daily basis and am earning trophies at a fast rate. Hope to see you in-game! (if we do meet, tell me your forum name and/or discord so I can easily identify you)


(If you would like to try and find me, here are your top 5 places to)


1. The Training Grounds

2. Thunder Run Racing lobby

3. The School

4. The Wilderness

5. The Lookout




List of Dragons:


AlphaToothless: Adult Sand Wraith (black, alpha toothless blue)


AlphaZippleback: Adult Hideous Zippleback (colored a sky blue with grass color)



Sonic: Titan Thunderdrum (warpaint activated; black skin blue underbelly)



Typhon: Adult Speed Stinger (purple and red)



Duskstriker: Adult Stormcutter (aka cloudjumper)



Darksoul: Adult Deathsong (pink, yellow, and black)



Ironmaw: Adult Snafflefang (left as stock - blue and orange)



Lavaspitter: Adult Eruptodon (red, green, and black)



Toothless (renewing membership soon!)



Light Fury (renewing membership soon!)



IceWing: Titan Triple Stryke (blue and white)



Dawnbreaker: Adult Whispering Death (red, green, blue, black)



Icebreaker: Adult Singetail (blue and black)



Whirlwind: Adult Razorwhip (blue and red)



Moonwalker: Titan Crimson Goregutter (blue, white, purple)



Dart the Night Light 



Vortex: Adult Typhoomerang (red, blue, green)



Pouncer the Night Light



Cyclone: Adult Silver Phantom (red, blue black)



Firebird: Adult Monstrous Nightmare (red, orange, black)



Icicle: Adult Woolly Howl (green, blue, purple)



Acidspitter: Adult Deathgripper (red, blue, black)



Alloy: Adult Armorwing (left as stock, yellow, brown, orange/ gray)



Scorchbite: Adult Flame Whipper (red/orange, blue, black)



Stormwind: Adult Grapple Grounder (dark green, white, blue)



Stardust: Adult Deadly Nadder (purple and white)




Snowflake: Adult Groncicle (blue, black, white)



Samurai: Adult Sentinel (blue, red, black)



Topaz: Adult Slitherwing (navy blue, red, green)



Sunset: Adult Moldruffle (red/pink/orange, light blue, purple)



Potion: Adult Prickleboggle (purple, white, green)



Stormcloud: Adult Dreadstrider (gray, purple, light blue)



Spark: Adult Skrill (purple, black, green)




Yeah, I'm done for now.....


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I'd love to join your clan.

I'd love to join your clan. I'm sending a join request rn. I'd like to join the discord server too, is it safe to send my discord tag here?

edit: nvm I just noticed your tag in your signature, ill send you a friend request XD

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Aloha Lola

Hullo there!

I'm Hiiddenn in-game, but you can call me Hid or Em hahaha

I'm the co-leader of Limitless, a pretty relaxing clan whose majority of clanmembers are active daily! We're pretty much brand new (8 months old to be exact hahaha) but we've risen up the clan leaderboards, currently standing amongst the Top 25! 

We don't ask for much in requirements, only that you're not prone to hacking/third-party programmes/dummy vikings, the 1,000 trophy requirement, and to engage with the clan!

If you want to join, you can send me or Rider Jyharri a Private Message with your friend code and we can allow you in :)



aBPM on YT, here as:


Hiiddenn in plain sight  Limitless/SYNTAX Leader  Graphics amateur  Amateur Author


(Click on blue-font names to get redirected to personal posts, recruitment sites and designs!)

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Mel la
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Just curious, how did your clan rise up so fast?

I've been trying to get my clan on top clans for a while now, any tips are appreciated!


My Siggy!



Clan banner made by the amazing StormySavage!



Hi, I'm Mel la. I've been playing since 2014 and am leader of the clan Ring of Dragon Fire. We are a friendly clan on top clans (currently rank 37th) who wish to rise up even higher!

Want to join Ring of Dragon Fire? Dm me or put in a request in game. Please state 'forum' if you do it in game.

In game you'll often find me racing with Pouncer :)



I would put 'under construction' for this siggy but that would be a lie. I'm just not working on it. XD

Bye for now!