Login Problems!

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Hi. My account information was changed for school of Dragons from ArgetWyrda1996 to something else, and i sent a email or two asking for help in retrieveing my account, but have been waiting for over two weeks for a response. I had the information written down, but my little brother got a hold of it and shredded it, and i cannot for the life of me remember my username. The password i remember and the email that i used for it is CuoreDelLupoWickedTruth@gmail.com. I recently, before the information was changed, bought a six month membership on it, and my character names are Akira FireDrake and Sarah Draconis, because i cant remember my username i cant retrive my account personally. I recomend that you guys make a way to retrieve usernames with your email and password. If i do not retrive my account soon i will be very upset because i spent over $150 on that account on gems and memberships.